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Damian Rice ( Crimes

  • 9 Crimes - Damien Rice
    "(feat. Lisa Hannigan) Leave me out with the waste This is not what I do It's the wrong kind of place To be thinking of you It's the wrong time For somebody new It's a small crime And I've got no excuse Is"
  • Nine crimes - Damien Rice
    "This is..., what if.., what if you? You don't get it like I want you to so roll the dice , there goes my rule number 2 So roll the dice, don't ask why, just keep following me , cause im following you if"
  • Damian - Unheilig
    "schaukle meine Wiege, sanft hin und her schaust mir in die Augen, mein Weg war weit zu dir bleib bitte bei mir, lass mich nicht allein schaukle meine Wiege schn bei dir zu sein Er hat mich erwhlt und seinen"
  • Damian - Natalia Grosiak
    "Tęsknię i nie mogę W sobie zebrać się Wstać, cokolwiek zrobić Chciałabym już nie Nie podnosić głowy Nie uczestniczyć w tym Tęsknię i nie mogę I nie chcę walczyć z tym Że nie ma Nie będzie To za mną Nie"
  • Rice - Young Fathers
    "Utwór 'Rice' z albumu 'Heavy Heavy' od Young Fathers (premiera 3 lutego 2023r.)"
  • Rice - Jacuś
    "Jaca jest crazy bo Jaca jest graczem ja sam planuje przyszłość zanim coś sie złego stanie tell me where is rice gdzie jest miska ryżu où est le riz a te radosci z życia zawdzięczam oświacie w dużej"
  • Crimes - Rez Band
    "In the glare of the streetlight Young toughs on the prowl In the pale of the moonlight Ghetto wakes with a howl Crimes, gettin' ready for crimes Crimes, in our hearts an' our minds Hot times in the city Big"
  • Crimes - Alan Stivell
    "Never Will the clouds fade away O'er the sky of your life Jamais une nuit sans fantme Lit by the bloody knife Sans le rouge au couteau Never Will the ghosts give way Over your home, I swear In this world"
  • Crimes - Xentrix
    "Having a problem, turn on the TV Got too much money, give it to me. I'll say what you wanna hear, Do what you think I should. 'Cause I'm on your side, Don't be misunderstood. Will I retain my sanity? Or"
  • 9 Crimes (Demo) - Damien Rice
    "Leave me out with the waste This is not what I do It's the wrong kind of place To be thinking of you It's the wrong time For somebody new It's a small crime And I've got no excuse And is that alright"
  • Rice & Curry - Bombay Dr
    "My uncle in Bombay He is very nice When he's on holiday I take his field of rice And open up a store Like many times before The best that's found in Calcutta town Hurry Hurry Hurry Buy my rice and curry Buy"
  • Black Rice - Women
    "on a bleak Monday morning holding my head everything tastes right permanent daylight neatly stained fences and gates lions to tame cut through the front yard you were a stranger scenery of cutting though"
  • Got Rice? - Azian Pride
    "It's the A-Z-N nigga fuck the rest Dallas to New York jigga, we're the best Vietnam to Japan to Mongolia Philippines to Taiwan to Cambodia Korea ah ah, hometown China Who you got, huh? You got shit nigga,"
  • Rice Krispies - Reel Big Fish
    "Everyday I hear that sound, I hop out of bed. 'Cuz Rice Krispies cereal is singin' in my head A song so irresistible I want to hear it all Just a splash of ice cold milk and it begins to call. Snap, Crackle,"
  • The Rice - David Gray
    "The draft blew cold under the door When we threw wour clothes to the kitchen floor The broccoli boils in the pan on the gas stove where you stand Won't you take this spatula in your hand? Let the"
  • Damien Rice - Volcano
    "Don't hold yourself like that Cause you'll hurt your knees Well, i kissed your mouth and back That's all i need Don't build your world around Volcanos melt you down What i am to you is not real and"
  • Violent Crimes - Riot
    "Victims of mass Victims of the night. Payment, and restitution, Never see the light. He lived a life of persecution, He lived a life of, Violent, violent, violent crimes. Master of (?) Problems Too He"
  • Small Crimes - Failure
    "Small crimes Smiles stretched on old trees Strike your match so lightly Watch the crooked smoke rise Empty praters to heaven Just a mask of blue sky Look away to Small crimes Kick the dog for eating Leave"
  • Island Crimes - Robert Pollard
    "Read my pictures Distribute the newsworth, oaf Try on my crime Bedazzlement made affordable Life crimes Island crimes Bottled offspring Life in a minute All these I bring to you To you and what's more Anyone"
  • Committing Crimes - Lindi Ortega
    "And now you're coming after me You know I know you want it Cause everybody wants a piece It's mine and you can't have it But still you try to state your claim Loyalty overrated And when you look"

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