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Dappy Rockstar feat Brian May

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Dappy Rockstar feat Brian May

  • Rockstar (feat. Brian May) - Dappy
    "They say that I'm dangerous Like everything I touch falls apart If I were to tell, they'll kill me now Well imma cut to the chase I used to wish on a star but nowadays I need space: Satellites See the"
  • Rockstar - Meek Millz
    "(feat. Mel Love) I no u heard of meek yeah I'm a rock stare I rether heard of philly din play them block heard as who I be they say I'm top dogg is where a cuppole of g's get a nigga nocked off like"
  • Get Up (ft. Brian May) - Kings Daughters
    "won’t change but you live the same life you give up when you don’t things right you want friends but you hide yourself away you think love is so cliché -- Premiera 14 kwietnia 2020 orku."
  • Crush (Feat. Brian Molko) - Ac Acoustics
    "I'll wait for him, because I know him. Go there for him, go there first. I'll wait for him, because I owe him. Go there for him, because I must. I'll wait for him, go there for him I'll wait for him, go"
  • TITANIC (feat. Rich Brian) - Jackson Wang
    "I got your girl on panic iced out my wrist Titanic Like 2-1, I am on my savage no airport but I claim my baggahge I am on the run /2x your gir; gon choose, I am on ythe up the bou and the man ya I am all"
  • Rockstar (feat. 21 Savage) - Post Malone
    "I’ve been fucking hoes and popping pillies man, I feel just like a rockstar all my brothers got that gas and they always be smoking like a Rasta Fucking with me call up on a Uzi And show up man, them"
  • Rockstar (feat. Roddy Ricch) - DaBaby
    "Woo , woo I pul lup like How uou pull iup Baby how you pull up I pul lup Woo Seth n the kitchen Let’s go! Brand new lamborgihin Fuck a cop car Whit the pistol on my hip Iike i am a cop Yeah /3x Have"
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Brian May Version) - Diana Ross
    "This thing called love, I just can't handle it This thing called love, I must get 'round to it I ain't ready Crazy little thing called love This thing called love It cries in a cradle all night"
  • Brian - Brian Wilson
    "All my life I've been runnin' scared Feelin' shut out, no one cared Not my mother, not my brother Crazy beatings by my father A-ooh a-ooh Music's been my saving grace Been my ticket to a better place Brought"
  • Coming Back Home Feat Brian Mcknight - Bebe Winans
    "Took some time to come around Realize how I let you down Been too late for sorry now My pride got in the way Yes it did I thought I had it all figured out I needed time away to work it out And now that"
  • Resentment (feat. Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson & Wrabel) - Kesha
    "i feel loved and then i feel used nobody makes me feel the way that you do and sometimes I /3x just can’t stand it isn’t that just the thing about us I am still thinking that you cold be the one but you’re"
  • Brian - Blind Guardian
    "[2:41] When the sky is burning, see the Moon falling down. On your right is lightning. See the war in the sky. Remember Brian, when it's time. Remember Brian. All our empty heads discover"
  • Brian Boru In French - Alan Stivell
    "Mort Brian Boru, vers l'an mil en Irlande, Brillent encore cheveux roux, harpe d'or dans la lande, L'tendard et l'pe debouts plants en terre, Et la paix revenue en Ulster. Des nerfs de la guerre l'air"
  • Rockstar - Killerpilze
    "Wenn ich ein rockstar wr dann wr das leben wirklich gar nicht schwer ich bruchte kein geld mehr und die mdchen liefen mir hinterher Rockstar Rockstar Rockstar Rockstar Rockstar Rockstar Rockstar ja als"
  • Rockstar - Jacuś
    "jestem Rockstar, fuckstar sprzęt rtv mam na sprzedaż jak awatar zmieniam sie w Johnego Deppa jestem Rockstar, fuckstar sprzęt rtv mam na sprzedaż jak awatar zmieniam sie w Johnego Deppa ona mówi mocniej mówi"
  • Rockstar - Prima J
    "Right about now Woah Tell me what cha think ya lookin at Ohh So I think I'm Queen Elizabeth Now And now I'm stuck inside your memory So That's why it's so hard to get rid of me I am incredible, so"
  • Rockstar - B5
    "I got my girl, I want your girl, I got his girl, Im a get they girl. Im a rockstar (without a damn guitar) Im a rockstar (I dont need no damn guitar) I got new kicks, I got new whips, on some new shit,"
  • Rockstar - Jimmy Eat World
    "Where you're hiding, the shine off the wall. Stop giving it up now cause you're gonna find yourself a mastermind in time. Rockstar, what's mine is yours. Rockstar, you're looking good. You're looking to"
  • Rockstar - Chipz
    "Rock star Come on 1,2,3 We're gonna make our way to Hollywood A star on Sunset B. is understood We put our make up on and hit the stage We're gonna blow - you away Cause when the music starts And all the"
  • Rockstar - White 2115
    "PRZEZ TE OKULARY WIDZĘ WIĘCEJ WRESZCIE PRZEZ MUZĘ ŻYJE WIĘCEJ w końcu kur* stary żyje więcej w końcu żyje lepiej, żyje szybciej oni życzą śmierci – to przykre a ja twoją byku przemilczę oni życzą śmierci"

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