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Digital Fever feat. IAN - Hey Girl


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Digital Fever feat. IAN - Hey Girl

  • Digital - Imagine Dragons
    "You know how we do I wanna a new world without the order I wanna resurrect and live a little shorter I want it heavy I want the fury I want to be like the judge and the jury From the outside everything"
  • Digital Girl - Jamie Foxx
    "I wanna see whats under there there now put it in the air yeah load it on my macbook air its a new form of macking don't be old fashioned update your passion only reason i be eye chattin its when its"
  • Digital girl - Band Ohne Namen
    "Verse: Ich seh dich auf meinem Bildschirm Du siehst mich jeden Tag an Ich wrde dich gerne treffen, Wenn du mir Zeit und Ort sagst Ich wei nicht mal, wo du herkommst Und ob es dich wirklich gibt Ich wei"
  • Hey Girl - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "(feat. Stephen Marley, Rovleta Fraser) Hey girl! The way you make me feel I know your love is real You satisfy my every want and need Hey boy! You're always on my mind We need to spend more time Cause"
  • Hey! Fever - Arab Strap
    "The corn was funny I hoped you enjoyed it I like what we're doing But it's never outspoken So I don't know what to say And I don't know what to do And I'm still not sure if I should be honest with you It"
  • Island Fever - The Beach Boys
    "Do you ever get the feelin' that you got to get away It's a sympton of the fever all across the U. S. A. My family doctor told me "son the flu is what you have" But I know it's island fever and I got it"
  • Island fever - Beach Boys
    "Do you ever get the feelin' that you got to get awayIt's a sympton of the fever all across the U. S. A.My family doctor told me "son the flu is what you have"But I know it's island fever and I got it real"
  • Fever - Adam Lambert
    "There he goes, my baby walks so slow Sexual tic-tac-toe, yeah, I know we both know It isn't time, no, but could you be m-mine? We'll never get too far, just you, me, and the bar Silly ménage à"
  • Fever - Buddy Guy
    "Ohh, ohhh, ohhh Listen to me Listen to me Listen to me Never know how much I love you woman never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a feeling that is hard to bare You give me"
  • Fever - Family Force 5
    "Fever's got me sweating and you know I'm burning Hey you, did you turn up the heat Its getting hotter and Im growing weak Maybe its because you're standing close to me I'm coming down with something"
  • Fever - Bruce Springsteen
    "When I get home from my job I turn on my T.V. But I can't keep my mind on the show When I lay down at night I don't get no sleep So I turn on the radio But, Lord, the only thing I hear Is you whisperin'"
  • Fever - Kylie Minogue
    "I've been bitten by the bug and I am coming down with oh Something that can't be cured There ain't a doctor in this town who is more qualified than you Yeah, to be so adored So tell me what do you prescribe"
  • Going Digital - Digimon
    "One, two, HEY! I'm headin' off on a digital trip, And that's what I plan to do. I'm goin' away to a digital plane, And I ain't comin' back real soon. The whole thing is electrical, It's runnin' though"
  • Digital Getdown - 'N Sync
    "Baby baby we can do all that we want We're gettin nasty nasty, we're getting freaky deaky Baby baby we can do more than just talk Cause I can hear ya hear ya, and I can see ya see ya Baby baby we can do"
  • Digital Me - Northstar
    "hailstons and lead is what my voodoo doll embeds but i got this toy, so much bigger than this and when you wish on it you get your three clicks hey pretty air take me somewhere. someone just paint"
  • Digital World - Kelis
    "(feat. Roscoe) Surfin' for love Spellin' my heart out Somewhere real far out In a digital world Messages to start my day Been sitting on my bus since wednesday Tried to hit you on your two way Your mailbox"
  • 21st Century Digital Girl - Groove Coverage
    "I got breast implants, Payed by my boyfriends. I got a botox injection under my skin, I only play with sex, but I don't let them in! I got fake nails, don't answer e-mails. I am a sillicon valley walking"
  • When Things Explode (feat. Ian Astbury) - Unkle
    "Your skull froze little lives In shadows where you hide A life that was designed You've been cheated oh so blind You laid it on the line These twisted words of time And how your spirit shines I wish that"
  • Lord of Misrule (feat. Ian Anderson) - Marc Almond
    "Lord of Misrule Please come in in and sit you down to partake of the feast I count you all the friends I have the one like the least I’ll shelter you from darkness as it clouds over the Earth for the world"
  • View To A Kill feat. Ian Mackenzie - Tape Five
    "Meeting you, with a view to a kill Face to face in secret places, feel the chill. Night fall covers me, but you know the plans Im making, Still oversea, could it be the whole world opening wide A sacred"

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