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Dark Purple Blues

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Dark Purple Blues

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Dark Purple Blues
  • Closterkeller Purple
    "Can you feel? Can you feel? Can you feel Can you? On the way of your life and love A final stop is dark oblivion Lay it on me I could try to show you out Can you feel? Can you feel? On the"
  • Malia Purple Shoes
  • Project Pat Purple
    "(feat. Beanie Sigel) Ha-ha! Yeah, yeah yeah, it's goin' down, down This for all my niggaz... That be on that purple... That pur-pur-pur-purple purple drank yeah... that purple weed yeah... Hypnotize"
  • Skin Purple
    "Purple washes over me Seeping through my open seams Im stained all over You pretend weve started again Waiting for me to say when But I say purple Chorus She wont go Where I I would go for you Id curse"
  • Crustation Purple
    "Sitting in the silent twilight The purple half light Of the twilight Wrap the night around me Blanket of black on my back I feel safe in the darkness Your voice is a caress Delights my senses Heightens"
  • Fat Amy Purple
    "(R.J. Johnson/Guiney/Meyers) She breathes she'd walk through fire for me and I led her She never talks to me, can you blame her I never followed her, to ask for her forgiveness she needs awhile to make"
  • Alchemist Purple
    "Looking in the corner of magic round room trying to find the bottom of the top from the inbetweenal plane. Ultraviolet craniums glowing with seductive scent The circus now surrounds me, attractive but"
  • Nas Purple
    "Light it, uhh Light it up, uhh The whole, city is mine, prettiest Don I don't like the way P. Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers Why it's mentioned in my rhymes? Fuck it, it's just an intro Hate"
  • Horse The Band Purple
    "Sweet sweet pain- like a thundercloud but tears are rain full fists slapping thudding BANGING RAGING wanting not to be weak with woe empty hands-she's on the floor on the floor she SLAMS her empty hands"
  • Horse Purple
    "Sweet sweet pain- like a thundercloud but tears are rain full fists slapping thudding BANGING RAGING wanting not to be weak with woe empty hands-she's on the floor on the floor she SLAMS her empty hands"
  • Feeder Purple
    "I think I'm coming round Coming round to way of thinking Trying to find the ground Somewhere new to stop us slipping Always , always straight back down Kicking out the fool Theres no sense in us going"
  • Edna's Goldfish Purple
    "Question me about my bruises He's the one who wins and I'm the one who always loses To all the fights and fits of anger The marks will fade but the pain still lingers I can play along for as long"
  • Canned Heat Dark Clouds
    "Dark clouds, dark clouds follow me Dark night, dark night is all I see Man, I got these blues Won't let a hold of me Sometimes I dream of better days Oh, from time to time, I dream of better days Maybe"
  • Au Revoir Simone Dark Halls
    "When we got to Boston There was a TV in the room You were glowing purple, green, red, black and blue And the light in the night slammed the door When we went downtown All the babies laughed, clapped at"
  • Kool Keith Dark Vadar
    "(feat. Esham) Yes I have two tickets to the NAACP Awards The Image Awards Secret Servicemen, you can sit down My seats are in the front row, I hate to be so arrogant But I am.. I have two tickets, Keith,"
  • Annie Lennox Dark Road
    "It's a dark road And a dark way that leads to my house And the word says That you're never gonna find me there, oh no I've got an open door It didn't get there by itself It didn't get there by itself There's"
  • Red Animal War Dark Country
    "i can see from here to venice and everywhere i look it's in us close the door this might be the last time put yourself in my shoes it's not hard friend you've been there before sympathize with my blues"
  • Alabama 3 Old Purple Tin [9% Of Pure Heaven]
    "I lived with my mamma 'Til I was sixteen Old time religion The sweetest of dreams And now that I'm again And conscience is dead In my left hand the Bible In my right hand an old purple tin I went to the"
  • Deep Purple Junkyard Blues
    "(Airey/Gillan/Glover/Morse/Paice) Broken down relations, beaten up guitars Making one last appearance in a heap of old cars Brambles and weeds flourishing amongst Lines of empty bottles and rambling drunks Junkyard"
  • Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade Purple Onion
    "A purple onion... Purple Onion... Purple onion everybody laugh now Purple onion everybody cry Purple onion lookin' down at B.O.B. when he crashed his motorcycle and he died Old Bob Zimmerman knew the purple"

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