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Damien jirado im steel.here

  • Damien Rice - Volcano
    "Don't hold yourself like that Cause you'll hurt your knees Well, i kissed your mouth and back That's all i need Don't build your world around Volcanos melt you down What i am to you is not real and"
  • Damn - B2K
    "Omarion Solo Yall aint ready Its time tick tock tick tock Omarion- 1 and here comes the 2 to da 3 and 4 Gurl your body sick and the hottest thing on the floor You bustin through them apple bottom jeans"
  • Damn - Vivian Green
    "you know i really loved you baby, but you had to ruin everything. now im not gonna cry im just sayin' we could have been good together, damn you know i really loved you baby, but you had to go and ruin"
  • Damn - 112
    "damn why d'ya have to look so good damn why d'ya have to be so sexy damn why d'ya have to dress so fly why d'ya have to catch my eye ohh wont somebody tell me why damn why'd i have to fall in love everytime"
  • Damn - 311
    "Yo, word up, Im talkin to you Makin dope rhymes, thats what I do Like a madman, you know Im bad, man I slam, a good goddamn Well I concur so goddamn badly I could just sit and sing the blues But instead"
  • Damn - Fabolous
    "uh, it's the d-d-d-d d-d-d-d d-d-d-d-d-d-damn ha-ha yea Damn-it's the way he grabs on himself when he gettin closer to them girls be like Damn-it's the wife beater wish you were in the drop top two"
  • Damn - Fat Joe
    "INTRO Ma niggas is coke ya. It's crackalagy. 1 on 1 nigga. I breed you niggas. Ma sons AWWWW Verse 1 The penalty is death and im inflictin' the torch and the best of the best couldn't mess with the"
  • Damien - Savatage
    "In this city of raw emotion What's this message you bring to me In my world of blind devotion You were there But I could never see Damien Is your heart harder Whats inside your head Is the dark your father Have"
  • Damien - Diablo
  • Damien - Unheilig
    "Schaukle meine Wiege, sanft hin und her schaust mir in die Augen, mein Weg war weit zu dir bleib bitte bei mir, lass mich nicht allein schaukle meine Wiege schn bei dir zu sein Er hat mich erwhlt und"
  • Damien - Iced Earth
    "So the beast resides in me Deep down I always knew I never really did fit in So diverse from all of you Let him who comprehends Know the number of the beast It's a number of a man A number just for me As"
  • Damn Right - James Otto
    "You can always find me here Raisin hell and drinkin beer With all my good-time buddies Cuttin up and havin fun Yeah the jokes can be on me And I dont mind usually Im an easy-goin, back-slappin son of a"
  • Damn Thing - Bow Wow
    "JD: Yo..you eva be out..and see sumbody dat you want right den n there, you dont even feel like talkin,you just wanna walk right up to em and be like.. (Chorus) Bow wow : hey shorty, what I gotta do ? Da"
  • Damn Thing - Bow Wow & Omarion
    "JD: Yo..you eva be out..and see sumbody dat you want right den n there, you dont even feel like talkin,you just wanna walk right up to em and be like.. (Chorus) Bow wow : hey shorty, what I gotta do ? Da"
  • Im Yours - Jason Mraz
    "Well you done, done me and you bet I felt it I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted I fell right through the cracks and now I'm tryin' to get back Before the cool done run out I'll be givin'"
  • Im Cumin - Nicki Minaj
    "Okaye okaye okaye okaye (I'm cominnnnn) Now whose hot, whose not? Shorty du whoop, it's Cool you blood clot, (COOL), you come to the spot see if you Don't get got, see if you don't get got when the semi"
  • So Damn Cool - Ugly Kid Joe
    "I wanna know, why the people are everywhere... and... I wanna know, where to go if I get scared... and... I wanna be, in a place where no one cares, and... I, i, I wanna know you! cause youre so damn"
  • Damn It Man - Pit Bull
    "damn it man (them just) d-damn it man (pitbull) d-d-damn it man (dick slap) d-damn it man (them just) d-d-damn it man (pitbull) d-d-damn it man (dick slap) d-d-d-damn it man (eeeehhhh-yo) when you see"
  • So Damn Fine - Bz With Joanne
    "Hey superfly Give this lonely girl a try There's no need to be shy Cos your my kinda guy Now I'm weak at the knees And I'm begging pretty please Won't you be mine So damn fine And I love you one time So"
  • Damn It Man - Pitbullfarm
    "(Chorus) When you see them boys round yo way holla dammit man(x3) Yall Really cant fuck with us(x5) (Pitbull) Imma kill em in the club with dis one (yeah) Imma tear that club tha fuck up Imma have them"

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