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Diana Ross Mirror Mirror

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Diana Ross Mirror Mirror

  • Mirror Mirror - Diana Ross & The Supremes
    "Missing You Diana Ross (Lionel Richie) Since you've been away I've been down and lonely Since you've been away I've been thinking of you Trying to understand The reason you left me What were you going"
  • Mirror, Mirror - Diana Ross
    "Mirror, mirror on the wall You said you had the answer to it all You never told me I'd take the fall Mirror, mirror on the wall (You) you turned my life Into a paperback novel Words that came to life Inside"
  • Mirror - Imperia
    "Mirror, mirror, where is the beauty in the world?Mirror, mirror, do I see me or just a shade?Mirror, mirror, will you please answer me?Mirror, mirror, where is the beauty in the world?The birds in the"
  • Mirror - Rage
    "Hey you, take a look at me now Have you ever seen the face of death Have you noticed me somehow Not more than rotton flesh and bones... But there's more than molecules That make you different from a stone Mirror,"
  • Mirror - Sigrid
    "There was an emptiness I think you met me at a strange time and you anchored me I felt anonymous And you were someone who reminded me who I used to be It had to break I had to go Cause it took me walking"
  • Mirror - Kelly Price
    "Been looking for love I never could find it While I'm standing here And he is so blinded by her silly ways He just can't imagine She's playing a game A game that he played for so long, oh I want"
  • Mirror - Mercyful Fate
    "Solo: S The girl in the mirror, she's not really there Only I can see her, in all her misery Chorus: The girl in the mirror, she's caught in a spell The girl in the mirror, between Heaven and Hell Can't"
  • Mirror - Claire Voyant
    "In between the truth And what I see or what I feel or what I've become Is still an aching need And I'm hardly even alive I'm feeling like a murderous vine You are my mirror And I'm on my knees pleading You"
  • Mirror - Ne-Yo
    "I must be honest with you babe (just gotta be honest babe) I love to watch the faces that you make (when we make love ooo wee) But when I'm behind you holding your hips and you close your eyes and bite"
  • Mirror - D'espairs Ray
    "Why don't you break the MIRROR? Just what you need now! honnou ga motometeru Why don't you break the MIRROR? Just what you need now! semete hikari abi hajikete Ugokidasenai fuan ni obore kore ijou nani"
  • Mirror - X-PERIENCE
    "I'm looking for a mirror to face my eyes and realize the beauty of youth is the only thing worth having i'm jealous of everything whose beauty does not die oh i'm jealous of the picture the mirror"
  • Mirror - Rebecca St. James
    "May the words of my mouth please you dear God May the thoughts of my heart say to you All that I desire is to be with you forever Lord I pray - I pray that You Take me - Make me Beautiful to You Create"
  • Mirror - Shazna
    "Tokimeku kimochi wo wasureta yoru wa yasashisa motomete tsumetai kono yubi de Tozashita tobira no kagi wo aketanara itoshii kimi no sugao ga mirarerukamo Kirameku tsukiyo wo miageta yoru wa kanashii omoi"
  • Mirror - BarlowGirl
    "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Have I got it? 'Cause Mirror you've always told me who I am I'm finding it's not easy to be perfect So sorry you won't define me Sorry you don't own me Who are you to tell"
  • Mirror - Tygers Of Pan Tang
    "Walking in the mist Talking to the night I'm enslaved in your wish So blind wanting sight Mirror, mirror on the wall You stare at me and share my thoughts Mirror, mirror I hear your call, You have my"
  • Mirror - Kat Dahlia
    "I wear my heart on my sleeve Don't act like that's a disease Need y'all to bear with me please I just say what I see We all just chasing a dream In the land of the free While we paying a fee To stay on"
  • Mirror - Girlicious
    "Don't know who I am no more For you I try to change Keep messing with my head Wanna be myself instead It has been too hard on us Thought we were so in love But I was wrong You didn't want what I wanted And"
  • Mirror - Barlow Girl
    "Mirror, Mirror on the wall; Have I got it?'Cause Mirror you've always told me who I amIm finding Its not easy to be perfectSo sorry, you wont define meSorry, you dont own me...Who are you to tell methat"
  • Mirror - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    "I know brother they tell you one thing And I know sister they sell you another Distract you with baubles and glitter Their taunts and subliminal whispers Keep you hungry and apart Consuming your heart **There's"
  • Mirror - Ellie Goulding
    "I look in the mirror And I try to see myself We ever look terror From the games I played so well I try to see clearer I try to forget the thoughts I started I try to be nearer To where you are To where"

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