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Diagram of the heart

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Diagram of the heart

  • Diagram Of A Darkened Heart - Armor For The Broken
    "We'll dance like the night is endless (and these days are forever) Our shadows we've chased to this corner (have dripped dry tonight) I don't know how to say this I think I'm suffocating I don't know"
  • Venn Diagram - Lisa Hannigan
    "I have lost you to sleep again. sleeping as we do on opposite sides of a venn diagram I read the time in shadows on the wall - the shards of light through the slats on your window ah ha ha ha! I ease"
  • DIAGRAM - Dawid Podsiadło vs Flirtini
    "I’m making a bed for you I’m making a bed for me It’s going … But I’m not feel angry And I know My heart is not golden Different time And different poem Won’t you try This is for another … Where did"
  • Strangers Of The Heart - Heart
    "Through the mist on the harbor Dancing lights on the water Shadows move I see you smiling again when I reach out to touch you Like a ghost looking through me Sending chills deep into me shattered dreams"
  • Heart - Fly To The Sky
    "I know we've had some rough times and (I know we've had some rough times and) life's been unfair for the both of us (life's been unfair for the both of us ) but I know that if we try hard enough we can"
  • Heart - Booth And The Bad Angel
    "And when you took that stand I was so proud of you And now I'm not so sure You should have let them through And when the curtain fell I saw you standing there Just looking so alive And then you started"
  • Heart Of The Darklands - Rhapsody Of Fire
    "In the dragons' year 9000 After the sixth world war Nekron conquered the darklands So began his new reign His new bloody reign A whole town built on a rock As giant as a mountain Portals made of angels'"
  • Heart Of The Corona - Garden Of Shadows
    "Echoes of the future have filtered through time. There will be no light... Ablaze within the divine spectrum. Remnants of an enchanted past have fallen. The swollen tides of conviction engender desolation."
  • Heart - Lucy Kaplansky
    "written by Greg Trooper, Tom Russell Go to sleep my darling Lay down upon your bed May the rhymes of childhood songs Dance inside your head When night time falls around you I know that you're afraid But"
  • Heart - Burton Cummings
    "I used to sit and wish the hours away And then I'd find it was morning, I used to sit and be so idle with time But that was only my warming, Who was to say my heart was wrong? Needed just a little more"
  • Heart - Laura Branigan
    "(Marie Cain/Warren Hartman) It's the hour of the night time When the demons come to call And the shadows seem to whisper And I'm wishin' I could crawl inside a dream That would free me from the pain But"
  • Heart - Edda
    "Soon son you'll understand the things that I said to teach you wrong and right Through your years I can only hope for you A richer happy on your mind Someday son when you need my words But I can't"
  • Heart - Reba McEntire
    "(Jack Conrad/Pamela Philips) Just when I thought that it never could happen to me He touched me and feelings that never have stirred in me Ever like this Are in his kiss Heart where are you taking me What"
  • Heart - Kirsty McGee
    "don't break my heart it would be easy you know it's too easy to fall through the ice what you can't touch you cannot damage and any fool can see you would break my heart there's ice for a reason and"
  • Heart - Diana Ross
    "(diane warren/robbie buchanan) We said we'd try again But trying's not enough Acting like strangers Ain't no way of making love It's never gonna work It's time we stop pretending It's time to turn the"
  • Heart - Freddie Hart
    "Heart we just got to get together For my own peace of mind I've got to know You'll be only one who really knows the answers You know you love her but should we keep her or let her go Eyes are you sure"
    "Ain't no gift like the present tense Ain't no love like an old romance Got'sta make hay when the sun is shinin' Can't waste time when it comes time to dance Slammin' this door with a heavy hand signin'"
  • Heart - Leo Sayer
    "We giving up on all the emptinessI fill it up with your sweet love beside me.Ain't no fun to be a rolling stone insideYou buy the feeling and you pay with tears.For what it matters you flow with the motionThen"
  • Heart - Kris Kristofferson
    "My daddy was a charmer boys he had a lot of style He was the shinin' best at everything he did They said the he could lighten up a room with just a smile And I was proud as hell to be his kid It seemed"
  • Heart - Neneh Cherry
    "Out of control MMM - stick it where it hurts Girl, I'll be peeling you off the ceiling. That's right Hee Hee Ladies and gentlemen - Neneh Cherry Well you laughed at me right in my face At the wrong time"

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