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DeepSystem feat Andy M - Don't Go


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DeepSystem feat Andy M - Don't Go

  • M - Molotov
    "I'll rip your head off and defecate down your neck You better alejate because I don't give a heck You can't understand how I kicks my bingo you better step back because here comes the crazy gringo I your"
  • M - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "Should I be more industrious, civilized, illustrious? Should I not have freed our old and tired horse from the cart? And these are gonna be a problem honey, If I don't believe that time is money And I've"
  • M - Maroon 5
    "If good girls get down on the floor Tell me how low will a bad girl go I wake up with blood-shot eyes Struggled to memorize The way it felt between your thighs Pleasure that made you cry Feel so good"
  • Somewhere New (feat. M-22) - Klingande
    "Yesterday is not today, I know that I won’t get another chance No looking back, the time is gone, we turned the page, the past is in the past Why don’t we stand up to a love we know will last? Coz if we"
  • Don't Go - Trina
    "(feat. Qwote) Do you Trina take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband To have and to hold from this day forward For better or for worse For richer for poorer In sickness and in health To love and"
  • U Don't Know (Remix) Feat. M.O.P. - Jay-Z
    "I'm not tryin' to be....lonely babe lord no I'm not tryin' to give you no advice I don't plan to be no philosopher But as you know this isn't right lady, lady : You gotta let this one breathe, just"
  • Don't Go - Starting Rock feat. Diva Avari
    "Oh baby make your mind up Give me what you got Fix me with your lovin shut the door and turn the lock Hey go get the doctor Doctor came too late Another night I feel alright my love for you can't"
  • Don't belong (Feat. Leah) - Andy Duguid
    "You fade in from my eyes, I'm letting go of all I know, You fade into the light, I'm letting go of all the pain I don't remember you, You fade away into my eyes, Just, wake me up before you go I don't"
  • Don't Let Me Down (feat. Ada & D'Madd) - Robert M
    "I’ve been away just for your touch coz your love is like magic I mean it up I’ve been sip and go I wainting for you cos I am addicted to you like drag and you make me wait for your love I don’t mind baby you"
  • Baby Don't Go (feat. Kelly Clarkson) - Alan Walker
    "I feel the first strike Of rain I hear they whisper Your name You and I We’re to … in the sky Don’t go Baby, baby Don’t go Baby, baby Coz my heart is gonna blow Don’t go Baby, baby Don’t go Baby, baby Don’t"
  • Stay (Don't Go Away) feat Raye - David Guetta
    "don;t go away, don;t go don;t go away, don;t go don;t go away, don;t go don;t go away, don;t go stay baby, i save a place for you I got a place for two don;t go wawy, don;t go you don;t even have to try no"
  • Don't Let Go - Bryan Adams
    "(feat. Sarah McLachlan) I can't believe this moment's come It's so incredible that we're alone There's so much to be said and done It's impossible not to be overcome Will you forgive me if I feel"
  • Baby Don't Go - Fabolous
    "(feat. Jermaine Dupri, T-Pain) I try to play cool Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy When I'm in the house,"
  • M - Molesta
    "(feat.Ten Typ Mes, Pezet) N.I.E. to dla twardych słowoN.P. gdy pytają skąd to masz od kogoN.I.E. gdy znajomego dziewczynadaję do zrozumienia, że chce się ...ktoś powie hajs zaróbmy go łatwospoko ale"
  • M - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "They must mean business To say there's nothing worse Then to let your precious love child Leave the planet first 'Cause, oh whoa whoa They've gotta just let her go All the things that you swear you're"
  • M - Pitty
    "Diga Quem voc , me diga Me fale sobre a sua estrada Me conte sobre a sua vida Tira A mscara que cobre o seu rosto Se mostre e eu descubro se eu gosto Do seu verdadeiro jeito de ser Ningum merece ser"
  • M - Mononc' Serge
    "Hier au soir j'ai fait un rve pouvantable J'tais une pomme de terre de Saint-Amable Arrach ma terre natale, dport Montral Un gros camion me dompe station de tlvision Les camras tournent On fait jouer"
  • M & M - Billy Talent
    "You came to me like my alarm I carved your first and last name in my arm Now I only wear black so maybe then you will see I'm just a shadow of what I am supposed to be You fuel my fire with your laughs"
  • Come Around (feat. M.I.A.) - Timbaland
    "Check my coat in and I paid a dollar, Side-Kick Rings, what's up? holla! Text the address i'll see you lata, baby come down, come down,come down, come down, run down, run down, run down Run ,duck & run,"
  • Snoopy Don’t Go (feat. October London) - Snoop Dogg
    "Ah Damn, Snoopy, don't go You almost thirty years in the game, baby, damn I mean, who else is gon' do something like that? I mean, damn You the king, baby So you know they don't want you to leave, Snoopy (Snoopy,"

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