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Demis Roussos - I Need You

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Demis Roussos - I Need You

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Demis Roussos - I Need You
  • Demis Roussos I Need You
    "Day break It's just another day I miss you More than I can say And I'm finding out the hard way Can't lean on someone else I know it's my life Gotta live it for myself And still I'm needing And needing"
  • Demis Roussos I Want To Live
    "I want to live Where they'll change what they have done Yeah I must die cold and shunned by the sun Yeah Why should I stay Where there are people that hate The things I need and making me wait"
  • Demis Roussos I'll Be Your Friend
    "I will never leave you, I will not deceive you, I will always be your friend. I will never leave you, I will not deceive you, I'll love to the very end. I'll be your friend and I will never let you down, whatever"
  • Demis Roussos The Wedding Song
    "I will love you forever I will love you from now, 'til the end of time And I promise forever I will give up my will for you I will fulfill all your dreams for you I would give up my life for you I will"
  • Demis Roussos Winter Rains
    "In the early morning rise, you bring tears into my eyes, but I know that we'll be true forever, oh, together. Summer shines and winter rains, falling leaves from willow trees, there's one thing I only"
  • Demis Roussos Marie Jolie
    "Sometimes I feel I'm alone and I wonder what I'd do if I couldn't turn to you You are all my life and more take this love I give Marie jolie Marie jolie The seasons change but love remains growing"
  • Demis Roussos End Of The World
    "You should come with me to the end of the world without telling your parents and your friends You know that you only need to say the word so end my play with thy end of the world what I know that"
  • Demis Roussos The Great Pretender
    "Oh yes, I'm the great pretender Pretendin 'I'm doin' well My need is such I pretend too much I'm lonely but no one can tell Oh yes I'm the great pretender Just laughin and gay like a clown I seem"
  • Demis Roussos Feel Like I'll Never Feel This Way Again
    "You say you want to be with me, you tell me you're never leaving. I can't believe you're here with me, touching is believing. Having you here is all I need, an answer from the sky. When you're smiling"
  • Demis Roussos Hey Friend
    "Anytime you see me acting kinda mean honey, don't take it hard, you know it ain't what it seems. It's just one of those moods, everybody gets into, well I'm feeling like a trumpet that's playing out of"
  • Demis Roussos Lament
    "I've long awaited for the day That comes to set me free And all I ask As I'm a fool Is love for you and me For now and each and every day The moon, it changes us all All the misery lies Set to"
  • Demis Roussos My Only Fascination
    "You're my only fascination, my sweet inspiration Everything I want could be You're the sun that rises for me My summer breeze from the sea Some lucky day you came my way and shut my joy and sorrow With"
  • Demis Roussos Rain And Tears
    "Rain and tears, are the same but in the sun you've got to play the game When you cry in winter time you can pretend it's nothing but the rain How many times I've seen tears coming from your blue"
  • Demis Roussos I Just Live
    "I just live every minute and I just love and I love to live, oo-hoo and I love to love, let me tell you now. I just live every minute and I just love and I love to live, oo-hoo and I love to love. I was"
  • Demis Roussos Song For You
    "In me a silence as in your words Glide like some crazy fall of nightbirds I'm full of sky and music too Wanna make a song for you I wanna make a song for you I wanna make a song for you Just can believe"
  • Demis Roussos V.G.I.
    "I'm not a genius I'm more like a genie Granting girls wishes from a stone cold bikini yeah Sewing up ideas like delicious kisses I'll play with you mid but I won't do your dishes boy Say it again CHORUS:"
  • And Then I Turned Seven I Need You
    "I can't get you outta my mind Cause i've been think 'bout your smile And i've been thinking about your hands I've been thinking about your touch I've been thinking going crazy I've been thinking way to"
  • Demis Roussos Let It Happen
    "Let it happen Honey don't you live on the edge of your life Let it happen Honey don't you live on the edge of a sigh Let it happen Honey don't you live on the edge of a smile Let it happen Honey"
  • Demis Roussos The Promise
    "The promise that I never asked for Yet somehow I long for was my only possession A shelter and changing through fire and rain A reason to go on and live for Never took the game for and afraid of the seasons The"
  • Demis Roussos Sometimes When We Touch
    "SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH You ask me if I love you and I choke on my reply, I'd rather hurt you honestly than mislead you with a lie. For who am I to judge you, in what you say or do, I'm only"

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