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Dirty Nice loving you

  • Loving You - Paolo Nutini
    "Ohh ohhh woww yeaa Back off loneliness and hello tenderness I've been waiting for your call for so long And it musta been hard just to follow your soul To stick to the road that your heart wants you to"
  • Dirty Dirty - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "(featuring Rhymefest) (Ol' Dirty Bastard) Two steps from the border line Anything closer will kiss the nine Think I'm out the game? You out of your mind Cuz I stay on track, like transit line Keep it"
  • Dirty The Moocher - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "Ladies and gentlemen introducing Cab Calloway Featuring the Dirt Dog First things first man you're fuckin with the worst I'll be stickin pins in your head like a fuckin nurse I'll attack any nigga who"
  • Nice - Duran Duran
    "Take the beautiful sting of a Scorpio A careless smile and it begins to snow And it hurts me to think That you might never know That I've got this thing about you In case you don't understand There's"
  • Nice - Chris Brown
    "Chris Brown: The meanest the meaner the second the seen her got open got me lookin loosing all my control the pasion of finnin baby you're the meanin but i found myself trippin when you "
  • Nice - The Game
    "(feat. Newz)Ayo, Irv, 'the fuck is wrong with these niggas, man?Talking 'bout I aint no fuckin MCI been at this shit for 7 years, nigga8 times platinum, nigga2 Bentleys, 1 Lambo and 3 houses laterMuthafucka,"
  • Nice - Second Class
    "the watch on my wrist says it time to go but if that's true then where are we going i'm dressed to kill but don't know why the hell i even try when there is nothing at all to do it didn't used to be this"
  • Nice - Chris Brown Feat. Game
    "Scott Storch, Game, Chris Brown The meanest, the meaner, for a second I seen her Had me open, got me lookin', losin' all my control The passion I'm feignin', baby, you're the new meanin' But I found myself"
  • Dirty secrets - Giuffria
    "( It's a good wine too, here it comes, ah c'mon, hey Kreger, nice set of drums ) Telephone lover, can't tell you my name Just a credit card number, and a picture of your face Gonna turn the lights down,"
  • Dirty Rhythm - Vinnie Vincent Invasion
    "(Vinnie Vincent) Hey little kitten purr for me Pour your loving all over me Tonight our love is high and free Let your fire burn shamelessly Meltdown past my danger zone In between the wrong and the right Touch"
  • Dirty girls - UK Subs
    "All the nice girls on my street Never talk to me I Ain't got a thing for nice girls And they ain't got a thing for me Night time comes I'm on my way On the subway to the city Those dirty girls never say"
  • Dirty Love - Cher Lloyd
    "I see you walking with a halo Cover it up, cover it up My baby No need to try and be a hero I've had enough I've had enough, my baby You got a little bit of Tarzan Let it all out, let it all out My baby You"
  • Dirty Bay - Spice 1
    "Verse One: Spice-1 Born to die but hard to kill, a buh-buh-ballin ass timer Blow a hole up in your chest like the fuckin Una-Bomber Your arms still bleedin fifty feet from your body Your 40 ounce threw"
  • Dirty World - Hot Boys
    "It's a dirty world but it still spins Ya can't do nothin' about it but try to live in it You can't live too large or live too small It's a fix, but 2-2-6 gone still ball No mater what, them people gonna"
  • Dirty World - Hot Boy$
    "It's a dirty world but it still spins Ya can't do nothin' about it but try to live in it You can't live too large or live too small It's a fix, but 2-2-6 gone still ball No mater what, them people gonna"
  • Dirty South - E.S.G.
    "(*talking*) Huh hold up, 2000 and 2 You already know how we do You know I'm saying, pull up in front of the club banging looking good, hopping out and swanging on blue Boss Hogg Outlaws, doing what they"
  • Dirty Birdie - Aceyalone
    "(chorus) She's a dirty birdie, she's so flirty Coming out the house looking all nice and purty She's a whirly girly, she don't get up early She like to sleep late and party like LaVerne and Shirley (repeat) There"
  • Dirty Niggaz - Dirty
    "We some dirty niggaz born to die However, whenever you feel that you ready to kill Bring it on muthafucka if you ready to fire And watch that pride get yo whole squad crucified Na Nah na nah Now I was"
  • Dirty Luv - Dirty
    "I'm down to die for my nigga, 'cause there's just that much love I'm down to smoke with my nigga, 'til there ain't no more bud I'm willin' to kill for my nigga, when he's in need of slugs It's 'til the"
  • Dirty Harry - Gorillaz
    "I Need A Gun To Keep Myself From Harm The Poor People Are Burning In The Sun But They Ain't Got A Chance They Ain't Got A Chance I Need A Gun Cos All I Do Is Dance Cos All I Do Is Dance I Need"

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