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Deftones Answers

  • Answers - Deftones
    "I'm searching need to find her dont think i know when im right beside ya' too much social i lay down my pride from the soul which comes from the inside I (am?) the one who is most high.........."
  • Passenger (Deftones) - Tool
    ""Here I lay Still and breathless Just like always Still I want some more Mirrors sideways Who cares what's behind Just like always Still your passenger Chrome buttons, buckles and leather surfaces These"
  • Answers - Submersed
    "I seek to speak the words of wisdom I seek to speak the words of truth So I, I reach out for the heavens I reach out for the stars Are the answers out there? Or do we all wait until the end? I need a"
  • Answers - Dream Child
    "You say that time will work for us, But you don't take the time to work for us. You say that time is making changes. But you don't make the changes right in time ! (You say that) "Time will hold the answers" But"
  • Answers - Dogfight
    "Almost every time I look at my own life I try to find but have no answers. I could never know the truth in what is told. Inside I hide but have no answers. Who has the answers? It's hard to read my feelings,"
  • Answers - Faktion
    "Im so disappointed and all alone I miss my childhood and all Ive known Is this wanting all I need I know Id find the answer If I could only see, if I could only see The answer lies in me Chorus:"
  • Answers - 98 Mute
    "A Potpourri of anarchy. A cold slap in the face. Chaos, Armageddon couldn't lively up this place. With caffeine in my bloodstream and a blank stare in my eyes, I sit back, relax, write facts. Or are they,"
  • Answers - Ascension Theory
    "The sun arises in the east It's been there every single day The energy is there for all But I've never seen it's light But the light has taught me how to see The way of life is different now for me I"
  • Answers - Goldfinger
    "i searched for a cause i climbed the highest mountain i walked to the top i stopped and then looked down but when i stop the search the answers always come and when i help someone i always help myself"
  • Answers - Boomkat
    "Ah la dee dah dee dah oh Ah la dee dah dee dah oh Ah la dee dah dee oh daaaah oh So just the other day Somebody asked me What happened to us, oh And I really didn't know How to answer them But I can"
  • Answers - Near Miss
    "Stuck in this room motivations sunk deep Outsides a called place Yesterday's thoughts to keep This world seems like miles away So follow the joke of heresay A moment in caution still we live for today"
  • Answers - Hundred Reasons
    "And if your wings lay unbroke would they still unfold And if we collaborate in synch then we would not fault So you tempt me into being what's sought after They lay in casts They lay in casts Where is"
  • Answers - Lootpack
    "(Madlib) This nigga take it back like blacksploitation flicks And afros where niggas trying to catch this shit I was "uhh", three years ago, If you didn't know that we keep it fresh like douche If you"
  • Minerva(Originally by Deftones) - Fightstar
    "I get all numb When she sings it's over Such a strange numb And it brings my knees to the earth And God bless you all For the song you saved us You're the same numb When you sing it's over Such a strange"
  • My Own Summer (Deftones Cover) - Kittie
    "Hey you big star Tell me when it's over (cloud) Hey you big mood Guide me to shelter Cause I'm through When the two Hits the six And it's summer (cloud) Come (shove it, shove it, shove it) Shove (shove"
  • The Answers - Skylark
    "Music: Antonini-Tordini Words: Antonini Since the rainbow has gone behind me I'm lost in my fantasy I can't go away, I can't wake up there I can't clear this agony As I think about past time I can't stop"
  • Honest Answers - MxPx
    "I'll try to shed some common sense, situation so intense many questions, don't know whys & all the lies got tempers risin' there's 2 or 3 sides to it all, but just one truth if I recall looking to & thinking"
  • Questions & Answers - Good Shoes
    "My questions, your answers The unfair balance of power The law in, the hands of the corrupt And how do I really make a difference? Watch your mouth, I'll kick you out A clear lack of interest Your questions,"
  • No Answers - The Tim Version
    "I've go five fingers on each side two legs to help me move ambition to propel me mountain of things to prove what good is all my pride when nothing makes sense won't keep me warm tonight but it'll keep"
  • Easy Answers - Allister
    "16 kid and just in the scene But you've learned you have to play their games Sold out through the chemical route because its easier to pass the blame Instead of listening they pawn it off on someone else To"

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