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Deap Vally - Walk Of Shame

  • Walk Of Shame - Deap Vally
    "Gonna take a walk of shame Baby I don't feel no blame Cause I got places to go But I got no change of clothes I went on this walk of shame Baby I don't feel no blame Goin' on a walk of shame Baby I don't"
  • Walk Of Shame - Flying Blind
    "All eyes on me catastrophe I don't believe astrology what i choose i pay my dues thats all okay my egos bruised hear the sounds falling from their mouths falling from their mouths and i know"
  • Walk Of Shame - Pink (P!nk)
    "One step, two steps, Counting tiles on the floor. Three steps, four steps, Guess this means that I'm a whore. Oh oh, hell no, How long till I reach the door? Fuck me, my feet are sore I'm wearing last"
  • Walk Of Shame - Guttermouth
    "In the hall late for class Night before still kickin my ass Forty minutes till I'm on my own Forty-five till my mind is blown Pulling in to the neighborhood Another night up to no good Forty dollars to"
  • Shame - Counting Crows
    "Blue morning , Blue morningWrapped in strands of fist and bone.Curiosity, Kitten , doesn't have to mean you're on your ownYou can look outside your window,he doesn't have to know.We can talk a while, babywe"
  • Shame - Elle King
    "you feel it creep creeping at the tempo don’t you need it pumped pumping til it crumbles trouble, trouble’s what you need that’s what you get in getting me from the bottom of your soul shame /4x mama"
  • Shame - Madonna
    "Why do you want to waste your life away? It's a shame It's a shame It's a shame Anyone can learn to fly When you're beat up from your problems They're not in sight there's nothing to hide You have got"
  • Shame - Ceschi
    "It's a shame, to walk the streets at night Not knowing where you're going, just heading towards nothing To rest your head on cement, never feeling another's flesh To never wear a watch, to never hear or"
  • Royal Jelly - Deap Vally
    "Oh no, oh no well There’s no light at the end of the tunnel Oh no, don’t you know? There ain't no gold at the end of the rainbow Oh no, oh no well There’s no light at the end of the tunnel There ain't"
  • Mask Of Shame - Diary Of Dreams
    "What is left, and what is right What is wrong and what alright Nimm Abschied mein Kind This is my shadow, this is my life But where is my body? How do I survive Nimm Abschied mein Kind Life is"
  • Dorms, Shower Baskets, & The Walk Of Shame - Jimmy Fallon
    "See, that's what college is all about, man you gotta love college, man it's the best thing in the world. You drink, you have fun, you do the Walk of Shame. Yeah! You gotta do the Walk of Shame! For"
  • A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame) - All Time Low
    "Oh, oh, oh oh oh Oh, oh oh-oh-oh (x2) I took a walk for the very first time On the dark side of the dance floor Lit a match just to heat things up But i got more than i bargained for Mixed drinks Mixed"
  • World Of Shame - Ego Likeness
    "The house is colder now The stars are winking out One by one these stones destroy the walls of cities by the shore The best-laid plans of men and rats In the darkness I see traps CHORUS: (In this world"
  • Streets Of Shame - Wishbone Ash
    "I was a long way from home, on the streets of shame, Where the women in cages play any kind of game. That's when I saw her, and I looked into her eyes - I don't speak the language, but I sure see the merchandise. Oh,"
  • Street Of Shame - Foetus
    "I like to stay in holy places, I'm happiest on consecrated ground I worship the earth that I walk on, I seldom eat anything but sacred cow I work in the church of my SOUL My head holds a temple and a THORNY"
  • House Of Shame - Porter Wagoner
    "There's nothing unusual about the way my day begins As I walk up and down the streets with my mailpouch in my hands I've run this route for years everybody knows my name Especially at the old folks home"
  • Cryin Shame - Cher
    "love walk out the door its a cryin shame it dont happen no more love walk out the door its a cryin shame it dont happen no more Im Readin your letter i dont know weather to call you up and talk again. When"
  • Shame - System Of A Down
    "I FUCK yo' ass up! I FUCK yo' ass up! (fuck'em up son) I FUCK yo' ass up! (fuck 'em up son)I FUCK yo' as up! (Wu for life) FUCK 'em up. Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga Wu buck wild with"
  • Dignity & Shame - Crooked Fingers
    "Cover me in mud and leaves I won't be the one to fail you I'm a thousand gargoyles standing by your window To be sure there ain't no cure There could be no one to save you When the bad boys come to do"
  • A Shame - Pillar
    "You are afraid to say it's true reality escapes you Time after time you try to prove to yourself you're right But your ways are not the way how long do you have to play This game before you see I'm right"

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