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Dear c

  • Dear Suzie - Tony Yayo
    "Yayo: hey yo fifth, 50 Cent: ya Yayo: yo fifth, i got this letter from this girl 50 Cent: word Yayo: im feeling to write her back man, im going tell you what i told her on 50 Cent: what you said Yayo:"
  • Dear Life - Collin Raye
    "(G. Lesage/C. Dannemiller) I watched you begin, my child, See you fading in your father's face. For the first time I'm in the mirror, looking both ways At where I've been and where I'm headed It makes"
  • C Brown - Widespread Panic
    "C. Brown wakes from bed Brushes his teeth and he combs his head for school Out the door and down the street Down to the corner and a bus and some friends that he's supposed to meet But there, not to his"
  • Mother Dear - The Divine Comedy
    "It was not that long ago it first occurred to me That my mother was a person in her own right Now I realize how very lucky I have been And there, but for the grace of God, go I Mother dear - she can see"
  • Oh Dear - Billy Crawford
    "Haha, you know what,we got to make hot up in here, let the beat band, aha, aha, yeah come on Hey! you shorty can you come on over here girl i'm gonna tell you things you'd wanna hear (yeah) so let me"
  • Dear Yvette - LL Cool J
    "Yo Yvette, there's a lot of rumours goin' around They're so bad, baby you might have to skip town See something's smellin' fishy and they say it's you All I know is that you made it with the whole damn"
  • Dear Academy - Canibus
    "Dear Academy, take note! I should get, the Oscar vote If I don't, I'll bite your throat! Signing off now, quote unquote Yo, nominated for being underrated; we made a name for ourselves but I guess Common"
  • Dear Mr. Fantasy - Big Sugar
    "(S. Winwood/J. Capaldi/C. Wood) Dear Mr. Fantasy, play us a tune Something to make us all happy Do anything, take us out of this gloom Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy You are the one who can"
  • Dear - Deadsy
    "Found you and all your twitching pantomimes made your insides You found a new shore, there's much more to life Soon we will find..... such as your mind, bright and alive Truth will slowly unwind I believe"
  • Dear... - Siam Shade
    "My close fried, you don't cry... I say it's all right my soul Nervous Rose Lettse's Love ... Woo... YOu don't cry... My close friends ...... ==Romanized Japanese== My close friend,"
  • Dear... - Maria Mena
    "I'll always treasure the naivety Of the past we've shared Our bodies grew much faster than our minds But together we got good at stopping time My teen angst drove me to hurt myself And I made you"
  • Dear - Flow
    "Moshimo mirai wo yumemizu ni iraretanara Konna setsunai kimochi ni wa nara nakatta Hikari wo ubawareru no ga kowaku te sukasazu mabuta wo tojita Sono naka de mitsuketa wazuka na kirameki ni ryoute wo nobasu Tsukanda"
  • Dear - Lead
    "Toomawari ga tsudzuku wake wa Yatto sukoshi tsunageta te to te Nigirikaeshi unazuku kimi Koibito no omokage mebaete Tomodachi no mama Sugita kisetsu Nagasugita koto semezuni Nokori wazukana jikan dake"
  • Dear - Masaharu Fukuyama
    "Mayonaka no denwa Ame no DORAIBU Kenka shita Bara no hanataba Kidotta SERIFU Warawaseta Okokage ga yume no you ni Setsunaku naru yoru Tooku, tooku hanarete iru kedo Kimi wo, kimi wo kanjiteru Tooku, tooku"
  • C - Antonella Bucci
    "Antonella Bucci Miscellaneous C Bisogno Di Cuore Sto pensando anche a te, che ti spieghi lasciando un messaggio sui muri... ...che non dormi e ti stai preoccupando, che ti taglino fuori...che ti senti"
  • C - Monte Marisa
    "O crebro eletrnico faz tudo Faz quase tudo Faz quase tudo Mas ele mudo O crebro eletrnico comanda Manda e desmanda Ele quem manda Mas ele no anda Só eu posso pensar Só Deus existe Só eu Só eu posso chorar Quando"
  • C - Aufray Hugues
    "Aufray Hugues Miscellaneous Cline Paroles : Hugues Aufray et Vline Buggy Musique : Mort Schuman (c) 1966 ditions Robert SALVET droits transfrs CELINE MUSIC / La Compagnie droits transfrs NOUVELLES DITIONS"
  • C-C - Tom Vek
    "You set the fire in me C-C It's like I've learnt how to breathe easily Photographed for a fashion magazine It's just you, your God and me I know it can't be easy for you You set the fire in me C-C, you"
  • C - Guilherme Arantes
    "Vem o outono Faz ficar tudo assim Nuvem cinzenta Fumaa no cu de Dublin Dia nublado Nvoa sem fim mida tarde Eu sozinho no tenho lugar E os navios no porto dizendo que a sorte um eterno esperar e os vapores subindo lembrando"
  • C - Jaci Velasquez
    "Que triste es despertar Y ver la realidad. Ver que es mentira lo que sentas Saber que es final. Que triste es ver caer Esa pared que ayer Me resguardaba y no me dejaba ver Lo que s es... Cómo se cura una"

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