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  • Unlucky 13 - DevilDriver
    "Walk under ladders Shatter seven mirrors They say that's bad luck For seven years So, drink your glasses But not at midnight Salt over your shoulder Into the fury! Goes through with insecure Goes through"
  • Guilty As Sin - DevilDriver
    "There's dead leaves on the dirty ground That's how I know you're not around To be with me I stroke your hair, kiss your lips, Kiss the ground, but you're not around And you're nowhere to be found I'm"
  • Digging Up The Corpses - DevilDriver
    "Tell me another story! Tell me another story! Everyone has stories, they bore me, they bore me... The ends(?) are feeling nervous... Their stories... they bore me... Everyone's got skeletons in their"
  • Nothing's Wrong? - DevilDriver
    "- There's nothing wrong - With what you do and what you say - There's nothing wrong - Pure will will get you through - - Why can't you see you're in my way? - Your ways are killing you - - Do what thou"
  • I Could Care Less - DevilDriver
    "Every time you speak my name My image it just burns away Every time you speak my name My image it just burns away Gimme that I could care less than for your grandiosity I had to skin the cat for curiosity I"
  • Die (And Die Now) - DevilDriver
    "- Blood is my life - Blood is the road - Every time I have to write another hate song - This is the last great hate song - - Scorned is this life - Scarred is my soul - Every time I have to write another"
  • I Dreamed I Died - DevilDriver
    "Destroy all or nothing I dreamed I died, ended up at the gates of Heaven Greeted by a man Saint someone, said how's the ride son? It's been alright, at times a little rough, why am I here? You did alright,"
  • Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned) - DevilDriver
    "- Right! - Let's move, move! - - In this life I've known nothing but seeds you've sown - I've walked the highways and I've combed the side roads - It's been a joy of highs, oh the pain of lows - I met"
  • The Mountain - DevilDriver
    "- Storm coming in me, bad weather just makes me breathe - Watch as the sky turns grey, life ebbs and flows away - Wait, before I go, I'll make them all eat crow - Play the hand life deals, everything my"
  • Knee Deep - DevilDriver
    "- What do I have to do...for this? - - I love this, please push me harder - I just keep getting meaner - I'm growing from the pain - How about you! Shit - - Life, it's hard, it makes me stronger - A warrior"
  • What Does It Take (To Be A Man) - DevilDriver
    "- On a day-to-day there's no way most men make it through - I got to tell you now - Family tied to me, I'm doing just what I got to do - I got to tell you now - All a man's got is his word and to keep"
  • Swinging The Dead - DevilDriver
    "Swinging the dead - - Get it up, pick it up, chilling thrilling sounds of the rock 'n roll haunted - It's the graveyard sound with the monster thrash for the demon haunted - Get it up, dig 'em up, chilling"
  • Revelation Machine - DevilDriver
    "- Don't you worry about their kind - They'll be gone long after time - We'll be here, yes we'll be fine, we'll be fine - All the treasure that they sought - Has led them, bled them, just fear not - All"
  • Meet The Wretched - DevilDriver
    "Meet the wretched - It's calling, calling - - So, you're bored and you're sitting - Your soul is fitting - Let's go to town and meet the wretched - I hear, they say, night time is calling - The sky is"
  • Devil's Son - DevilDriver
    "- Fire - - I am the one, I am the one that you need - I am the one, I am the one that you need - I am the one, I am the one - - The Devil's son has just begun - To shine, to shine - - I am the one to do"
  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost - DevilDriver
    "Only the gods know They're looking right through you Straight into the eyes of a dead man There isn't enough hours in the day What will be seen When your world comes crashing down Staring in the eyes of"
  • Clouds Over California - DevilDriver
    "Come forth for the cattle call Confront the evil river you can't control Wicked ways and venomous eyes Just human nature in disguise Lost in this world, Out on the edge With death by our sides Today I"
  • Bound By The Moon - DevilDriver
    "Brothers and Sisters The lords taking his own sweet time without rhyme or reason The failure is not thine Like wolves to a virgin The intention is made clear At war with ourselves At war with the odds At"
  • Horn Of Betrayal - DevilDriver
    "What the fuck do you want from me? It's so damn plain to see that you're not grateful Silence takes courage No scars, no truth but the wounds tell the story Of what will be done for honor and glory Silence"
  • These Fighting Words - DevilDriver
    "Pleading your case while taking the eternal high ground Havoc on the airwaves I'm listening Don't see any daylight glistening Long for the home I left yesterday Those memories slowly decay, Two highways The"

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