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Danielle Ber

  • Danielle - Steve Kilbey
    "Danielle, danielle Danielle you're looking old today Like someone came along, stole all your years away The pale sun will not forgive your face In shadows all the gentlemen who spent time in this place In"
  • Danielle - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe) My invisible partner in travel You're never in your seat always tryin' to unravel the love we make While I try to forget Forgettin's only temporary In the middle of nothing My eyes get weary"
  • Danielle - Fallen Angels
    "Always running Against time Hardly fighting What has to come Hating, burning Human souls Constantly turning The living into stone And all you've got now Are those statues in your garden Of frozen hearts"
  • Danielle - Bernhard Brink
    "Deine Augen hei wie Feuer. Wie Du gehst ein Abenteuer. Ein Wunder ein blondes Wunder. Weckst in mir die schnsten Trume. Selbst im Winter blhen Bume. Ein Wunder mein blondes Wunder. Es war Gefhl auf den"
  • Danielle - Roger Hodgson
    "I want my DanielleLady sweet DanielleComfort me with sadnessNot an easy thing to doI could see that you were troubledBut there wasn't much that I could doWhen the rain speaks softlyFrom upon a blade of"
  • Danielle - Maaya Sakamoto
    "Feel your eyes of malice Like a bullet through my heart So unkind Words, Like gasoline, Burn a hole into heaven Then rain down on me Everything falls apart There was a time when our lives were so free Now"
  • Ber - Taiguara
    "Um dia Marcela se achou e se deu Seu corpo sem vida, me amou e foi meu Das dores vencidas nasceu a mulher Que sabe porque, que se abre e se v E hoje me faz viver E hoje me faz saber Que os homens, por"
  • Ber - Adversus
    "Kennst du die Mr vom verlorenen Sohn Der wurd' nach der Irrfahrt gefeiert, obschon Er vielmals gesndigt, gleich mir, unerkannt Doch mir wartet niemand zu reichen die Hand Von allem entzweit, vom Warten"
  • Ber - Lillasyster
    "Lyssna nu Tryck p knappen till vnster om stet Lyft p hatten nr du hr ltet av den trasiga katten som du klmmer till dds och bertta fr Lina, om du trs Packa katten i en resvskabur res ivg p din sibiriska"
  • Ber - Grupa Inicjatyw Teatralnych
    "Autor: Tomasz Jachimek W sobotę na wiejskiej zabawie Trwa miłość na dystansach krótkich Ona ubrana jest prawie A on jest prawie trzeźwiutki Spotkali się raczej przypadkiem On w szatni jej sprzedał kuksańca I"
  • Danielle Steele - The Beautiful South
    "My Guy and Patches Can only hope to match The evil propaganda that her pen can despatch And she better love him good Or she'll take it on the chin A woman is a woman To the enemy within She can put up"
  • Ber Nacht - Element Of Crime
    "ber Nacht kamen die Wolken Und ich habs nicht mal gemerkt Schon sind am ersten Straenbaum Die ersten Bltter verfrbt Ich will immer soviel erleben Und verschlafe doch nur die Zeit Und kaum da ich einmal"
  • Bahia, Ber - Jorge Benjor
    ", , , Bahia Bahia de So Salvador (bis) Terra dos capoeiras Do famoso candombl Tema da festa da Ribeira A festa do lava-ps (bis) Salve Senhor do Bonfim Que os baianos tem muita f , , , Bahia Bahia de"
  • Jota Ber - Radio Tarifa
    "Tienes los ojos nia Que parecen picaportes Que cada vez que los cierras Mi corazón me pega un golpe Anoche estuve en tu puerta Y a tu ventana di un golpe "Pa" la nia enamorada Ella tiene un sueo muy torpe Esa"
  • Remem-Ber - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "this is another song that might go on our next record its called remember >>start song<< here in the water waste time the time to size the change here in the desert bone dry your eyes are out of bridge and"
  • Locomotion - Danielle White - American Juniors
    "Everybody's doing a brand new dance now (come on baby, do the locomotion) I know you'll get to like it if you give it a chance now (come on baby, do the locomotion) My little baby sister can do it with"
  • Jag Ber Dig - Magnus Carlson
    "h, Strck ut din hand till mig, jag ber dig! Jag ber dig, ber dig nu. Strck ut din krleksfulla hand! Jag ber dig, ber dig nu. Strck ut din krleksfulla hand! Jag hade allt. Jag var en vinnare, var frevigt"
  • Jag Ber Dig - Magnus Carlsson
    "h, strck ut din hand Till mig Jag ber dig Jag ber dig, ber dig nu Strck ut din krleksfulla hand Jag ber dig, ber dig nu Strck ut din krleksfulla hand Jag hade allt Jag var kung Jag var en finnare av att"
  • Ber Den Wolken - Reinhard Mey
    "Die Luft is voll mit Lrm und Rauch Des is die Mischung, die i brauch. In meiner Hand a Achterl Wein, Es wird heut net des letzte sein. Es riacht so stickig und vertraut, Und die Musik is v zu laut. Du"
  • Daydream Believer - Danielle White - American Juniors
    "(verse 1) Oh, I could hide beneath the wings of the blue bird as she sings The six o'clock alarm would never ring But it rings and we rise wipe the sleep out of our eyes The shaving razor's cold and it"

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