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Dead and cold

  • Until I'm Dead And Cold - B.B. King
    "Oh by loving you Loving you, my darling Oh you've become Much more than a lover to me Yes, you are my companion Oh you're my friend And baby, you know You're a part of me Oh and that's why Why I'm so"
  • Until i'm dead and cold - BB King
    "Oh by loving youLoving you, my darlingOh you've becomeMuch more than a lover to meYes, you are my companionOh you're my friendAnd baby, you knowYou're a part of meOh and that's whyWhy i'm so lonelyOh i'm"
  • Stone Cold Dead - Dr. Sin
    "(Dr. Sin) Lying face down in the street People look but no one cares, no! no! no! You threw you life away Now you're mourned with empty prayers You never thought you'd pay the price And now you have to"
  • Cold - At The Gates
    "To rid the earth of the filth To rid the earth of the lies To will the rise above Tearing my insides out I feel my soul go cold Only the dead are smiling To rid your heart of all lies Their poison tongues,"
  • Cold - Elton John
    "You don't love him any more He threw your rag doll out the door I keep my distance, I held my breath Love always ends up hanging by a thread Love hurts so much Love leaves a scar 'I don't love you' is"
  • Cold - Mburu Sheila
    "i'm strange, I'm strange I'm a stranger to society I'm a stranger to your home I'm a stranger to your heart So dont you worry about me coz no one else does *chorus* Dont you pity me Dont look down on"
  • Cold - Sunz Of Man
    "Chorus: BizMarkie *sampled* 3x I walked away and I lived too cold Intro: Hell Razah This goes out. This what y'all niggaz all been looking for. A litte story for all my brothers. You know what I'm saying?"
  • Dead Again (Cold Skin) - Blitzkid
    "It was a late summer evening of flowered simplicity. Two lovers walked down a path bound by their mutual anxiety. The breeze was warm and it passed with no threat of any of the orange tinged leaves. Two"
  • Married, Cold, Half-Dead - Kurhaus
    "people change and so did we maybe you're right, let us at least be honest better a clean cut than a festering wound better live all life alone than live this lie one more day better end this lie right"
  • From My Cold Dead Hands - Remembering Never
    "5. From My Cold Dead Hands Force-fed youth watch crippled america Dependent on things not seen in black and white Responsibility is a dying art form Everything is out of (gun) control "From my cold dead"
  • Selfish And Cold - Revelation Theory
    "Your voice is killing me. Your words are hard as they come. Thoughts that sit in here, fall like bullets to the floor. Your heart is pulling me, the cut runs deeper as it flows. Scars that cannot heal,"
  • The Cold Stares Of Dead Eyes - Soul Embraced
    "There's nothing behind your eyes The windows to the soul What's beneath you skin A dead heart still beating The cold stare of dead eyes A look into demise Within decay you rest In pain and emptiness Do"
  • Dead And Gone - Molly Hatchet
    "Hey good lookin' what you, got cookin, Put the needle in the spoon, Hey sweet baby don't you say maybe, I know you'll need a fix real soon, Your eyes are lookin' glassy, You think you're real sassy, But"
  • Dead And Broken - Alkaline Trio
    "A deep dark secret down at the bottom But this bay can't keep it unforgotten. And a story that was told has now grown taller than we'd ever wish to be Beyond belief... I'll grab the boat if you go grab"
  • Dead and Gone - Blake Babies
    "It was getting cold and I felt like I was drifting away. So I pulled the wool over my eyes, it was heavy and warm And when you acted like this was how it was supposed to be, I really let it cover me. But"
  • Dead And Gone - Macbeth
    "Under the spell Of a greenish moon My heart has sailed the seven seas Going mad with rage Please tell me why Something strange Makes me drown in my own tears A voice within me said it was love What new"
  • Cold, Dark And Empty - 13 Winters
    "I've tried to love. But it ends up breaking. I've given my heart. It's gotten stomped upon. Crucify my emotions Doing it in front of everyone. Tears may shed, But inside I'm forever dead. Cold, Dark, Empty You"
  • Alive...Cold...Dead! - Catamenia
    "Alive...cold...dead! A life we called for was liberty to none The vision we believed in was wasted, by gone It's only a game mental awareness It's surely a play someone to gain A mechanical existence,"
  • Cold Feet - Chapman Tracy
    "Chapman Tracy New Beginning Cold Feet There was a little boy once upon a time Who in spite of his young age and small size knew his mind For every copper penny and clover he would find Make a wish for"
  • Cold Ethyl - Alice Cooper
    "One thing I miss Is cold Ethyl and her skeleton kiss. We met last night Making love by the refrigerator light. Ethyl, Ethyl, Let me squeeze you in my arms. Ethyl, Ethyl, Come and freeze me with your"

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