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Daily disco

  • Daily Disco - Yello
    "Your dancing drives me crazy I wanna see it all night long Dj could be playing Always this one song Your dancing drives me crazy Your dancing drives me mad Please sue don't be so lazy If you don't dance"
  • Daily - TQ
    "(Chorus) Daily, seems like i just can't get ahead as soon as i get out the bed it's always something going on to drive me crazy I try to keep from going insane but i can't help rackin' my brain so what"
  • Daily News - Exploited
    "mother england dressed in her dress tell your kids what a bloody mess come politicians buttons on their breast new at ten go with labour daily news daily news we gotta find out daily news daily news"
  • Daily News - Racoon
    "I don't know how to get up early. A church bell for alarm is simply not enough. I'm scared to lose the dreamy moment, So when I get the chance I shutt if off. The dream I dreamt is fading slowly. All"
  • Hourly Daily - You Am I
    "Don't let there be Something sour in my coffee. There's fourteen year olds Screaming get out of my country. I won't let him rise just to say goodbye. Hourly, daily. The August cold brings something bad"
  • Daily Records - The Who
    "This could be suffering This could be pleasure I'm unaware of any difference My head is aging My balls are aching But I'm not looking for deliverence This could be letting on This could be highly cut I'm"
  • Daily Growing - Altan
    "The trees, they grow high, and the leaves, they do grow green Many is the time my true love I've seen Many an hour I watched him all alone He's young but he's daily growing Father, dear father, you've"
  • Daily Grind - No Use For A Name
    "Another morning and I'm awake The same old thing but a different day I want to drive but my tank is dry But the ground is wet with rain Greedy people are pushing me Needy people in misery It's a push and"
  • Daily Bread - Nerina Pallot
    "Love is the one thing to rely on And as long as we all have today, we'll be okay. Six o'clock, so you feed the kids And you pack them off to school Take a drive through your secret life It's a mystery"
  • Daily Reminder - Busta Rhymes
    "Day in. day out. (out) Day in. day out. (out) Day in. day out. (out) Day in. day out. (out) Verse 1:dinco d They got my brother locked down in connecticut. Confederate "d we can better it. But yo, I'm"
  • Focused Daily - Defari
    "(Defari) Sleep on the champ, man you better read the scouting report You doubtin this so I connect wit Mr. Alchemist The Soul Assassin straight blastin, bringin heat You marvel at my connects wonderin"
  • Daily Routine - The RZA
    "Intro: (Bobby (Baretta) *Word Up!* Straight up, spread my knowledge through your projects (knowledge through) Straight up (Word up) Word up *The chief noble oble same total controller of the* *global"
  • Daily Routine - RZA
    "Intro: (Bobby (Baretta) *Word Up!* Straight up, spread my knowledge through your projects (knowledge through) Straight up (Word up) Word up *The chief noble oble same total controller of the* *global"
  • Daily Nightly - The Monkees
    "Words and Music by Michael Nesmith Darkened rolling figures move thru' prisms of no color. Hand in hand, they walk the night, But never know each other. Passioned pastel neon lights light up the jeweled"
  • Daily Occurance - Down By Law
    "do you see what I see a broken bridge ahead I could end this journey or is it in my head we see our lives in such a strange light and it defeats us or are you a king and you see different things"
  • Daily Planet - Guided By Voices
    "Assassin at an earlier time: (Laughter) Ah, Shit! Strange Signal: Yet...Four...Two...Going... 1, 3, 6, twenty five times, the Jericho mile, it's 15, 17...18 if one could possibly remember...what!? Local"
  • Daily Routine - Animal Collective
    "Just a sec more in my bed Hope my machine's working right When it's just precisely tuned That shit's gonna be so nice Make sure my kid's got a jacket Keys and coat and shoes and hat Strap a stroller to"
  • Disco - Sedes
    "Gdy remizę zamknął wójt Cała wieś wznieciła bunt Strajkowali wszyscy razem Małorolni i młynarze Traktorzyści, maszyniści Ogrodnicy i rolnicy Mały franio rzucił cynk Chodźmy do sąsiedniej wsi Bedzie tam"
  • Disco - Die Toten Hosen
    "Heute ist der Eintritt frei Drum lass uns tanzen gehen Und zum VIP Bereich Wo nur die Besten stehen Wir lassen uns Stempel geben Und durch Tren schieben Whrend ich berlege Wie ich mich gut bewege In der"
  • Disco - Ottawan
    "D.I.S.C.O (3x) She is disco She is D delirious She is I incredible She is S superficial She is C complicated She is O oh, oh, oh She is D desirable She is I irresistible She is S super sexy She is C such"

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