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Death machine

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Death machine

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Death machine
  • D.O.A. Death Machine
    "they cut it, slash it, rip it apart. dump deadly crap, that's just the start. damn the rivers, damn the valleys, damn the burnin' rays. damn the bloody atmosphere, can't breath it anyway. chorus: death"
  • Rez Band Death Machine
    "The natives dance to poison drums, Gentle sway to funeral drugs, Machines drone, the cannibal's feast, The healers snap their oily teeth. The vials reek with foundry waste, Black blood bleeds corrupted"
  • Fiction Plane Death Machine
    "Don't look so smug when we're at war you're not the boss you're just a whore you keep your shoes so clean fuck you and your death machine oh I ain't gonna fight no more we're shipping out we're standing"
  • Face Down Machine
    "Welcome to the lines Of the meat production chain Meat survival's down Plague death from the disease Still the meat procreates Adds bodies to the flames Lifesex it hungers on Too hungry for release This"
  • Death Suicide Machine
    "Controlling their lives Deciding when and how they will die A victim of someone else's choice The ones who suffer have no voice Manipulating destiny When it comes to living, No one seems to care But when"
  • Scissorfight Supervirgin Vs. Death Machine
    "Witch hunt A social disease Lights out The killing spree Has got to end She stands To stop this corruption The spectre laughs At the face of destruction Supervirgin Vs. Death Machine Supervirgin Vs. Death"
  • Death Angel Resurrection Machine
    "The sun has risen out of the sea It's an illusion just the devil's trickery Meant to deceive us, to lead us on To break us down until the will to live is gone NEVER MOVE HEART Only death stands between"
  • A Death For Every Sin Machine Devours
    "A Death For Every Sin Miscellaneous Machine Devours Unholy crusades pursued by legions of prophets chanting the graces of this man-made cage glorifying slavery so kneel before the altar"
  • Matthew Sweet Time Machine
    "Time machine, let me into the future Ready to forget the past Long ago only leads to today Soon we'll find we don't know what love is Long after you've said goodbye I'm getting in to jump time again Take"
  • Iron Savior Machine World
    "Projected images of what the world is like trying to find the answer in every single byte what is reality and is my spirit real is it made of true emotions or artificial feel what is existence and what"
  • Amorphis Godlike Machine
    "To a strange land, land of Pohjola I took my gift, I received it from the gods I melted the knowledge of heaven From the pieces of my heart I built a golden mill I made the heavens, I delivered them I"
  • Chinchilla War machine
    "I'm listening to the latest news, I cant believe its trueThe spokesman told and it will be, they fight for holy war15 minutes time to go or for their last showThis would be the end of all. The devils leave"
  • Power Symphony Infinite Machine
    "(D'Orlando / Cecconi) Intro: Live for the moment Past is gone Forever lost Like rain and tears Live for the torment Futile need To know why Time is coming close Infinite lost soul.. I'm perfect imitation"
  • Bathory War machine
    "Burning limbs and deformed steelThe shells cuts through the skyThe corpses fills the the endless fieldsIt's shoot to kill or dieThe gas pours in like yellow mistYou die in kneedeep mudYou sink into that"
  • Scar Symmetry Mind Machine
    "All free will is gone Automatic knowledge Humans lead in leashes Silent, untrue All are subjects to Automated liars Broadcast feelings through Machines that makes you Wither away Death of the soul Indoctrinated"
  • Deine Lakaien Resurrection Machine
    "There is no peace in heaven There is no peace on earth There is no love in heaven There is no love on earth There is no faith in heaven There is no faith on earth There is no hope in heaven There is no"
  • Paddy Kelly Money Making Machine
    "a girl ran away at ten years old too much violence in her household then a man drove by offering candy no one heard her cry please help me you can trade a child for money through the internet or on the"
  • Against All Authority War Machine Breakdown
    "You can kill from so far away, Analyze, edit and display You images of death with a spin, and decay My hopes for a better day. I can see you're in control, Abusing what you hold. Authority is bought and"
  • The Project Hate MCMXCIX Godslaughtering Murder Machine
    "Do you know what I am? Do you fear who we are? Fear us as you fear God Because we bring death Do you know what I am? Do you fear who we are? Fear us as you fear God Because we bring death Godslaughtering"
  • Vision Divine The Perfect Machine
    ""...therefore, I confirm you a new era for humankind is about to begin. A new era, where illness and most of all death will be no more. Hail this new dawn, all of you! Finally we turned Man... into The"

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