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David Gilmour - The Girl In The Yellow Dress

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David Gilmour - The Girl In The Yellow Dress

  • The Girl In The Yellow Dress - David Gilmour
    "She mesmerizes with a smile Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon That girl in the canary yellow dress Says yes She flips a pack of cigarettes He doesn't smoke, but he takes one nonetheless It helps"
  • The Yellow Dress - 3rd Secret
    "Utwór 'The Yellow Dress' z albumu '3rd Secret' 3rd Secret (premiera 11 kwietnia 2022r.)."
  • David - Girlyman
    "Well all the love we had was ours Even in the nights with no stars Even when the light had faded There was still you and me, David And you were all I had for sure Even when I had much more Even with my"
  • David - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe/Cochran/Adam/Kelly) How many people have the same name? How many Davids do you know? What's the measurement on thinking the same thing What's the chance they'd ever know What's the chance they'd"
  • Yellow Dress: Locked Knees - The Chariot
    "Making your way to the front of a crowded room. Pointing. Life: make mine clean, and swing wide, sweet chariot. Perfection, done right. Puedes desirme si este mundo estoy cambiando? Esta es la realidad"
  • The Girl In The Bloody Dress - King Diamond
    "The girl in the bloody dress, appearing right before my eyes The girl in the bloody dress, crossing over from the other side I see the moon in the black of night I see her dirty face, oh The little girl"
  • Dress - PJ Harvey
    "put on that dress i'm going out dancing starting off red clean and sparkling he'll see me music play make it dreamy for dancing must be a way that i can dress to please him it's hard to walk in the"
  • Dress - PJ Harvey
    "Put on that dress I'm going out dancing Starting off red Clean and sparkling, he'll see me Music play, make it dreamy for dancing Must be a way that I can dress to please him It's hard to walk in the dress,"
  • Dress - Taylor Swift
    "Our secret moments in a crowded room They got no idea about me and you There is an indentation in the shape of you Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo All of this silence and patience, pining and"
  • Dress - Treble Charger
    "Going crazy Can't keep things in my head Spinning around in front of me A figure of speech coming back to haunt me now Feelings how they flinch even after so long Don't know why you talk to me I'm not"
  • Dress - Abingdon Boys School
    "{|-100% | | == Romanized Japanese == kagami no mae de kimi to madoromu usubeni no yubisaki sono te wa fui ni yowa sa wo misete kuchibiru wo fusaida ano hi kimi to yakusoku wo kawashita ima wa futari"
  • David Duchovny - Bree Sharp
    "It's Sunday night, I am curled up in my room The TV light fills my heart like a balloon I hold it in as best I can I know I'm just another fan But I can't help feeling I could love this secret agent man And"
  • Yellow - Okkervil River
    "You can only talk so much about things that are never, ever going to happen. My brothers at home with his dog and his cat and his wife is at a friends. You can only go on so long about feelings that never,"
  • Red Dress - Robert Plant
    "(Plant/Adams/Deamer/Baggott/Jones/Thompson) Walk right out of my life Keep your money in your hand Look out where you're headin mama Don't go running blind Shine it out strut it out Keep your ear right"
  • Yellow River - Middle Of The Road
    "So long, boy you can take my place Got my papers, I've got my pay So pack my bags and I'll be on my way To Yellow River Put my gun down, the war is won Fill my glass, now the time has come I'm"
  • New Dress - Depeche Mode
    "Sex jibe husband murders wife Bomb blast victim fights for life Girl Thirteen attacked with knife Princess Di is wearing a new dress Jet airliner shot from sky Famine horror, millions die Earthquake"
  • Sunday Dress - Dala
    "Should I call you officer Cause you're asking all the questions that I get at the border I know you want to file me away, With the girls who disappoint you every day I'm no better staring at your mouth Making"
  • New dress - Rancid
    "Ah no! No no! Go!!! With a gleaming success With a different try Religious indifference Mixed between the lies/lines Territorial company they legitimize Persecution to form enterprise The UN is called"
  • Red Dress - Alvin Stardust
    "Who's the little raider Knockin' 'em dead on the floor Well she's a proper little baiter Man I can't take anymore. She drives a man insane Lock-a my heart in chains. I'm alike a ball on fire But I can't"
  • Pretty Dress - Rosie Thomas
    "Put your pretty dress on it's time for you to go to the dance tie your hair in ribbons and lace and wear pearls round your neck And all the pretty princes will see you All the pretty princes will see"

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