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Dear John - I Never Told You

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Dear John - I Never Told You

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Dear John - I Never Told You
  • Amerie Dear John
    "Dear John Right now u r probably wondering Where I am who Im with and why u r reading this But before I go into.. What Im up to let me confess Dear sweetheart I know about u r secret Where you've"
  • Nazareth Dear John
    "(copyright Nazareth, Tiflis Tunes, inc.-ascap) You came 'round today You never even knocked on my door Your note tried to say That you don't love me no more bridge: I"
  • John Prine Dear John
    "(vocals by john prine) When I woke up this morning There was a note upon my door Saying " don't make me no coffee, babe Cause I won't be back no more" And that's all she wrote "dear john","
  • Styx Dear John
    "(Tommy Shaw) Dear John I knew you About as well as anyone We were the wild ones So sure those days would never end Now they're only memories my friend Dear John I'll see you Some day again I swear I"
  • Eddi Reader Dear John
    "Oh, dear John I hate to be the one to break the news But its concerning me and you This is the letter no one ever wants to write You may not believe me But its the hardest thing Ive ever done My eyes see"
  • Tamia Dear John
    "Oh yeah, oh You had just walked in from work And there's a letter in the kitchen with your name on it Inside, you will find an Answer for each question you had You had to know the day would come That"
  • Taylor Swift Dear John
    "Long were the nights when my days once revolved around you Counting my footsteps, praying the floor won't fall through, again My mother accused me of losing my mind, but I swore I was fine You paint me"
  • Rob Thomas Dear John
    "Dear Joan I've almost forgotten The pane in the window The blue dress in the doorway Dear Joan Help me remember the face i forget and the traps that I've sprung I guess I've grown tired It's just what's"
  • Ryan Adams Dear John
    "I got a house full of walls And utility bills, every Monday the company calls I got a nice bed to sleep on And a chest of drawers, where I keep those dreams of yours Cause you're always mine to keep when"
  • Ryan Adams & the Cardinals Dear John
    "I got a house full of walls And utility bills, every Monday the company calls I got a nice bed to sleep on And a chest of drawers, where I keep those dreams of yours Cause you're always mine to keep when"
  • Loney, Dear I Am John
    "Johnny and I, we got lost tonight, we got carried away. It takes someone like me to lose track like that, to be troubled down, got a heart full of plans but nowhere to run. There were seventeen dogs out"
  • Whitney Houston Dear John Letter
    "I'm sitting here in my own head thinking how you can be staring in got my number 2 and I'm writing you contemplating on the way we were with each of you on the fire place with the mailman should I tellya or"
  • Keith Green Dear John Letter
    "Oh I used to love you But now that's hard to do 'cause I got some information 'bout the evil things at night that you do Now the whole thing is through (we're through) Oh you're such a devil How'd you"
  • Cyndi Lauper Dear John
    "Dear John, What's wrong ? Why can't you just be anything you want ? Why not ? Why not ? I tried to tell you then. You didn't understand. They try and pigeonhole you. Buddy, they don't even know you. But"
  • Status Quo Dear John
    "(Gustafson/Macauley) Everybody was talkin' to me like I was a child In their words I could hear them saying it's just a matter of time Any way it's a long, long race been run Anyway it's a sad, sad song"
  • Au Pairs Dear John
    "Dear John, cherchez la femme? Dear John, round the bend? Dear John, still looking for me? Dear John, still like what you see? Dear John, find a sex-machine It will help with your fantasy But there is"
  • Hank Williams Dear John
    "Well when I woke up this mornin', There was a note upon my door, Said don't make me no coffee Babe, 'cause I won't be back no more, And that's all she wrote, Dear John, I've sent your saddle home. Now"
  • Aimee Mann Dear John
    "Cotton candy was king On the midway that spring When I saw you in the ring on the lawn Dear John Throwing kisses so Richmond's unfortunates can go on Oh, the lectures I gave So the girls would behave While"
  • Scott Matthew Dear John
    "Days of night slip through my mind In a silent motionless sky Paralyzed and motionless All things falter Somewhere back I lost myself So far deep inside of you Everything's become too much So deep, so"
  • Buck Dear John
    "I, I am unfrail; catch you by the tail I'll put a letter in the mail that says "Dear John" I could care less about your happiness you made this bed, you made this mess so lap it up down in the hollow"

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