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Def Leppard Good Morning Freedom

  • Good Morning Freedom - Def Leppard
    "Well good morning freedom I've been woken to a brand new day Good morning freedom Now it seems that you have a different way Starts today So now I'm free And now you're ready to take my chance again"
  • Good Morning Freedom - Elton John
    "Good morning world, it's a brand new day I'm packing my bags and I'm going away I'm moving my legs and my city tired bones I gotta get away from the busy man's phones Gotta make a move where the living"
  • When Love And Hate Collide (Def Leppard Cover) - Skylark
    "(Def Leppard cover) You could have a change of heart If you would only change your mind Instead of slamming down the phone, girl For the hundredth time I got your number on my wall But I ain't gonna"
  • Freedom - Fleetwood Mac
    "Dim and wavering On a wind-blown night Whose honour, whose anger Cold and quivering As was the wind-blown night Into which she'd fallen, fallen Freedom, well it's a thing that is fleeting Freedom is standing"
  • Freedom - Janne Da Arc
    "Daybreak good morning! ne de tobinoru subwayWorking discord atama sageppanashi no hibiDoesn't my life suck? nothing is free.I want freedom.Mou nani mou makuikanai.Showtime sweet honey kyou wa itoshii"
  • Good Morning - Cage
    "Homeless cardboard cribs, cops shoot civilians Vendors rap stars wall street billions Donald Trump shotgun pumps illegal store fronts Dollar fifty dutches, af one's and dunks Skyscrapes planes hit 'em"
  • Good morning - Morning Musume
    "Sassoku Morning Call shiteIkou yo ano sora no kanata madeKokoro no tsubasa ookiku hirogeAnata ni Morning Call shiteMezamete asa no mado aoi soraGood Morning habatakou yoSHAWAA o abitara soukaiOSHARE ga"
  • Goodbye For Good This Time - Def Leppard
    "Utwór 'Goodbye For Good This Time' z albumu 'Diamond Star Halos' Def Leppard (premiera 27 maja 2022r.)."
  • Good Morning Beautiful - The The
    "Could God really be so cruel? To give us feelings that could never be fulfilled. 'cause I ain't ever found peace upon the breast of a girl I ain't ever found peace with the religion of the"
  • Mos Def Freestyle - Mos Def
    "Ha ha, said the world world world famous Said wa wa wa wa world world world famous Said wa wa wa wa world world world famous Said the world premier, who's standin here I'll let you know Flow so diligently"
  • Most def - Onyx
    "Cause right now you're gonna vibe, money Know what I'm sayin? New York style we just vibein Smoke mad L's, wide open, we gone vibe I ain't never had so many def threats in one year But talk is cheap"
  • Def Cover - Murs
    "Creep with me while i crawl through the hood Maniac lyricists just call me murs thats good You'll get crushed when I bust on beats and you'll never hear me holla bullshit for the streets im not anti-white,"
  • Freedom - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "You are a morning glory Like sunlight on my face You always bring me comfort Returning me to grace I am a broken soldier My spirit's strong, but tired My heart has turned to steel now It's been forged"
  • Freedom - Horny Dogs
    "Chorus: You are good You are good You are good and great You will achieve You will achieve You will achieve n gratuate Be proud of you be proud of you be proud of you and state: Independence Independence"
  • Freedom - Snow
    "Its been so long Weve been in captivity. People wishing one day to be free. {Snow} Waiting to see the day when freedom will come. Mama working hard in the burning sun. I wish the world were truly happy"
  • Freedom - The Housemartins
    "I used to think you understood Taught me right and learnt me good Made things simple for my brain Told the truth and made it plain But the implications I mistook Until I found out whose side you took And"
  • Freedom - Krokus
    "Zips up her warm leather jacket Sits on the back of his bike And with the sun rising from behind The road of freedom they ride High on love and adventure Another weekend escape To touch the wind and make"
  • Freedom - Blue System
    "Freedom, freedom I'll believe in you More and more I do Freedom freedom Oh I miss you so Oh baby please don't go Freedom gimme gimme freedom Every night and every day I love you more than I can say Freedom"
  • Freedom - Dick Brave & The Backbeats
    "Heaven knows I was just a young boy Didn't know what I wanted to be (didn't know what I wanted to be) I was every little hungry schoolgirl's pride and joy And I guess it was enough for me To win the race?"
  • Freedom - David Gray
    "Take your eyes off me There's nothing here to see Just trying to keep my head together And as we make our vow Let us remember how There's nothing good that lasts forever Time out on the running"

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