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Day baey baey dayi

  • Day by day - Golden Life
    "Beauty day - sun and cloudsCome to see it, don't be late.Running eagle in the sky.Good decision - time for a date.Give her a chance - you are right.Mamma said to me: " Win or Die ".Tell me daddy, let me"
  • Perfect day - Collective Soul
    "There she stumblesFalling to her kneesI think she tripped on realityI have witnessedTragic comediesThat's the world in which she leadsWell I would walk a million milesTo give her all that she needsBut"
  • One day - Uriah Heep
    "One Day, One Day, One Day, One DayOne Day, One DayDidn't I tell ya everything was gonna be all rightI never doubted it was just a matter of timeAnd though I've travelled across the desert of despairI knew"
  • Another day - Basic Element
    "Another dayI cannot stop another dayTake me awayI've got to get awayAnother dayI cannot stop another dayTake me awayI've got to get awayShake this up, one two ........I got to know how....... you wanna"
  • Rainy day - America
    "Whenever its a rainy dayI pack my troubles up in my roomI chase all the clouds awayI get myself back to the wombBut I know that youre gonna cryTears are runnin from your eyesThe piece of my life you takeIs"
  • Better day - Dover
    "All i had to do was to be niceBut, no! no! no!I just fucked it up!It's been like that for my whole lifeAnd if i was born againIt'd be the sameOne thing at a timeYeah!, i liedYeah!, i'm scared1, 2, 3, 4,"
  • Valentin's day - Linkin Park
    "My insides all turn to ash,So slow.And blow away as I collapse,So cold.A black winter been away,From sight.Another darkness over day,That night.And the clouds above move closer,Looking so dissatisfied.But"
  • Independence day - Mel C
    "I'm not thinking about yaI'm happy without yaNo matter what they sayThis is my independence.They say it's a small small worldBut you're million miles awayWishing on that same bright starI shouldn't wich"
  • Blue, blue day - Bobby Vinton
    "It's been a blue, blue dayI feel like runnin' awayI feel like runnin' away from it allMy love has been untrueShe's found somebody newIt's been a blue, blue day for meI feel like cryin', dyin'What can I"
  • Kissing the day - Portishead
    "Nothing you sayCan hurt me nowInto the spaceI fell, I fallA strange river is deep in myInto the dark I diveI took leaveKissing the dayTook leaveKissing your mouthSupportivelyKissing the dayIt took sometime"
  • Face the day - Angel City
    "I don't wanna face the dayI don't wanna face the day I don't wanna face the day, the day, todayLong night leaves me stranded Black vision, danger signNo love, need protection Feels like I'm on production"
  • Happy worst day - RBD
    "Last night you were so in my faceYou really are a waste of spaceI've gotta shake you off now'Cause when I'm with youYou're like super glueSo what if I had another plan?I'm through with you and that's a"
  • New year's day - Dresden Dolls
    "U2 - coverYeahAll is quiet on New Year's dayA world in white gets underwayI want to be with you, be with you, night and dayNothing changes on New Year's dayOn New Year's dayI will be with you againI will"
  • A brighter day - Elena Paparizou
    "Oh oh oh ohHave you ever felt like giving upBut you kept fighting cause you knew you were strongAnd you just felt like you had enoughBut in the end you kept holding onSo now you got the special feeling"
  • And this day - Fall
    "EverywhereJust no fucking respite for us hereDream theatreAnd this dayNo matter what all who fills basketsOr who's just thereThe whole earth shudders And this daySeen from the bottom glass phut cigEverywhereJust"
  • I hate valentine's day - Quindon Tarver
    "Valentine's DayWish I Had a SweetheartIt's Valentine's DayDidn't Even Get a Stinkin' CardIt's Valentine's DayI Just Have to SayI Hate Valentine's DayIt's Valentine's DayAnd I Didn't Get no ChocolateIt's"
  • This day you regret - Callenish Circle
    "Suddenly, the sun at it's highest peak on my life's brightest dayI will never forget this day you regretAll I can do is turn my backNever felt this empty insideArms open wideBut there's no place for me"
  • On an ordinary day - Solex
    "Hes sort of shiny on the cheeks and red around the eyes.Dishes out clockwise but keeps his eyes on board and dice.I came through this door.I slept here before.And made love, love, loveAnd Im not ashamed"
  • Queen for a day - Donna Summer
    "Queen for a day, queen for a nightdressed head to toe, so you'd never know it's me, it's meRibbons and lace, shoes made of glassrouge on my face, off to the danceto danceTo dance and dance and dance and"
  • Day - Moist
    "On the saddest day On the saddest day On the saddest day Envy rides her bitter bullet down Glad to see your bloods gone dry Sip the luxury keep the offering Only wanted to hide Chorus: On the saddest"

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