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Deftones Minerva

  • Minerva(Originally by Deftones) - Fightstar
    "I get all numb When she sings it's over Such a strange numb And it brings my knees to the earth And God bless you all For the song you saved us You're the same numb When you sing it's over Such a strange"
  • Minerva - Deftones
    "I get all...numb When she sings it's over Such a strange numb And it brings my knees to the earth And God bless you all For the song you saved us... You're the same...numb When you sing it's over Such"
  • Minerva - Ani DiFranco
    "You wandered in To the forest Following that shiny red ball And by the time you looked up You were lost But that's not all You confused your journey With my journey You tried to nail me Like minerva to"
  • Minerva - Fightstar
    "I get all numb When she sings its over Such a strange numb And it brings my knees to the earth And God bless you all For the song you saved us... You're the same...numb When you sing its over"
  • Passenger (Deftones) - Tool
    ""Here I lay Still and breathless Just like always Still I want some more Mirrors sideways Who cares what's behind Just like always Still your passenger Chrome buttons, buckles and leather surfaces These"
  • Chain of minerva - Therion
    "Adelruna antiquaThe prophecy of sibyllaI look into the mirror, a picture appearsFuture, future...A prophecy i seeI behold in the well: 2012On the cross, on the hanged man's flesh you can read the runes"
  • My Own Summer (Deftones Cover) - Kittie
    "Hey you big star Tell me when it's over (cloud) Hey you big mood Guide me to shelter Cause I'm through When the two Hits the six And it's summer (cloud) Come (shove it, shove it, shove it) Shove (shove"
  • Doomed User - Deftones
    ""Doomed User" to drugi singel, po kawałku "Prayers/Triangles", promujący album "Gore" grupy Deftones. "Gore" będzie ósmym studyjnym albumem w dyskografii zespołu dowodzonego przez Chino Moreno. Premiera"
  • El Scorcho - Deftones
    "Goddamn you half-Japanese girls Do it to me every time Oh the redhead said you shred the cello And I'm jello baby But you won't talk, won't look, won't speak to me I'm the epitome, of Public Enemy Why"
  • Root - Deftones
    "To be forced under and look up to your home because We gave our eyes but no one will yes I know because To heed the cause I will be barred but you won't We are here to love heart he's up inside We start"
  • 7 Words - Deftones
    "I'll never be the same, breaking decency Don't be tree trunk, don't fall on my living roots I've been humming too many words, got a weak self esteem That's been stomped away from every single dream But"
  • Birthmark - Deftones
    "I'd meet you in wrong bury all Then I would be alright with her In whole cherished by two It makes you fly yes I lie God I'll even lick her f**king picture In whole drinks won't stain this birth It's just"
  • Fireal - Deftones
    "We are beggers where blown and I will meet you fourth floor Then we'll make-up no... No fist to f**kin' save you from You knock me out I'll take the burden full blown And I will be there no... No fist"
  • Hexagram - Deftones
    "Paint the streets in white! Death is the standard Breach for a complex prize! I think it's sweet of you And your parents are proud... But I would expect it from anyone Now to protect life's indigenous"
  • Needles And Pins - Deftones
    "How neat. I'm impressed... how did you come to be so blessed? You're a star. You blaze... out like a sharp machine... Like a whale's moan... Well I'm here if that's what you want Here we are - You're"
  • Good Morning Beautiful - Deftones
    "One of these days you'll break me of many things Some cold white day, but you're crazy if you think I would leave you this way You should wake up before the wrath comes (me and you) could take off before"
  • Deathblow - Deftones
    "Soon as you came in, all the beast went away They noticed that you're warm, wait till you leave then come back for more... The ropes hang to keep us all awake and I should have known As soon as you came"
  • When Girls Telephone Boys - Deftones
    "Always the same old taste just new injury Well I'll wear the claws if you'd like that Yeah if you'd like that we can ride on a black horse A great new wave Hesparian death horse I can call you when i get"
  • Answers - Deftones
    "I'm searching need to find her dont think i know when im right beside ya' too much social i lay down my pride from the soul which comes from the inside I (am?) the one who is most high.........."
  • Bender - Deftones
    "Sweet, contain me around Only To.. I Spit! Step on my disease, So nice to see me bleed Step on my disease, I cannot contain Slow it Down.. I'm So winded, I've fallen down: again Taste.. The numb"

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