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Dangerous night 30stm

  • Dangerous - Within Temptation
    "I know I won't change, I have tried Was feeling so caged, hands tied I can't find anything feeling so right, it's blinding hope The Reaper is close, save a spot A matter of time, can't deny I won't try"
  • Dangerous - Yes
    "Come into the light, passing through wisdom. Hoping for love, all of the moves Don't come across; you get too much. Everybody needs it; don't show your body. So dangerous - this fear of love So dangerous"
  • Dangerous - Monrose
    "You must be some kinda miracle maker Look what you did to my good girl behaviour It feels like I'm on the set of a movie Something unreal 'bout the way that you move me On the beat, on the beat, on the"
  • Dangerous Night - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "we burned and we bled we try to forget but the memories left are still haunting the walls that we built from bottles and pills we swallow until we’re not talking I am a man on fire you a violent desire what"
  • Dangerous - Alexandra Burke
    "I've been be-troubled There ain't nobody double Cant stand them words of things that are happening to me Somebody hand me a tissue Cause I got issues Call it crazy but its so meant to be Some thinks its"
  • Dangerous - Angel Chix
    "Why is this so hard to understand That I trust my heart in your hands I?ve been wishing you would come back And baby, what is up with that I wanna know? Is this love dangerous Are we really in it for both"
  • Dangerous - Def Leppard
    "We make up to break up Then we spin it round again We dance on the ashes Of a love that never ends The heart's never broken Eyes wide open to the signs And your bitter taste Is such a nuclear waste of"
  • Dangerous - Dalvin DeGrate
    "Uh, hmm, oh yeah Oh yeah baby I usually don't have no time I'm kinda tight with my ends Girl I could care less for one That's why I don't have a girlfriend But there's something about your girl That just"
  • Dangerous - House Of Heroes
    "I think I like where I'm standing I think I hate it too 'Cause it's safe on the side of caution But baby, it's so far away from you And if I try my best, I still can't find a way to let it go And it's"
  • Dangerous - Black Beat
    "Rap) Yo we going to the top our first revolution pumping to the high to jumping to the top let me be your one somebody (I want together) onuri bamul tonight chigi bang bang boom to the top top stardom isesang"
  • Dangerous - Cascada
    "Don't know anything about you So close, just a touch away Your love hits me like no other They say I'm a true believer I know something's taking over now I wanna run but I don't know how You just crossed"
  • Dangerous - Katharine McPhee
    "I never should have let my guard down. I wish I never knew all the things I found out. (I wish I wouldve been more careful.) And maybe I wouldnt be running from misery. Oh no, in the beginning gave me"
  • Dangerous - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Lady Luck, Muggs (a.k.a. Paul Cane)) Dont get nuthin confused about me, this nigga hea throw clips You think you could hold three, nigga hea go six I bring +Heat+ like Deniro flix, my team lock"
  • Dangerous - Friends
    "I am not at all politefor who do you of me havesometimes dangerouswhen I stand up face I choose myself roadand I walk into face there where I wantsomething bad to make I canleave meno so love me love me"
  • Dangerous Beauty - Rolling Stones
    "In your high school photo You looked so young and naive Now I heard you got a nickname The lady of the leash Well I find you on a midnight shift I bet you had your fair share of stiffs There were"
  • Dangerous Tonight - Alice Cooper
    "(Alice Cooper/Desmond Child) Take another bite It'll be alright What's wrong will soon feel right Dangerous tonight Take another sip Let it kiss your lips And let a little drip on your thighs If you"
  • Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande
    "Dangerous woman! Something about, something about, something about you Makes me wanna do, do things I shouldn't Something about, something about, something about you Piosenka "Dangerous Woman” będzie"
  • Dangerous Age - Bad Company
    "She's gettin' ready to dance tonight Black high heels, a dress that clings on tight Skin so smooth, a young man's dream Lips so red, she's only just sixteen, yes she is She knows where to go, she knows"
  • Dangerous Shoes - Linoleum
    "I think that you should know What's over your face And three weeks in a row is too much Why come to this place Maybe it's time to go I'm looking afright And it's tiring putting a show on every night Why"
  • Dangerous Charm - Sinner
    "Sittin' here in my dark room Smokin' another cigarette in the candlelight I thought the time was right Stayin' up all night to think it over When I hold your hand The lightning strikes again I thought"

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