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Darina karsnovetska say love

  • Darina - Sylvie Vartan
    "On ne se connaissait pason s'est retrouv quandtoutes deux nes l-basdu ct des BalkansPar quelle trange histoiretout a a commencje n'ai plus de mmoireje n'ai plus de passIl m'a fallu t'attendreil a fallu"
  • Say Love - Jojo
    "This is us at our best, and at our worst And when you speak does it feel like it hurts? Because where I wanna be is far apart From where we are, from where we are And I thought I found the place where"
  • Say Love - James TW
    "folding down the seats in the back of my car got nowhere to be cause the world don’t know where we are 3am and you’re in my arms all the drinks still waring off you look to me like I said something wrong mmh? cause"
  • Say Say Say - Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
    "Say, say, say what you want But don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But don't leave me with no direction All alone, I site home by the phone Waiting for you, baby (baby) Through"
  • Say Say Say  - Paul McCartney
    "Say, Say, Say What You Want, But Don't Play Games With My Affection. Take, Take, Take What You Need, But Don't Leave Me With No Direction. All Alone, I Sit Home By The Phone, Waiting For You, Baby. Through"
  • Say say say - Paul McCartney
    "Say, say, say what you want but don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need but don't leave me with no direction All alone I sit home by the phone waiting for you baby Through the"
  • Say say say - Michael Jackson
    "1st verse (Paul) Say, say, say what you want But dont play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But dont leave me With no directions (Michael) All alone I sit home by the phone Waiting"
  • Say - Gloria Estefan
    "Ain't much for promises But I'm a fool for your sweet caress Don't mean to be obsessed But all that I can do is guess And when I miss you I try to keep my head But when I kiss you My heart speaks out"
  • Say - Kem
    "Baby say What's on your mind What's on your mind I've been here all morning waitin' For your answer I'm waitin' I've been sober long enough to remember How good love is How sweet your love is Notwithstanding"
  • Say - Delta Goodrem
    "Say- Delta Goodrem Holding in that moment in my head, As you walk near, And it's oh so clear, Cos i can see a time when you and i, Would step out of my dreams, And it's oh so real. Is there anyway to"
  • Say - Bonfire
    "Summer rain - we were kids and playin' love We didn't waste a thought it's meant to be A fairytale - it was meant for me and you I kiss you awake to make it all come real Wake up now - you gotta lay"
  • Say - Texas
    "I walked along to the strand hotel A bit confused to get overwhelmed By waking up in a one night's bed Except for someone just standing there And now I get carried along I hope they won't catch me I swallow"
  • Say - The Corrs
    "Gone are the days when I was young and free The future I can see Gone are the days of precious love Relied on, and leaned on So many days of sleepless nights By your side, and why oh why I never thought"
  • Say - Cat Power
    "Learn to say the same thing Let us hold fast to sayin the same thing I hope all is well with you I wish the best for you When no one is around love will always love you Learn to say the same thing What"
  • Say - Sleeping At Last
    "say what you really want to say and the truest of forms will show finallly youll find your soul they impose the endless fight to always be perfect it seems they have been chosen to be above the rest but"
  • Say - The Send
    "Tell me you'll wait outside while the sky is pouring grey Tell me you'll need to relieve yourself of me as well Help me to feel unashamed as I hang you up to dry Try to believe that I need some time not"
  • Say, Say - O-Town
    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking Every little moment Every special word Has so much meaning that I'm feeling you're completing my world But I've tried to say this so long But the words don't come when"
  • Say say - Twista
    "(feat. Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha & Big Zak) Woo!Ladies And Gentlemen You Are Now Tuning In To The Very Best. (Ladies And Gentlemen Gentlemen Gentlemen) One Of The Most Delightful Of All Time (Sho'nuff) Jazzy"
  • Hey! Say! - Hey! Say! JUMP
    "Deaeta kiseki ni Donna ketten mo Imi nai yo Kimi wa sono mama ga ichiban Say! Hey Hey Hey-Hey! Hey Hey Hey! Hey Hey Hey-Hey! Hey Hey Hey! Hey Hey Hey-Hey! Hey Hey Hey! Hey Hey Hey-Hey! Hey Hey Hey! Bokura"
  • Can't Say Love - Glenn Lewis
    "Can't Say Love Girl I can't fight no more, I'm not me, incomplete Why’s the one I love, Not with me, not with me Gotta get it back somehow, Unless an expiration date Is come and gone on us baby, yeah No"

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