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Darko jones code of the road

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Darko jones code of the road

  • Darko - Slick Shoes
    "Time stands still the air begins to swell.The broken hearted shadow of someone who feels left out of life.Seems like all the stars have fallen from the sky.All that's left is the grinning moon that's laughing"
  • Code Of The Road - Bleach
    "Just suppose this old car sputtered down the road Just suppose this old car--It refused to go Wouldn't you hope that someone would care enough to stop And help you out I'd like to think that someone would"
  • Cody - Mogwai
    "Of all I knew, her held too few. And would you stop me, if I try to stop you. Old songs stay 'til the end. Sad songs remind me of friends. And the way it is, I could leave it all And I ask myself, would"
  • Code - Vader
    "We are dazed Accountability, pressure We are aghast Expansiveness toward Thee infinite The jigsaw of contents The maze of assessments Wire- tapping nature The master of disguise We are peripheral device Only"
  • Code - Matt Kowalsky
    "Every move is like a cod of sonic vibe It is a tale for a night I am the queen You can be my knight The sweet romance will last For one dance What brought you to this door And enter the rabbit whole"
  • Jones - Mike Jones
    "You can catch meHustlin, gridin, shakin haters who's whining I'm blindin the world, cause I was day 2 day grindin I'ma blow up, I told ya, think I'm lieing, I'ma show ya From Houston to Penscola we candy"
  • Jones - Brian McFadden
    "Wake up JonesStop sleeping on your mama's couchWaiting for it to happenGet off home with your yellow finger tipsAnd belly full of whata could beensWell I could do, but I'm happy doing nothingThis way the"
  • Mr. Jones - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo) I wanna go across the river To the house on oldway road Where my life began and ended all the same I remember Chris and Johnny childhood friends of mine Who grew wise enough to learn to play"
  • Ms. Jones - Rehab
  • Solomon Jones - Aceyalone
    "A bunch of wild boys was hanging around At the local neighborhood saloon And some cat kept dropping quarters down in the jukebox Playing all the favorite tunes And back by the bar playing cards looking"
  • Cody - Smile Empty Soul
    "Hey you've reached Sean, leave a messageSeanPlease enter you're pass codeOne saved messageReceived march ninth at 6:18 pmSean whats up its CodySo i was just uh driving from the old roadAnd theres this"
  • Crack This Code - Cadet
    "every member here has got the lingo every member here is calling bingo maybe you'll clue me in i'm open to suggestions i came for answers but instead i have more questions crack this code so i may see"
  • The Code - Vader
    ""All this chaos in heads of quarter intelligentsia comes from that science is really not for everybody." We are dazed Accountability, pressure We are aghast Expansiveness toward Thee infinite The jigsaw"
  • Code Red - The Business
    "News break on the radio there's a helicoptor raid we've got a kidnap victim on our hands The reason why is so unclear afternoon - filled with fear Brixton bound, open prison yard Cause there's a jailbreak"
  • Jones Vs. Jones - Kool & The Gang
    "We don't feel like talking There's nothing to be said I guess it's just confusion Rolling 'round our heads Still, we know there's love here The hardest part of all, babe It breaking up and out So here"
  • Code Blue - The Bouncing Souls
    "I never got along with the girls at my school Filling me up with all their morals and their rules They'd pile all their problems on my head I'd rather go out and fuck the dead Cause I can do what I want"
  • Code Red - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "Verse 1: Here's a little story 'bout a Friday night, buckwild, 'cause yo, that's kind of my style, check it, on the town with a girl named Kay-Bee, and a bow-wow-wow yippie-yo yippie any way, I was"
  • Code Monkey - Jonathan Coulton
    "Code Monkey get up get coffee Code Monkey go to job Have boring meeting with boring manager Rob Rob say Code Monkey very diligent But his output stink His code not functional or elegant What do Code Monkey"
  • Mr. Jones - Mike Jones
    "You can ride all day long Another mike dizzle production(Mike Jones) But you'll never catch Mr. Jones ha ha ha ha ha haaa(Mr. Jones) He's got a shot gun so (Who?) go back home (Who? Who? Who?) Cuz you'll"
  • Red Code - Vader
    "Zeroes and ones are like cells Slowly accreting in the veins Of the great system of the world The globe, the matrix and the brain Red is the code The code is red Vitruvian cyborg with bloodshot"

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