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Didnt I

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Didnt I

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Didnt I
  • Rachel Proctor Didnt I
    "so hard to kno the reason so hard to know the truth when it's all over and everytime i look back i just get more confused so i replay every kiss and every clue i mighta missed didnt i make u happy"
  • Tom Cochrane Didnt I Lorraine
    "Waiting in silence You had to go 'Cause just like a baby You had to know And to think that by leaving We would see more clear To undo the pattern of doubt and fear, Drifting apart It has brought"
  • Procol Harum Nothing i didnt know
    "Did You Hear What Happened to Jenny Droe?Couldn't Believe It, But It's TrueTwenty-six, and Now She's DeadI Wish That I Could've Died InsteadDid You Hear What Happened to Jenny Droe?Did You See How Thin"
  • Ashlee Simpson I didnt steal your boyfriend
    "Ashlee Simpson Miscellaneous I didnt steal your boyfriend Lyrics : Whatcha been doin'? Whatcha been doin? Whoa, Whoa, Haven't seen ya 'round, How you been feelin'? How you been feelin'? Whoa, whoa, Don't"
  • Bread Didnt even know her name
    "Should've kept on goin'But the hurt was showingWhen she looked at me that wayI had to stayI knew I had to get to know her nameThe town was wearyShe was to marrySomeone planned years agoHer eyes said noI"
  • Joe Louis Walker Mama Didnt Raise No Fool
    "If I was a fool, it would sure be easy I could fall, oh baby, for your wicked smile Buy you a drink, whisper some lie, oh no And we could go somewhere quiet, for a little while But my mama she didn't"
  • Helen Reddy I Didnt Mean To Love You
    "I didn't mean to Love you Sunday Morning waking up and touching you You're always warm at 9 a.m Pillows close and I can feel you wanting me When I go back to sleep again I didn't mean to love you And"
  • Insane Clown Posse I Didnt Mean To Kill Him
    "This is the story of a murderer A cold blooded killer, a ruthless, harmless, slaughterer I didn't mean to kill him Listen to me, wait I was talkin to a fine asss date, ha ha ha Phat titties, lookin like"
  • Benny Goodman I Didnt Know What Time It Was
    "I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart Tony Bennett Written by Irving Mills, Henry Nemo, John Redmond, and Duke Ellington This version did not chart but In 1938, FIVE versions charted: Duke Ellington (# 1), Benny"
  • Angelo Kelly I
    "I didnt know what I was missing I didnt know what I was thinking didnt know where I was going I thought I would never need you I thought I was better on my own I thought I could do without you but now"
  • Kurt Nilsen I
    "Look at my behaviour. I cant help myself.One feet before the other, and hope you didnt notice. Im 14 days ahead to you. In my head you already mine. I hope I dont seem like the desperate kind. ChorusSometimes"
  • H-Blockx I
    "I saw her from the back standing in that line, she didnt turn around and I never saw her face. She had the sweetest voice I ever heard in my life, I know I wont ever forget that sound, I should get a grip"
  • Auteurs, The I
    "Auteurs, The Now I'm A Cowboy IM A Rich Mans Toy Im a rich mans toy Sick of the way youve been putting me Down sick of all your stupid games Im a rich mans toy Youre a son of a gun and im easily led Coming"
  • Carly Simon Didn't i
    "Didnt I give you midnight? Didnt I give you the month of June Didnt I make it alright When everything was ruined Didnt I say didnt I Didnt you say Didnt I too Didnt we both say Didnt I Till didnt we say"
  • Kim Richey Didn't I
    "Now the deed is done And the smoke has cleared From the ashes some Glimmer of the truth appears And its a bitter pill A little hard to take Ill be the first to claim My share of the stakes But the way"
  • Mariah Carey I didn
    "Let you take me outI knew what you were all aboutBut when I didI wasnt trying to lead you onNow you bring me homeAnd tell me goodnightsNot enough for youIm sorry babyI didnt mean to turn you onYou read"
  • Blue Rodeo I Will
    "Who wouldnt do anything That you want them to Carry the world right to your feet If thats what you want me to do Didnt we laugh And scream and should Didnt we wait Til it all worked out I know"
  • EMD I Lied
    "I never knew it could feel this way I never thought you would walk away When it was over you called late nights And you said, do you miss me Second thoughts haunting you at night Baby do you regret that"
  • Pagoda I Do
    "I taste you in a cheap hotel room So this is what it's come to? Id love to say you taste a different way that hasnt actually come true This is so confusing and thoroughly amusing My heart is bruising,"
  • Long-View I Would
    "Back here, not where I know I said I'd see you there Too much, too late So late to come running back around But I would Go anywhere for you, I would Bite off more than I could chew for you Go anywhere"

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