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Def Leppard Heat Street

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Def Leppard Heat Street

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Def Leppard Heat Street
  • Def Leppard Heat Street
    "What can I hear? Who can I see? What's this I fear that's followin' me? It's getting louder, it's coming near I can not stand it, I'm gettin' outta here You'd better beware now You'd better take"
  • Skylark When Love And Hate Collide (Def Leppard Cover)
    "(Def Leppard cover) You could have a change of heart If you would only change your mind Instead of slamming down the phone, girl For the hundredth time I got your number on my wall But I ain't gonna"
  • Onyx Most def
    "Cause right now you're gonna vibe, money Know what I'm sayin? New York style we just vibein Smoke mad L's, wide open, we gone vibe I ain't never had so many def threats in one year But talk is cheap"
  • Murs Def Cover
    "Creep with me while i crawl through the hood Maniac lyricists just call me murs thats good You'll get crushed when I bust on beats and you'll never hear me holla bullshit for the streets im not anti-white,"
  • Uncrownd Royalty Street Heat
    "Yea, ya boy Derty, street heat 07,...lets go. (chorus) Man if you dont know me, then you better pray yall homie. Cuz we comin after you all, lets get this shit settled once and for all. (Verse 1) Yo"
  • Beastie Boys Your sister's def
    "Brothers out there with sisters, peep it Years and years you try to keep her a secret Said she's your cousin that came for a visit Your puttin' me on, is this true, now who is it Called your crib, got"
  • Scram Jones Liquid Heat
    "''(Sample from [ ])'' What kid you talk a good one, but you don't want it. What kid you talk a good one, but you don't want it. What kid you talk a good one, but you don't want it. Dear Eliza, I need"
  • Mc Eiht Def Wish III (Intro)
    "You got it started, so let me finish Fool you can't f**k with the straight up menace, nigga It's time to pull your f**king card Bookworm, let me see you squirm cause you ain't that f**king hard Huh, you"
  • Def Leppard Street Life
    "Wish everybody would leave me alone - yeah They're always calling on my telephone When I pick it up there's no one there So I walk outside just to take the air Come on with me cruising down the street Who"
  • Swollen Members Heat
    "Who else you think this is? It's just us I don't wanna tell you again so just trust Who make the moves, makin the bucks and bring the heat so bake that it's shakin your truck? (Let it go) Back up in"
  • Phil Collins Heat on the street
    "You've gotta shout if you've got something to sayI know it's getting bad, you read it every dayAnd you, you can try your best ot fight itBut you can't make it on your ownSomeone better tell the people"
  • So Def Irresistible (So So Def Remix)
    "Uh-huh, ha, ha Sing for me (JD) You know I don't know what it is (It's the remix) But everything about you is so irresistible Fa' sure (So So Def) It's the 2k top dawg Don't nobody want it I got 10K"
  • Def Leppard Winter Song
    "When winter's shadowy fingers First pursue you down the street And your boots no longer lie About the cold around your feet Do you spare a thought for summer whose passage is complete? Whose memories lie"
  • Mc Eiht Def wish IV
    ""Oh nigga guess what! Word got back about the little marks who jacked you! I know where they be kickin it at Down with a 187?" Eeerrr... Geah Geah In the muthafuckin house, fool For the 9 to the fizive-O"
  • Plan B Sick 2 Def
    "Che Che Che Che Check Yo, Real sick hearing these pricks talk shit They get there throats slit coz they talkin to me like im thick And im, Real tired of these bullshit guys they best go hide coz im"
  • John Waite White Heat
    "She's just a working girl from Baltimore She'll choose you She's been there She's been there and back again It's in and out It's up it's down It's a mercenary And you get what you need When you walk"
  • Dickies Dead Heat
    "put them up against the wall pull the trigger watch them fall they can only feel the pain stand them up and start again tell the sargeant what you saw fear the long arm of the law even though it's hanging"
  • Super Furry Animals Ohio Heat
    "Sycamore trees blowing green in the distance She sucked on her thumb in her beautiful jail A sentence to serve as her dynasty blows up inside her balloon Salty Maureen had a bun in the oven The daughters"
  • Madness White heat
    "Down between the sunbeams the moneylenders chat Hiding in the shade outside a council flat Kids in the lift looking for things to throw And practising their aim on the heads below They make their apologies"
  • Gluecifer Ducktail Heat
    "Got a little curl A five-cent in a two dollar world He was born restricted he was born to ooze Sittin in a seat Cheap grin and them smelly feet Playin nothin but a watered out shitty blues Got a lip"

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