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Dark flight407

  • Dark - Prince
    "I wanna top the rose petals that whisper sweet Come on So dark, dark, so dark So dark, dark, so dark Inside lookin' out my window I don't see nothin' but rain Sun up in the sky just a shinin' (just a"
  • Dark - Gary Numan
    "I've been waiting here Waiting for faith And the word to fall. Now the darkness comes And I'll pray for The end of us all. Don't let the dark into me We killed the angels that warned us of you Don't let"
  • Dark - Anouk
    "I'm walking in the park And I'm talking to the dark But there ain't nobody listening My heart has turned to stone When I found myself alone Now all I do is whiper to the dark There's only so much you"
  • Dark - Babble
    "Creatures kissing in the rain Shapeless in the dark again In the hanging garden Please don't speak In the hanging garden No one sleeps In the hanging garden In the hanging garden Catching haloes on the"
  • Dark - Ray Wilson
    "Where were you when I needed you? The fear that I would call out to despite You Lying staring at my feelings across some sacred crowd An endless search for anger This silence is too loud Do I have no strength?"
  • Dark - Terminal
    "you'll be the first flight out of dallas you leave but never get away from the color you swear that your life takes in this town because scenery is just a shade you live in regret it hurts to know how"
  • Dark - Indochine
    "Je vous salue dici Le fruit de vos entrailles Bnissez-moi ma vie Et mon esprit Ce soir Au nom du pre et du fils Sur la croix Pardonnez nos pchs A tous les trois Allongs par terre Et se laisser faire Caresser"
  • Dark - Unjust
    "father holds ways to another answers that we discover under conscious we wonder darker past doors lie over father holds ways to another when will i know how far it goes when will i know father"
  • Dark - Shinhwa
    "Yeah, seoul to america, this is how we do right to break it down, come on Pam keu dae nae mam neol neu gil soo ga eop neun keol ga man pam gin pam nae mam neol ka jil soo ga eop neun keol Oh neul eo daet"
  • My Dark Desires - Funeral Dark
    "Father I call your name upon the furious winds I'm possessed by the spiritual strength of Hell In the chambers of my dark heart a black flame burns Satan I summon the horned one from the darkened realms Grant"
  • The Dark Moor - Dark Moor
    "Tells the legend, there's a magic placeThat could nobody find its traceLand of darkness, land of forlorn songsWhere all is mystic all along Where I am? Lost in the streamIs it real or a dream?My stunned"
  • Dark Dark World - Betty Curse
    "I'm alone in a drak dark world i can bearly see im alone in a dark dark world no one hears my screams yeah some-one some-one some-one who cares come on please help me anybody anycountry come on please"
  • Born in the dark - Dark Moor
    "Wars in the nightFear in my eyesAnd fighting with all the warriorsKeeping all the treasuresHiding the reasonsAnd watching (the) warriors falling downI would like to be a birdI would like to be a manWhen"
  • Dark Night - Onnigumo
    "Pop Singer Music Pop Singer Music Dark Night I feel your sound Dark Night I feel your blood Dark Night You do your strength Dark Night You inspire me Da da dark night /24x Turn it up Pop Singer"
  • Dark wings dark words - Hammerfall
    "It's been a long cold winter, widespread snowfall, raging storms.Caught in winds delusions, of our heart and soul.He came down from the mountains, into our own frozen world.Spoke of revolution, fed us"
  • Dark Wings, Dark Words - Hammerfall
    "It's been a long cold winter, widespread snowfall, raging storms. Caught in winds delusions, of our heart and soul. He came down from the mountains, into our own frozen world. Spoke of revolution, fed"
  • Dark Skies - Nero
    "Dark skies Dark skies Dark skies and heavy rain Bright lights and cocaine Power Control After dark Don't trust who you think you know Night life Obey the rules Run these streets Don't don't accept defeat Cruise"
  • So Dark - Prince
    "So dark, so dark (Dark) Inside lookin' out my window I don't see nothin' but rain Sun up in the sky just-a-shinin' (Just-a-shinin') Still I'm lost in my shadow of pain (Mm-hmm) Like an innocent man"
  • Dark days - Coal Chamber
    "It feels like abuse So subtle the noose So subtle the noose There is no light That's what they say I'm checking out Not checking in Drawing lines Growing out of favor Out of favor If it's meant to be Then"
  • Dark Days - Graham Parker
    "The sun has a solar flare The earth just tilted on its axis The demon lies in his lair And licks at the Goddess Abraxas Volcanoes long, long dormant Send up plumes of gas An India and Pakistan Start talking"

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