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Dead eyes

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Dead eyes

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Dead eyes
  • Stutterfly Dead Eyes
    "Death sweeps, across this place Tombstones, for eyes replaced (replaced) Lost time, unforgiving Loathing for living (One glance) Feel eyes fall (left behind) Renounced Forgive the past Hope will ring"
  • Adia Victoria Dead Eyes
    "Now I could see the Sunrise and set on you I’ve seen the Sunrise and set on you It set on you You say you’re looking for something make you feel anew You don’t believe in God Whisky will do You say you’re"
  • Agent Steel Dead Eyes
    "To execute You made no compromise Men aren't pigs - SLAUGHTERED Infected with a plague or rendered with a scalpel by you You make the claim it was just a job And killing's nothing more than sawing logs WASH"
  • Mendeed Through Dead Eyes
    "Through dead eyes I see what you've become Eweak and vile to me-nothing that you can resist Your pain I can't heal-your own choice your destiny? Still I do my best for you Holding on through the storm Giving"
  • Archers Of Loaf Dead Red Eyes
    "Dead red eyes flickering half bright went on for ride (?) In slick silk. They were on to my circumstantial slide, Blow by blow chipped off shell and bone. Tripped and talked around It could not fall through"
  • Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened
    "''Edgar Lustgarten reading from "Death on the Crumbles (1924)", from the BBC Radio show "Scales of Justice":'' "By strange coincidence, a thunderstorm had been brewing when Mahon, doing his grisly work"
  • Dry Kill Logic Dead Man's Eyes
    "Through a dead man's eyes The old fears arise From the promise of hope in a false solution Let your struggle be worth the fight I wanna burn these bridges and forget this and Never bare that burden I"
  • Hatesphere Dead
    "now listen crawl over here down on your knees the paralyzing hate struck from behind your violent throne withered away remember me? PAY! die when I tell you to die dead the parts switched over now suddenly"
  • Sprung Monkey Dead
    "open up your eyes and try to see now because it's a long dark road you turned to go down but you just wanted to try to taste a small piece of the high well was it everything you expected there it is"
  • They Might Be Giants Dead
    "I returned a bag of groceries Accidently taken off the shelf Before the expiration date I came back as a bag of groceries Accidently taken off the shelf Before the date stamped on myself Did a large procession"
  • Real Friends Dead
    "Spit in my face, tell me I didn't mean what I said I'll take those words with me when I'm dead Open your mouth and contradict everything you said last summer I don't even know you anymore, anymore You"
  • Place Of Skulls Dead
    "Please don't say he smiled alot Now they've layed me to rest A wretched heart and a mind to match Finally peace in my death. However morbid it may sound This world held nothing for me By the grave and"
  • Ancient Eyes Of The Dead
    "deceased not dead my fire burns procession of my rotting worms heads in hand and silent moans rotting cloth remains on bones furious yet I ride with ease grand invisions of crushing knees rolling boulders"
  • Nocturnal Rites Eyes of the Dead
    "A mind of its own, spawn out of fire The demon becomes a God A child, two-faced and innocent Transcending Control, fragments of nothing Enslaving, reversed humane Empires made out of nothing but air Creation"
  • Freya Dead In Her Eyes
    "The wounds decay inside my soul Pain harsher than any that I've known Realized it simply is what it is There's just no way to win This is what it is to yearn To struggle To stumble TO crawl No miracle"
  • Centinex The Eyes Of The Dead
    "(Lyrics: J. Jansson) Crawling - Slowly On the filthy smeary soil Drowning - Falling Into the crypts of burning flesh Bleeding - Soring Inwards to your rotten souls Sweeping - Swarming Around in the carnal"
  • Arch Enemy Dead Eyes See No Future
    "Giving our blood To the doomsday machine Fighting for ravaged land A worthless gain Marching on a dead end road A violent new disorder Feeding off mistrust Forgot what we were fighting for A worthless"
  • Dead Moon The Dead Line
    "Welcome to the riot, it's saturday night I'm workin' on red eyes but I'm feeling alright Ain't it like a living end, and burning like a flame I take it to the limit before the glory fades You say our music's"
  • Dead Moon Dead Moon Night
    "Thunderbolts and nightsticks Coming out of the sky Flames overhead Rain until you cry My baby's on the highway Come in from the cold Never going home, never going home D for disaster E for my eyes A for"
  • Centinex In The Eyes Of The Dead
    "Crawling - Slowly On the filthy smeary soil Drowning - Falling Into the crypts of burning flesh Bleeding - Soring Inwards to your rotten souls Sweeping - Swarming Around in the carnal halls of blood"

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