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Dido hunn

  • Hurricanes - Dido
    "Singel 'Hurricanes' zapowiada album Dido 'Still On My'."
  • Let Us Move (ft. Kendrick Lamar) - Dido
    "Dido: Don’t wrap it up and go, Or hide it behind the sun Just give it to me as it is, And let it stand Don’t fly it like a kite, between the clouds It needs no excuse, just bring it down Let us that are"
  • One step too far - Faithless/Dido
    "DIDO: You can sleep forever, but still you will be tired You can stay as cold as stone, but still you won't find peace With you I feel I'm the meek leading the blind With you I feel I'm just spending"
  • I eat dinner - Dido feat. Rufus Wainwright
    "Rufus: I eat dinner at the kitchen table By the light that switches on I eat leftovers with mashed potatoes No more candlelight No more romance No more small-talk When the hunger's gone I eat dinner at"
  • Honestly Okay - Dido
    "I just want to feel safe in my own skin I just want to be happy again I just want to feel deep in my own world But I'm so lonely I don't even want to be with myself anymore On a different day If I was"
  • Closer (Ghost Track) - Dido
    "So leave your taxi waiting And turn and close my door And sit back down where you were sitting A little closer than before When you look that serious It just makes me want you more And I've been"
  • Quiet Times - Dido
    "You ask me where Id go tonight Id go back to today last year We knew how to make each other happy And there was hope of everything Its hard enough to feel the world as it is And hold on anything Without"
  • Never Want To Say It's Love - Dido
    "I could put it down to being tired Or coming home to an empty house A passing moment, a little mad No-one around to stop me writing to you I never wanna say its love But its really what Im thinking of I"
  • Grafton Street - Dido
    "No more trips to Grafton Street, no more going there To see you lying still while we all come and go No more watching sunsets that seem like summers holding on And no more standing quietly at your window No"
  • It Comes And It Goes - Dido
    "Somedays I want love Somedays I dont Sometimes I can feel it Then suddenly its gone Somedays I can tell you the truth And somedays I just dont Only a change of mood, sun goes down Someone says something"
  • Look No Further - Dido
    "I might have been a singer Who sailed around the world A gambler who wins millions And spent it all on girls I might have been a poet Who walked upon the moon A scientist who'd tell the world I'd discovered"
  • The Day Before The Day - Dido
    "Speeches wont be made today Clocks will carry on Flowers wont be left in parks Work will still be done People wont be dressed in black Babies will be born No flags will fly, the sun will rise But we will"
  • Let's Do The Things We Normally Do - Dido
    "Let's pretend that we'll be here tomorrow And I'll try for you to be a little more on time I know you need to say you know you've let me down But you haven't and it's hard to talk with people all around Please"
  • Stan - Dido
    "My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I.. got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window.. and I can't see at all And even if I could it'll all be gray, but your picture on my wall It reminds"
  • Burnin Love - Dido
    "I've found no peace In the lies that I've told I'm only hurt By the blows that get withheld The sharper I get cut The harder I get held The more that I believe That you will come to me Without you I've"
  • Northern Skies - Dido
    "I have returned to northern skies Where summer hasn't touched The clouds that pass above I have returned to the sombre greys Of days too early to come And too hurried to stay I have left a million stars And"
  • Touch My Hand (Bonus Track) - Dido
    "touch my skin and tell me what you're thinking take my hand and show me where we're going lie down next to me , look into my eyes and tell me, oh tell me what you're seeing so sit on top of the world and"
  • Feels Like Fire (With Santana) - Dido
    "I'm telling you it's over Now there's an angel Holding me My way's easy Even if you're fallen Oh you're struggling There's still beauty In what we do So que sera Let's go sailing on There's a wise man In"
  • On Christmas Day - Dido
    "A young gentleman came riding past On a snow blue winter's day He asked to drink, by our fire, And I was pleased to let him stay He drank there quietly for a while, Then he turned and said to me Your eyes"
  • Stronger - Dido
    ""Play Dead" A moth into a butterfly And a lie Into the sweetest truth I'm so afraid of life I try To call your name but I'm Silenced by the fear of dying in your heart once again I see the seasons changing And"

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