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Different way

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Different way

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Different way
  • Rad Kick Different Way
    "Different Way Watch out for this beauty which was created to live ! Stand by - wait - take the time as long as it exists ! But what - Who has given us the right to do just as we wanna do ? Who said that"
  • Acceptance Different
    "Tell myself, on the ride home Getting tired, hating all I've known Holding on, like it's all I have Count me out, when it's clear that I, find it hard to say And you, find it hard to care I wanted to"
  • New London Fire Different
    "She had to slip into her dress but not before the smoke can clear her head While the worst she can confess but the thoughts have left her mind Sometimes they never find their way Now she just turns to"
  • Goapele Different
    "(feat. Clyde Carson of the Team) (Verse one) I'm looking at you from a distance I'm wondering how all my feelings changed Do you remember even half the shit we used to do And how it used to be I"
  • Sage Francis Different
    ""Nothing at last is sacred. Oh how the great have fallen What have I done to myself? It's been way too long!" We need to reacquaint. Things are different now, I ain't the same man I was Hi,"
  • Galactic Cowboys A Different Way
    "I get by in a different way I get by in this life in a different way I get by in a different way. I get high in a different way I've got hope to cope with the everyday I get high in a different way. No"
  • DJ SNAKE A Different Way (ft. Lauv)
    "Could you believe I could be different I’ll be the difference I’ll lift you high I understand Your hesitation our reputation it’s no surprise so let me redefine you and you can see the tide move just"
  • Evidence One Different Worlds, Different Times
    "I've been drinkin' too much been smokin' too much, too but this red wine feels alright, feels alright even without you You said, our love was perfect I didn't do no wrongs I know that it's all worth it But"
  • Randy Newman I'm Different
    "I'm different and I don't care who knows it Somethin' about me It's not the same, yeah I'm different and that's how it goes Ain't gonna play no goddamn game Got a different way a walkin' I got a different"
  • Alexz Johnson Different story
    "I try to stop to hold my breath and wonder what Ill find. Behind the door something stirs, But only in my mind Chorus If you listen to your fears and you follow foolish dreams believing that theyrereal"
  • Joe Cocker Different Roads
    "(Stever A. Davis/Steve Duberry) Tonight I Walk These City Streets And I Think About The Past When You Where Mine And Our Love Was Forever I Never Thought That You Would Go Never Dreamed That You Would"
  • Pulley Seain' Different
    "wanted excuses, they gave you excuses. the pressure got stronger, inside you grew warmer, the calender boiled, time just ticked away for you. now you're on your own, another day gone by, i see it"
  • 4 Lyn Stay Different
    "How can I creep when I'm moving just like them? How can I creep when I'm moving just like them? How can I creep when I'm moving just like them? How can I creep when I'm moving just like them? You try"
  • Second Different Levels
    "DIFFERENT LEVELS Useless place, so virgin Secrets, unexplored lands Quiet room while we talk Nothing more, no one's around There's a funny moon above our heads laughing at you and me And she likes to"
  • Amerie Different People
    "(*Amerie) Don't say that u care And tell me how i should be Cuz u kno it ain't fair To go and try to fix me U use to love my laugh Now u say i'm too loud Use to like the way i dress Now I gotta tone it"
  • State Of Shock Different Day
    "Can I trust you'll go away If I'm to say, I'm okay Just let me bleed on my own And I will find my way home Cause the sad sad side of it all Is you don't remember Being a breath away from death The"
  • Out of Eden Different Now
    "Everything is different now, Look at me and you can see I've changed somehow You might think it's strange the way I hold it down But I know (I know you want it), and you know (I know you know) I got"
  • Shaggy Something Different
    "Let me hear you say, somebody say oh hoooo A girl like you is like a brand new automobile... drive any man crazy You passing around my avenue again baby Your style is so repetitious it's about time"
  • Holly Palmer Different Languages
    "So I'm trying to learn Italian and you're lying next to me The neighbor dog is howling It was really satisfying Not to see you last night You had all sixteen excuses lined up in a row Like blanks"
  • Vandenberg Different Worlds
    "Things weren't so natural in the beginning We just let our hearts beat, this was love We lived from one day to another, the difference didn't bother us at all Then the day came, you took me home to your"

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