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Def Leppard Sorrow Is A Woman

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Def Leppard Sorrow Is A Woman

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Def Leppard Sorrow Is A Woman
  • Def Leppard Sorrow Is A Woman
    "You're always pretending to be Someone who prefers to be free You think you can fool me with your lyin' eyes But what is this game that you play When all that your trying to say Is that your lonely, in"
  • Skylark When Love And Hate Collide (Def Leppard Cover)
    "(Def Leppard cover) You could have a change of heart If you would only change your mind Instead of slamming down the phone, girl For the hundredth time I got your number on my wall But I ain't gonna"
  • Nits Sorrow
    "She does not even warn me Or tells me she's coming tomorrow But suddenly she's there - On my doorstep She does not even cry - Cry like the other girls But suddenly there are tears - On my pillow Her eyes"
  • Peter, Paul & Mary Sorrow
    "I am a man of constant sorrow; I've seen trouble all my day I'm going back to California, Place where I was partly raised. All through this world, I'm bound to ramble. Through storm and wind, through"
  • Am I Blood Sorrow
    "Into my head Into my pride Cannot say I'm satisfied Crawling into my enemies Never seen a war before Where I'm loosing my recall Night disgracing me Nothing can press me Night disgracing me Nothing can"
  • Pink Floyd Sorrow
    "The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky: A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers, But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking"
  • Sevendust Sorrow
    "I'm the only one That sings the same old song. I know my destiny was made long ago, I've yet to make a change. Its time to rearrange. I understand, it seems I'm the last to notice, How anybody feels. Is"
  • Mos Def Mos Def Freestyle
    "Ha ha, said the world world world famous Said wa wa wa wa world world world famous Said wa wa wa wa world world world famous Said the world premier, who's standin here I'll let you know Flow so diligently"
  • Def Leppard Heaven Is
    "Hey boys, Miss Magic is back No Hollywood waste, or tinsel trash A street kid, she's no stray cat, Heaven on legs, she's a feline flash. Takes a good woman to play a good man And no one plays like"
  • Onyx Most def
    "Cause right now you're gonna vibe, money Know what I'm sayin? New York style we just vibein Smoke mad L's, wide open, we gone vibe I ain't never had so many def threats in one year But talk is cheap"
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Def Dick
    "Bone enterprise orignization Playas of the nation So pass the pussy on the left hand side, right Jump up on the Bones dick and ride Pass the pussy on the left hand side Bone, bone, bone, bone, bone,"
  • Bone Thugs n Harmony Def dick
    "(Layzie Bone talking) Bone enterprise orignization Playas of the nation So pass the pussy on the left hand side, right (All singing together) Jump up on the Bones dick and ride Pass the pussy on the left"
  • Compton's Most Wanted Def wish
    "Geah. The MC Eiht's in the mutherfuckin house y'knowutumsayin? The Compton maniac, here to break your ass something off real proper, y'knowutumsayin? Damn! Suckers, I go for broke so dont choke on the"
  • Murs Def Cover
    "Creep with me while i crawl through the hood Maniac lyricists just call me murs thats good You'll get crushed when I bust on beats and you'll never hear me holla bullshit for the streets im not anti-white,"
  • So Def Irresistible (So So Def Remix)
    "Uh-huh, ha, ha Sing for me (JD) You know I don't know what it is (It's the remix) But everything about you is so irresistible Fa' sure (So So Def) It's the 2k top dawg Don't nobody want it I got 10K"
  • Def Squad Def Squad Delite/Rapper's Delite
    "I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip a hop and ya don't stop A rock on baby bubba to the boogety bang bang the boogie to the boogety beat Now what'chu hear is not a test I'm a rappin"
  • Holy Moses Def con II
    "His rigid features Are just a mask The politicians worst nightmare No talking speeches but talking war Def Con II but don't despair We got the weapons we got the guts And there are safety regulations So"
  • Strongarm Sorrow Is A Sage
    "praise is truly sacrifice sorrow is a sage so now i wait i never dreamed that i'd be here as a sacrament to be raised and then broken it never to spoken still swallows my only breath of hope incinerating"
  • Beastie Boys Your sister's def
    "Brothers out there with sisters, peep it Years and years you try to keep her a secret Said she's your cousin that came for a visit Your puttin' me on, is this true, now who is it Called your crib, got"
  • Canibus Def Con Zero
    "(Canibus) Def Con Zero Gentlemen, we have just upgraded, from red alert, to dead alert This is not a drill; I repeat, this is not a drill Pack the belongings, in the immediate vicinity and make your way"

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