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Daughter - Candles

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Daughter - Candles

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Daughter - Candles
  • Aswad Candles
    "Candles burning in the night Just like a child's life We've got to save them Candles burning in the night Just like a child's life We've got to save them Jah in all my days I'm so ashamed To see"
  • Brave Combo Candles
    "refrain: You, were my hope Your hope was mine Candles are low For the last time I don't want to look; when I do it saddens me It saddens me so when I recall their first light I don't want to turn back"
  • Hey Monday Candles
    "The power lines went out And I am all alone But I don't really care at all Not answering my phone All the games you played The promises you made Couldn't finish what you started Only darkness still remains Lost"
  • Angel Haze Candles
    "I'm, I, I I'm, I, I Drift I, meet with the dark Be what you loving the head for... Into the sun whoever you are Swear to your... with a cross on my heart Follow my thoughts, with the... Whatever this"
  • Brad Candles
    "Breathe a little bit Breathe a little bit for me now Dance a little bit Dance a little bit for me now And when the storm come's late And turns out the lights There is no need to worry Everything is alright You've"
  • Crown Of Thorns Candles
    "Silently watching the candles glow Staring into the brightest flame It burns like we used to do Casting long, dark shadows Twisted shapes dancing on the walls As the wind blows cold my candle dies Now"
  • Within Temptation Candles
    "Take away, These hands of darkness. Reaching for my soul. Now, the cold wind, blows out my candles. Feeling, only fear, without any hopr. A thousand dark moons. A thousand winters long. A million fallen"
  • Dirty Vegas Candles
    "youre going down and it feels good but you aint wearin what you should all the people that youve had the time is over so count your blessings count the times you forgot the names, commit the crimes, yea all"
  • Colour Of Fire Candles
    "Save the shame, ablaze. Well it's too late. Lower your steam into your eyes! What is this? All these colours and lights are inside of me now. I feel us coming together now. Grind the life around your"
  • Chris Rea Candles
    "Faith for reasons still unknown Like 'Bleak House fog' seems everywhere The truth has frozen into stone And hope lies freezing in the midnight air Though dark our days may seem This is a different dream Their"
  • Status Quo Daughter
    "You and I can see what's going wrong We know we don't like it going wrong Daughter can you have sons for yourself Daughter can you have some for yourself All your whiskered friends their wings and life Who"
  • Pearl Jam Daughter
    "Alone.. Listless... Breakfast table in an otherwise empty room. A young girl... Violence... Center of her own attention. Mother reads aloud, child Tries to understand it Tries to make her proud. The shades"
  • As Cities Burn Daughter
    "It's a shame what I thought of her When I saw her that way It didn't change what you thought of her She's been your daughter since she was made Since I was made I've been leaving I'd say I'd change but"
  • Bread Daughter
    "Diary I found her diary underneath a tree. and started reading about me The words she's written took me by surpise you'd never read them in her eyes. They said that she had found the love she waited for. Wouldn't"
  • Blindside Daughter
    "You kissed me on my cheek goodbye But I didn't mean Crazy it may seem But to me you were never ever unclean I know you know I am but even if it's slow You're walking away You think you are here to stay"
  • Vienna Teng Daughter
    "Well it's you and it's me Me with a drink in my hand The ice is tinkling like a wind chime And late afternoon settles over the land And you're talking about things Interesting just slightly And things"
  • Gorky Park Two Candles
    "Loneliness is my only guest Who visits alone at night When it comes I light two candles Just the way it was And pretend the flames become your eyes Emptiness is a friend I guess The shadow played upon"
  • Vicious Rumors Candles Burn
    "(G.Thorpe & S.Smyth) I would walk a mile in your shoes Even though they're way too small I would stop the sun for you And let the candles burn till dawn Let the candles burn till dawn I know you've got"
  • The Weepies Lighting Candles
    "Trying not to hope too hard For what I want Trying not to go too far With all the dreaming All the disappointment So hard to handle I am still in the dark Lighting candles Late at night I Lie awake Think"
  • Roy Orbison 16 Candles
    "Happy birthday, happy birthday, baby Oh, I love you so Sixteen candles make a lovely light But not as bright as your eyes tonight (as your eyes tonight) (Oh) Blow out the candles, make your wish come true"

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