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Didn't We Almost Have It All - houston w

  • Didn't We Almost Have It All - Whitney Houston
    "Remember when we held on in the rain The night we almost lost it Once again we can take the night into tomorrow Living on feelings Touching you I feel it all again Didn't we almost have it all When"
  • Didn't we almost have it all - Darin Zanyar
    "Remember when we held on in the rain The night we almost lost it Once again we can take the night into tomorrow Livin' on feelings Touching you I feel it all again Chorus: Didn't we almost have it all"
  • Houston - Whitney Houston
    "Intro:This is the heartbreak hotelThis is the heartbreak hotelThis is the heartbreak hotelThis is the heartbreak hotel(repeat) I (Whitney)You said you'd be here by 9Instead you took your timeYou didn't"
  • Houston - Jennifer Brown
    "love is a rocket focusing me to fly blast off with me baby all we need is the clear blue sky take a look at my eyes let me look at your eyes i'll take the window and you can take control steer me up"
  • Houston - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "Mama's got her babies Sleeping in a grocery cart Daddy's eyes are hazy Wondering where they are Waiting for the buses Waiting on some Providence Once we get to Houston Maybe it will all make sense Praying"
  • Houston - Phil Vassar
    "It's been three days, two hours And a minute Since she blasted off breaking every speed limit As fast and far away from me As she could get Well, she said, you'll straighten up one way or another The Don't"
  • Didn't We Almost Win It All - Laura Branigan
    "(Laura Branigan/Brian Becvar) You don't act the same And your eyes have changed I don't want to hear the words you say I don't want to know the pain And I see your lips move But I can't hear the"
  • Almost - Bowling For Soup
    "I almost got drunk at school at fourteen Where I almost made out with the homecoming queen Who almost went on to be Miss Texas But lost to a slut with much bigger breast-es I almost dropped out to move"
  • Almost - Tamia
    "Can you tell me, How can one miss what she's never had How could I reminisce when there is not past How could I have memories of being happy with you boy Can someone tell me how can this be How could my"
  • Didn't We - Candye Kane
    "Didn't we have a good time baby, Didn't we? Didn't we almost make it to the end? Didn't I give my all? My body, heart and soul was yours. Didn't we make each other fall, now didn't we? Didn't we bring"
  • Almost - Elvis Presley
    "We almost shared a dream We almost made it as a team How nice it would have been. We almost touched the stars And there stood heaven, almost ours We were just outsiders looking in. We had the chance"
  • Almost - Anthony Callea
    "The sun is setting on the shore Now this day is done Got used to you this close to me And keeping me warm This sadness keeps me company As soon as you're gone All the promises we made That we never"
  • Almost - Lucie Silvas
    "I got a wake up call, I got to make this work Cause if we don't we're left with nothing and that's what hurts We're so close to giving up but something keeps us here I can't see what's yet to come But"
  • Didn't We - Barbra Streisand
    "(someone shouting: I love you!) Still uh? faithful. wait... wait. if I would have known there were so many People on the two sides here I would have had my nose fixed! never! these People are too smart... This"
  • Didn't We - Lee Greenwood
    "I think of all the times I needed you And you would come to me Cause you wanted to Ohh and we'd build a fire That would last through the night Still be bruning in the morning light Oh we must have had"
  • Houston, We Have A Problem - Joe Diffie
    "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM [2:50] Joe Diffie From The Album: Twice Upon A Time (1997) Written by: Steve Dukes/Michael Higgins/Chris Lindrey Peaked Billboard position: Did not chart She said she'd"
  • Houston - Chris Martin
    "HOUSTON /lyrics - Miami concert/ I am dreaming of when I get back to Houston I am dreaming of that fair and special place I’m dreaming of when Houston has no problems In that city where we send you into"
  • Houston - Faderhead
    "You bow, back rounds Drop down, like a 40hz sound It ain't pretty and your ditty sounds odd When this motherfucker drops you Like an act of god Sustain's the game Establish one more brand name I'll be"
  • Have It All - Charli Baltimore
    "Artist: charli baltimore f/ missjones Yo, this song is about four people that I loved and I lost Try to feel me, yeah Time flies Still remember all the good times spent Trips to the beach, watchin'"
  • We Didn't Know - Whitney Houston
    "Since I don't know when We've been only friends No more but no less Our friendship we had at best A voice to console An ear to confide That someone you tell Your deepest of feelings inside But we didn't"

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