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  • Deadlock - CAN
    "When we fool didnt know how build the new roomYou could choose too along the sunshine.But then the smile and then the reefs just for chess and me,Now you fools stand happy in the pan.When the smile and"
  • Future Deadlock - Acid Death
    "Eternal vivid dreams of past, now nightmares construct A new empire of headless puppets, industry of materialized madness Horror in cyber, panic and viruses, flesh and steel now collided Man-machine"
  • This Winter Day's Magic - Deadlock
    "this winter day's magic seems not to be noticed by me again... tired and uninspired oh yes the song I listen to says so much but is it really my fault should I be more open-hearted should I completely"
  • Lebe Wohl - Deadlock
    "auch die schnste fassade bekommt einmal risse und es kommt der hssliche untergrund langsam zum vorschein jetzt habe ich lange genug geschwiegen lass meine augen abschied sagen denn es wird langsam unertrglich es"
  • Love, I Think I Had Never Felt It Before, So I Cannot Say That I Have Felt It This Time, But You Were My Everything - Deadlock
    "don't forget to kiss me before your train is going to leave this town I wish I had said it but I didn't and so you left this town and this beauty in the air was washed away my tearing heart remained now"
  • ...For The New Prophets - Deadlock
    "the new prophets have arrieved... let this be the battle cry for all these unlawful crowned heads they masquerade themselves as the bringers of freedom but shall we sell our souls to an institution in"
  • 10,000 Generations In Blood - Deadlock
    "Now let that red sword of virtue stitch right through my heart... My blood shall flow to the sinful grounds and may my wounds never bleed dry... 'Cause this is the blood sent from the heavens, and it"
  • The Year Of The Crow - Deadlock
    "into the sky, into the blood drenched skies...his soul flew away to rally the death-hordes up in heaven.... and wherever his soul may go his words shall bring blood and honor... hunt down the unworthy"
  • Everlasting Pain - Deadlock
    "May your weapons melt like wax in the fire of the burning skies. may your armies be torn apart while the storm goes berserk now hold on to your life built on lies and exploitation hold on to your wasted"
  • Earth.Revolt - Deadlock
    "Beneath the burning skies the war rages on but we still hold the future in our hands beneath the burning skies the storm rages on but our tortured hearts still beat you'd better die with honour than to"
  • More Tragedies To Come - Deadlock
    "Away away from here beyond the reaches of the plague, the ravens return, demons rising...they spew death across the skies and leave the world in flames. Away away from here beyond the faces of the dead"
  • Awakened By Sirens - Deadlock
    "By the light of the moon dark toughts rise up they haunt my dreams while the wind carries their voices and screams over the land Awakened by sirens, armed with the wrath of Gods, we ride the storm, may"
  • Kingdom Of The Dead - Deadlock
    "Kingdom of the dead. world breaks apart. thunder spreads across the lands. Now we've come here to kill you and we won't leave until you died. In your blood we kneel emotionless we'll watch your end. Now"
  • May Angels Come - Deadlock
    "Through all the pain an misery you were supposed to bring us back the smile We lay screaming in agony for too many years now Mankind is nothing more than an empty name, i closed my brothers' eyes tonight. All"
  • We Shall All Bleed - Deadlock
    "another heart another life just another test another murder another lie just another death and ours is to suffer for you want always more and ours is to suffer cause you kill all that we adore i"
  • Code Of Honor - Deadlock
    "Do you remember all the innocent once were sacred Do you remember the time we once all were heaven sent These darkened clouds have lead us here Oh how I wish that I could die You faggot you ruined"
  • Losers' Ballet - Deadlock
    "come on now you sinners and angels without wings the dance of the fools is about to begin why should you fear what cannot be avoided it is time to dance your lives away it's the losers ballet the"
  • Dark Cell - Deadlock
    "behind the doors of my dark cell i wounded my hands on these chains i have been locked into that cage for so long so please come let me out a lifetime of pain cuts my body like razorblades i have"
  • Crown Of Creation - Deadlock
    "Pass on these tidings my dearest friends Today the blades of our knifes will turn red Listen now everybody! You the crown of creation we don't really care if you brake your neck! You have perfected"
  • End Begins - Deadlock
    "executioners, raise your swords avengers, these lives are yours let us start with the end now, prepare their graves their lifes are worth nothing, their hearts even less so comrades come on, let us"

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