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Derper conversation

  • Conversation - Rie Fu
    "I take a deep breath and try to see things straight til I can see and wake up again On the rooftop I see another side of me Same old something thats changed Yeah its getting colder again Yeah said something"
  • Conversation - Get Up Kids
    "Of all of the space in this small worldThere's room in my life for you, girlThough we had a lot of words to sayDidn't think we'd need to have another damn conversation about itQuestion the words for years"
  • Conversation - LP
    "You are my one desire Who knew 2 waters make a fire sign And our words Though always in a spiral Are taking me higher It’s the truth that makes you melt Path to heaven always goes through hell I don’t"
  • Conversation - Nena
    "(Chorus) Different people in a different world Take your time before you talk to me Because we're different people In a different world Where is the conversation Different people in a different world Come"
  • Conversation - Morris Albert
  • Conversation - Steve Miller Band
    "(Leo Sidran and Steve Miller) I wanna talk to you Tell me would you like to chat I wanna talk to you And we can leave it at that I wanna speak to you Tell me what you have to say I wanna speak to you Every"
  • Conversation - Gary Numan
    "Oh it's so easy When parts take over My conversation Is nothing more than lies You're just the viewer So cold and distant I've no intentions Of saying "I love you" My conversation We are not"
  • Conversation - The Servant
    "Conversation isn't the point Near her home in a payphone Awaits a call A little drizzle 7.30 Hidden in chilly breath She'd lied to daddy about Gary Don't you find it tough? Don't you find the waiting tough?"
  • Conversation - Jaheim
    "We pushed up in the club Ladies showin love Doin' things you know that playas do I peeped luv at the door She bounced across the floor Couldn't ignore the way ber body moved I post up at the bar She looking"
  • Conversation - Ricky Nelson
    "Conversation, gettin' so hard to make I try to communicate, but i can't get through We are strangers, but I remember when You used to be my friend and my lover too And I don't really know how it happened And"
  • Conversation - Vendetta
    "Tell me who's the Lord of justice, tell me who is right.Who's to say that I am wrong, who is on whose side?You condemn me, prejudice and your ego blurs your eyes.You don't want to hear me speak, you think"
  • Conversation - Joni Mitchell
    "He comes for conversation I comfort him sometimes Comfort and consultation He knows that's what he'll find I bring him grapes and cheeses He brings me songs to play He sees me when he pleases I see him"
  • Conversation - Set It Straight
    "A conversation with a man helped me understand, he told me i was ignorant, he said i had no chance. At least that's how i took it in, offended and mislead, that's how i took it in. With disregard, i set"
  • Conversation - Joan Armatrading
    "To you it's just another day When you see the sun you say That's the way the day begins And promises you make Do you really mean to keep Or are they words you say to fill the silent space And when there's"
  • Conversation - Hot Hot Heat
    "No need to hesitate No need to concentrate No need to slow things down with conversation Come over here now I wanna show how Senses are thrown away And I should take them this way I never had it, I never"
  • Conversation - Eagle-Eye Cherry
    "Conversation with the child who once believed in you How does one explain to him what it is you do He says Daddy Daddy please tell me it's not true What all the people are saying...saying about you There"
  • Conversation - Eagle Eye Cherry
    "Conversation with the childwho once believed in youHow does one explain to himwhat it is you doHe says daddy daddy pleasetell me its not trueWhat all the people are sayingsaying about youThere comes a"
  • Conversation - Choclair F/ Marvel, Solitair
    "Choclair F/ Marvel, Solitair Miscellaneous Conversation Soltair: Let me take you through the mind of a man drivin mad by the rhymes In case you misunderstood the first time round Mastermind The head honcho"
  • Conversation - Paris
    "(Paris) Still in this bitch, ninety-eight is just another year I murder money drama bitches, that fall in piers Comin out the city where no pity be a way of life When niggaz quick to bust a cap in you"
  • Conversation - Colin Hay
    "Never ever been to New York CityDon't know if I ever willSome of my friends say I should go thereI think I'll just hang around here untilNever could stand to take a tellingEven when I knew I stood wrongUsed"

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