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  • Times Square - Destroyer
    "Jesus is beside himself Jacob's in a state of decimation The writing on the wall wasn't writing at all Just forces of nature in love with a weather station Artists and repertoire Hand in hand through"
  • Times Square - Marianne Faithfull
    "In a tired part of the city Hiding from the fast talk Watch 'don't walk' to 'walk' Easy when you're dreaming Staring at the movies Standing in a circle, Laughing at the wrong time. If alcohol could take"
  • New Times Square - Chris Rea
    "I'll see you round about midnight You know I won't be late Let's dive into this crap house And truth hell have to wait The truth of what has gone before Lies bleeding on the floor The only truth remaining"
  • The Destroyer - Himsa
    "Flawless So red raw and real The beast of the street Speaks faceless to me Fierce The deepest of depths Sends daggers and fire From each sharing end Summons Outcry for battle A living illusion Straight"
  • Madison - Cole Jude
    "Dream town, no money down Young girls shine electric in the sun Mirror mirror, up in the sky Tell me, why should I be the lowly one Big splash, low on cash I don't know baby, and I don't care See, it comes"
  • Leichester Square - Rancid
    "I got some hard times Some punks up on the subway It's a long way to go to get to leicester square A hard line Someone you gotta cross The one you gotta cross To get you anywhere Michael's on his way to"
  • Square nothing - In Flames
    "For all the times you left me bleeding Clouded, weakend by the haze Cut of my pride, enough to forgive Reconcile, back to square nothing It seems I lost my direction Dont have the strength to let it slip"
  • Destroyer - Enforcer
    "Wrapped around your neck Chains of death now are tense Swords of darkness To arms commence Under the sign An unholy strife Devil's hot breath Breeding new life Evil arise Destroyer Killers are ready Attacking"
  • Destroyer - Twisted Sister
    "DESTROYER He spent his life A silent sentinel For all to fear He walks, he talks, he thinks, he feels, But no one dare go near He takes in all he sees Nothing escapes his gaze And when he strikes He"
  • Destroyer - Benediction
    "Originally performed by Twisted Sister he spent his life a silent sentinel for all to fear he walks, he talks, he thinks, he feels, but no dare go near he takes in all he sees nothing escapes his gaze and"
  • Destroyer - Anthrax
    "(Snider) Twisted Forever (Twisted Sister tribute album) He spent his life A silent sentinel For all to fear He walks, he talks, he thinks, he feels But no one dare to go near He takes in all he sees Nothing"
  • Destroyer - Sons Of Thunder
    "You're in our sights And our message bites You might say we're wrong But we shut our face to long We let it all out now We let it all out now Destroyer We're destroyers We kill your attitude Yeah We"
  • Destroyer - The Kinks
    "Met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place Feelin guilty, feelin scared, hidden cameras everywhere Stop! hold on. stay in control Girl, I want you here with me But I'm really not as cool as"
  • Destroyer - Vassago
    "(Music: Pepa, Bloodlord) (Lyrics: Sin) The evil-creator gave me the power He gave unto me the storms and the winds He gave me the power to reign And he wants me to destroy the world of god Destroyer I"
  • Destroyer - Candlemass
    "Land of thousand needles Land of cripple and lame So much self indulgence And so much shit in my brain The people under the staircase And all the vomit in hell Parading here on my doorstep I just want"
  • Destroyer - David Gray
    "More panic than intent More luck than good judgment They're raising your body from the ground The dreamer has woken The spirit has spoken They're raising your body from the ground What you gonna do When"
  • Destroyer - The Stills
    "And you don't seem to miss me And you're eyes sag So don't make a goddamn sound I'm coming to your town I will destroy you Your soul impedes on mine Let go my free will I can't stand compromise Only when"
  • Destroyer - Wardance
    "Dark past - ancient time You must fight to stay alive Blasphemy - there is no god Who would help against the mob Bridge: And in this chaos a baby is born To be a king and to rule all alone Half a god -"
  • Destroyer - Drowned
    "Days of death and nights of terror, prayers can not save you!!! My vengeance is cold and brutal... Close your eyes and await your end, I have an endless greed for your pain!!! I won't forgive one more"
  • Destroyer - Fight Paris
    "We're ridin high so don't be surprised to see a couple of girls up in the ride. And we're all dressed up so goddamn sharp. You know wherever we go the fuckin' party starts. Flyin through little 5, not"

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