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  • Dependent - Tune
    "Do you hear the whispering? The muttered sound that leads me on It makes me travel to harmony Unbiased to the world you know... Do you fear of everything? And need a guide to carry on It aches to wander"
  • Co-Dependent - Adema
    "Most people don't care some people just fear There's so much pressure that my lives will feed us Don't need a reason I will get even This is the season where I feel so manic You hurt yourself and blame"
  • Co dependent - Adema
    "Most people don't care Some people just stare There's so much pressure that my life will feed us Don't need a reason I will get even This is the season where I feel so manic You hurt yourself and"
  • Co-Dependent - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "When I go swimming In your intellect The water's so shallow And the dialect is so phony But I eat it up like bologna I can't get enough Well, I, I, I, I should end it But I, I, I, I defend it Well, I,"
  • Bro Dependent - Lagwagon
    "I try to focus on what I am, listen to what I see, I thought of this a lot and its becoming oh so clear. I take it, in excess, but true feelings are supressed, I cannot find the words to say it, without"
  • Co-Dependent Idolatry - Crash Rickshaw
    "Wanna give, not get Life is more than I Never let the left know what the right has done Loving to be loved it never solved or built anything Respond, React Can't tell them apart 'till I'm knocked on my"
  • Co-dependent (deutsche) - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Wenn ich schwimmen gehe In deinem Verstand Dann ist das Wasser so seicht Und der Dialekt ist so unecht Aber ich esse es auf wie Bolonese Ich kann nicht genug kriegen Nun, Ich, Ich, Ich, Ich sollte es beenden"
  • Dependent On Attention - ForDireLifeSake
    "I knew you would look. I knew you would jump in. I knew you would attack, dance and pretend, forget and defend. And you would say, a better way, to hide your bitter sides. And you sing along, you all sing"
  • Voice Message From Andre 3000 - Andre 3000
    "Start ok? will'be day ok? in the romantic music moment ok? remandes in all this ok? ok! Start all the dependent of ok? ok!i love this loves! you? ok? singer with me! start ok? will'be day ok? in the romantic"
  • One-Eighty By Summer - Taking Back Sunday
    "Go on just say it, You need me like a bad habit, One that leaves you defenseless, dependent, and alone. Go on just say it (Are you afraid to), You need me like a bad habit (Say what you want to, tell"
  • Medication - Garbage
    "I don't need an education, I learned all I need from you. They've got me on some medication, My point of balance was askew. It keeps my temperature from rising, My blood is pumping through my veins. Somebody"
  • Liberation - Backlash
    "In this hazy place of cold I reach my hands for desire something makes my senses glow a treasure I admire you're my beatiful twisted lie the mental drug in me that makes me fly All the things I've done"
  • Dance, Dance, Christa Paffgen - Anberlin
    "She's got the time says she's got time on her side Running the rule Commanding the late boys eyes She runs around, knows all the streets by name So mysterious, shadows meet James Dean She's intoxicating,"
  • So Why So Sad - Manic Street Preachers
    "Things get clear when I feel free When whatever next comes easily When gentle hands give life to me When your eyes fill with tiny tears When I'm this still you are my life (When I'm this still you are"
  • Harsh Light Of Reality - Human Radio
    "(R. Rice/P. Hyrka) in the harsh light of reality we wear our shades or we close our eyes trip over our morality pick up ourselves with our little white lies indulge in our brutalities though it's ourselves"
  • Give Up - Sebadoh
    "Burn out, man Typically bitter Find me locked into the vicious cycle Find me trapped and scared simple Money, money, money Money, more money The helpless slob in his dead-end day job Helpless slob in his"
  • Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?) - Decapitated
    "Rise! And look at your face Centre of existence leans toward the end One visage of earth Cold flame under the mask Cracked face of dying spaces Millions of lonely splinters disappear Uniting flame start"
  • Raw Energy - Rage
    "Hellchild, you got No fun, you're wild That's you: dependent, Obey, you do No way to go So come on Oh yeah, you need a Brainstorm today Shout out your pain be strong, be loud No way to go Bang - it's"
  • The Nightmare I Am - Edge Of Dawn
    "Dreams of flying Fear of falling I will shoot That bird, so cute Devastation Breeds temptation And reason Unheard No proof It's a nightmare The nightmare I am Torn between Love and sin You don't understand it's"
  • Hero/Villain - Parlour Steps
    "Does a biological determinist Still like to French kiss? Does Walt Whitman move an atheist? Does a tragic end befall all innocence? Are we special? Are we common at the same time? So, the rational ego-dependent Struggles"

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