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Damien Rice Rat Within The Grain

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Damien Rice Rat Within The Grain

  • Rat Within The Grain - Damien Rice
    "This would not have happened If I hadn't missed my plane I've would have been there when they told you Im the Rat within the grain Within this big misunderstanding now Im being misunderstood I think'in"
  • The Rat Within The Grain - Damien Rice
    "This would not have happened if I hadn't missed my plane I would've been there when they told you I'm the rat within the grain Within this big misunderstanding now, I'm being misunderstood I'm thinkin'"
  • Damien Rice - Volcano
    "Don't hold yourself like that Cause you'll hurt your knees Well, i kissed your mouth and back That's all i need Don't build your world around Volcanos melt you down What i am to you is not real and"
  • Your Name On A Grain Of Rice - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "I see the sun settin' over America I'm tryin' to leave my darker side behind Feelin' my way down a blue desert highway Wish my rear view mirror could tell me a lie The harder I fight the stronger it's"
  • The Grain - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. RZA) Do you wanna see it? Do you wanna see it? I'm gonna do it for ya I'm gonna do it for ya I'm gonna do it for ya I'm gonna do it for ya New Ghostface! Yo deep in the trenches Wig, young"
  • Human Grain - Frameshift
    "Flashing news, flashing lights TV says we're alright Transmitting pain by satellite I think there's some of that inside All of us a little bit Fight the evil deep within Is some of what I fear in"
  • Grippin Grain - Al-D
    "Gripping on wood grain Keep on, keep on, keep on moving Banging, swerving lane to lane Gripping on grain, while the 15's bang Know you wonder if it's thunder, where the fuck is the rain Lane to lane"
  • Grippin' The Grain - Bone Crusher
    "Attention! Bone,Bone,Bone,Bone,Bone,Bone,Bone,Bone,Bone(repeat 4x) Chorus: Grippin the Grain from the front to the back can you feel my WOOFER's bang Comin down,bumpin,knockin pictures of tha wall (repeat) Bonecrusher: 87"
  • Against The Grain - Akon
    "Fallin' in Love Ahhhhh Ahhhh Ahhh Ahhh Ah So soft.. and smooth.. Never knew a girl could be so god damn cold I know The way she move got me spendin my do And ya'll If you would've seen what i've"
  • Sand Grain Universe - Melechesh
    "Interwoven cosmic traps In the Cycle of Omega (is) the Tribe of Agad Morsel of their phantoms retain the self Clan of the star, masters of transition Discovering worlds from Sumerian tradition Interwoven"
  • Grain Of Salt - Coalesce
    "So shallow, not even an infant could drown within this compassion but, I feel as if I've drowned just the same. But rather from my ignorance that unconditional love might exist. I forgot the numbness. I"
  • Damien - Savatage
    "In this city of raw emotion What's this message you bring to me In my world of blind devotion You were there But I could never see Damien Is your heart harder Whats inside your head Is the dark your father Have"
  • The Rice - David Gray
    "The draft blew cold under the door When we threw wour clothes to the kitchen floor The broccoli boils in the pan on the gas stove where you stand Won't you take this spatula in your hand? Let the"
  • Damien - Diablo
  • Damien - Iced Earth
    "So the beast resides in me Deep down I always knew I never really did fit in So diverse from all of you Let him who comprehends Know the number of the beast It's a number of a man A number just for me As"
  • Wood Grain Wheel - Slim Thug
    "Now I Gots Ta Work My Wood Grain Wheel Trunks Steady Bumpin Grillz Steady Comin I Takin Off Down The Runway Broad Day Sunday Haters Lookin At Me I Aint Playin Nutin But Gunplay Hand On The Grain While"
  • Rat Race - Gift Of Gab
    "Running, moving, stressing, fussing Cussing, drinking, smoking, killing Dying, stabbing, shooting, thinking Walking, pacing, running, falling Yo, check it out, one time All the bull stop's here, I'm"
  • Rice & Curry - Bombay Dr
    "My uncle in Bombay He is very nice When he's on holiday I take his field of rice And open up a store Like many times before The best that's found in Calcutta town Hurry Hurry Hurry Buy my rice and curry Buy"
  • Black Rice - Women
    "on a bleak Monday morning holding my head everything tastes right permanent daylight neatly stained fences and gates lions to tame cut through the front yard you were a stranger scenery of cutting though"
  • Got Rice? - Azian Pride
    "It's the A-Z-N nigga fuck the rest Dallas to New York jigga, we're the best Vietnam to Japan to Mongolia Philippines to Taiwan to Cambodia Korea ah ah, hometown China Who you got, huh? You got shit nigga,"

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