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  • That's Not How This Works (feat. Dan + Shay) - Charlie Puth
    "Thought, the day you disappeared, that it was over Didn't even hear you leavin' Saw you with someone and thought that it was closure But you still tell me that you need me Baby, why? Tell me, why can't"
  • Ricochet (rick-o-shay) - Teresa Brewer
    "Ricochet (Rick-O-Shay) Teresa Brewer Written by Larry Coleman, Joe Darion, and Norman Gimbel Peaked at # 2 in 1953 They warned me when you kissed me your love would ricochet Your lips would find"
  • Waste my time (feat. Shay) - Jude Harrison
    "Friends are telling me I lost my mind When I hooked up with you Maybe thats true Said that Ill wake up one day Asking what did I do Maybe thats true too When Im with you everythings alright All I know"
  • DAN DAN ?????? - Field Of View
    "DAN DAN {{ruby||}} Hold my hand {{ruby||}} Winding Road DAN DAN {{ruby||}} ZEN ZEN {{ruby||}} Hold your hand {{ruby||}}{{ruby||}} sea side blue DAN DAN {{ruby||}} ZEN ZEN Hold"
  • Always Gonna Be - Dan And Shay
    "Paradise is a swing on a porch Summertime is a little too short The best things in life are free And they’re always gonna be Hometown is a heaven on earth Sundays are for football and church The world"
  • We Should Get Married - Dan And Shay
    "Yeah I know that we just met So pardon my drunk confidence And I know you don’t know me yet But my heart skipped 10 steps ahead Yeah you can call me crazy But I think maybe We should start forever right"
  • Bigger Houses - Dan And Shay
    "Used to dream about buying that bigger house sitting on top of some hill Losing sleep about filling my bank account wondering if I ever will But the older I get I just care less and less ‘bout keeping"
  • Dana Dan - Bloodywood
    "I put a fist through the face of a rapist And yeah, I tape this For the viewing pleasure of the nameless faces he disgraces And yeah one day I may change his kind With my mind, but I won't bow to the"
  • The Steely Dan Show - Steely Dan
    "Boys and Girls They come from all around From dear old Stockholm To Copenhagen town Forget their troubles In tasty riddum n' rime So here you are And now it's party time Wrap your mind Around this sound And"
  • Dam - Ryan Matthew
    "Do you think That you've come far Through winds so hard And are you as disgruntled As you appear Are you wishing that I wasn't here Well one day soon that dam is gonna break And it'll wash you away it'll"
  • Dali - Kate Bush
    "High, in Castille, Lives senora Dali alone. And higher still She keeps her gallery. Distance means nothing to me. A-ee-aha-ee-aha-oo, A-ee-aha-ee-aha-oo... Debris everywhere, Gazing. It's amazing. Ferry"
  • Dal - Skinny Puppy
    ""Let go, where you going move from, going to hide it nowhere...With my butt...like you left" Find words fade above the snow the carved out somebody stitch the carver's all who waves surrender through"
  • Fancy Dan - Roy Orbison
    "Well Fancy Dan, he's a bright young man He's a lover Well Fancy Dan, he's ahead of the clan He's a lover Well the word's around that all the boys in town Are gonna tear his playhouse down But that"
  • Dala Dala - Noa
    "transliteration: dala dala ya rashal la yismeh-uk ali dala dala ya rashal la yismeh-uk ali weh yetale-uk al chaebus weh yesamsemu chali weh yetale-uk al chaebus weh yesamsemu chali weh yesamsemu chali"
  • Dan Abnormal - Blur
    "Meanie Leanie come on down Come and entertain the town It's friday night and we're all bored Times being called there is no more Times being called it's such a bore Dan Abnormal not normal at all It's"
  • Dan Dare - Elton John
    "Music by elton john Lyrics by bernie taupin Available on the album rock of the westies Can you tell me how old dan might have done it If he'd been here now, holy cow My stars might have been read on the"
  • 10000 Hours - Justin Bieber, Dan + Shay
    "do you love the ring does it makes you dance when you’re drunk whit your friends at a party what’s your favorite song does it make you smile? do you think of me? when you close your eyes tell me what"
  • Dapper-Dan - Michael Jackson
    "Do it do it, he can do it, watch him do it I got rhythm and a whole lot of soul I can dance I can shake it baby (He can dance) I'm just a little country boy Harmonica in my hand I got soulful rhythm in"
  • Deputy Dan - Christopher Cross
    "Deputy Dan Just another pure heart A wide open mind Driftin' like a cork on a sea of dreams Playin' the school boy Makin' believe Dyin' to fill the shoes The really big shoos for the TV screams Chorus: Standing"
  • Donut Dan - Goldfinger
    "Donut dan's gonna get a hummer from a man Donut dan's gonna get a hummer from a man Donut dan's gonna get a hummer Donut dan's gonna get a hummer Donut dan's gonna get a hummer from a man And I won't"

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