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Daniella Cohn

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Daniella Cohn

  • Daniella - Suzanne Vega
    "Daniella, she sits by the tree in the playground Sometimes we go there and the children all play But no one can tell me just where is Daniella When she looks in the distance that way Daniella, your hair"
  • Daniella - John Butler Trio
    "You light me up little girl, like the 4th of July I love you more than every single star man in the sky You are the best damn thing that ever happened to me Want to take you home start making family"
  • Summerfish (feat. Daniella) - Leonid Rudenko
    "I got a plan I'm waiting to be taken back To the place i saw you last Now just a photograph So many people there We loved every good thing we shared Because that was the time we cared For no-one else Summerfish Makes"
  • .Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn - Paul Anka
    "Artist: Mark Cohn Title: Walking In Memphis. Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane Touched down the in land of the Delta Blues In the middle of the pouring rain. W.C. Handy - won't you look"
  • Five Fingaz (To The Face) feat. Daniella Monet - Ariana Grande
    "You know I flaunt cha, Cuz girl I really want cha, And you lookin' nice, Got me cooler than a bag of ice, Now freeze, freeze, freeze, Now go, Drop it fast and move it real slow, oh! What!? You smell so"
  • Every Word - Ercola feat. Daniella
    "Im turning in I think its time for me to go Id let you in but I just wanna take it slow Look a little closer Its not hard to know We got something more and thats not typical When I first saw your face I"
  • The Things We've Handed Down - MARC COHN
    "Don't know much about you Don't know who you are We've been doing fine without you But, we could only go so far Don't know why you chose us Were you watching from above Is there someone there that"
  • Walk Through The World - MARC COHN
    "I'm writing you this letter from some old hotel I can feel the distance between us From the Spanish Steps to the Liberty Bell I know the angels have seen us... seen us, baby They see you down on Seventh"
  • 29 Ways - MARC COHN
    "I got 29 ways to make it to my baby's door I got 29 ways to make it to my baby's door And if she needs me bad I can find about two or three more I got one through the basement Two down the hall And"
  • Dig Down Deep - MARC COHN
    "Baby let's go below the surface and see what we can find, there's no reason to be nervous cause it happens all the time i dont wanna go up to the mountain, i dont need to go down tot the sea I'm gonna"
  • Ghost Train - MARC COHN
    "Everybody talks about some fateful day And I guess that this was mine I may be here to tell some kind of story But I think it's gonna take a little time (That's all right) See I'm rockin' in a cradle"
  • Miles Away - MARC COHN
    "My friends will ask me how I'm doin' But I just can't lie to 'em Not feeling fine today I saw my dreams they were a Ship on the ocean now it Looks like they're miles away Miles away Hey, hey --"
  • Saving The Best For Last - MARC COHN
    "Got into a cab in New York City Was an Oriental man behind the wheel Started talking about heaven Like it was real Said "They got mansions in heaven Yeah the angels are building one for me right now And"
  • Silver Thunderbird - MARC COHN
    "Watched it coming up Winslow Down South Park Boulevard Yeah it was looking good from tail to hood Great big fins and painted steel Man it looked just like the Batmobile With my old man behind the"
  • Strangers In A Car - MARC COHN
    "There's a stranger in a car Driving down your street Acts like he knows who you are Slaps his hand on the empty seat and says "Are you gonna get in Or are you gonna stay out?" Just a stranger in"
  • True Companion - MARC COHN
    "Baby I've been searching like everybody else Can't say nothing different about myself Sometimes I'm an angel and sometimes I'm cruel But when it comes to love I'm just another fool Yes I've climbed a mountain I'm"
  • Walk On Water - MARC COHN
    "Let's go down to the sound tonight Tide is low and we can walk on water Reel me in under that starry light Just like the fisherman's daughter Baby when the bands and the barkers go home They say that"
  • Walking In Memphis - MARC COHN
    "Put on my blue suede shoes and I Boarded the plane Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues In the middle of the pouring rain W.C. Handy Won't you look down over me Yeah, I got a first class ticket But"
  • A Song For My Daughter - MARC COHN
    "Just once upon a yesterday I held you in my arms. You grew into a little girl With lovely childhood charms. Now it seems I only turn around and I see you by his side. Oh I can't believe my eyes today, My"
  • Blow On Chilly Wind - MARC COHN
    "A little gray around the crown A little hint of slowing down She puts on some old evening gown And dances alone Years are hazy and days are slow The seasons come and the reasons go And while the wind"

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