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Dis rap

  • Rap Dis - Oxide And Neutrino
    "Wanna test s-o that's a NO I'm a DJ but I heat up Mic's wen I flow! Spit for real Hit to kill It gets messy when I grip my steel Explosive flows like my rapture Distinctive part on my counter Faster"
  • Rap Dis - Oxide & Neutrino
    "Playa haterz wanna knock this Stop this Then niggaz can't stop this Ive got just another person on my hitlist So you dismiss, No witness No business, 'cause I Swiss this If you knew what I thought"
  • Rap Devil (Eminem Diss) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "oh my God, Ronnie ayy somebody grab him some clippers his fucking beard is weird tough talk from a rapper paying millions for security a year I think my dad’s gon; crazy Yeah Hailie you right Dad’s always"
  • 10% Dis - MC Lyte
    "(11 seconds of audio collage at the intro) *mc lyte's voice gradually fades in* Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn, hot damn Hot damn! hot damn hoe, here we go again Suckers steal a beat, when you know they"
  • 10% DIS - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Foxy Brown, Pretty Boy) (That's right) (And it's on) Ayo Fox check this out yo (That's right) I been hearin all these bitches talkin this bullshit You know they done fucked up now You know"
  • Play dis - Common
    "CHORUS Little piece of sumpin' "Play" "Orginial rap" "Play" Little piece of sumpin' "Play" "Hardcore in hip-hop" Amazed dudes to wack crews Lay it down Kids could never walk a mile in my shoes Shorties"
  • RAP ANALYTICS.fm (Deys DISS) - SB MAFFIJA (Białas, King Tomb, Solar)
    "(”Rap Analytics.fm” to drugi diss na Deysa, czyli dalsza część odpowiedzi na ”Coming out Dawida Czerwiaka”.) Sram na twoje farmazony kurwo No bo ty się bronisz Ty się zanim zaczniesz wozić to opowiedz"
  • Murder Rap - Above The Law
    "(Now I got a murder rap) (Cause a brother like me said, well...) Yo, Cold 187 They tryin to give you a murder rap And you ain't even like that Yo, serve these niggas, cause they deserve to get dissed (Yeah)"
  • Rap bizness - Passi
    "Le but la rime du mois et le rap du mois Un style qui te scie, mon rap moi, Ma conscience et mes mots siamois Technique de bonhomme au role-pa a nique a sonne et c'est le mme combat C'est mon nouveau,"
  • DIS (Domys - TEDE
    "Słyszę kwik twój, słyszę wycie Nie bój nie pojadę cię na tej płycie To przeżycie pozostawiam na potem Na trzecią, zgarnę za to nagrodę Tedzio dla znajomych bliższych Ja i moje ziomy, ten skład cię zniszczy Masz"
  • Ne Dis Jamais - Sinik
    "(feat. Vitaa) Ne dis jamais j'ai tout appris, dans ce monde nul ne sait dans ce monde o rien n'est acquis, plus j'en bave et plus j'en aurais ne dis jamais tout est foutu quand les jeux sont mme pas"
  • Somethin' Like Dis - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "Yo he's full of it Yeah Yeah Yeah come on now (you can have the track) Somebody somebody somebody If you wanna party say party: party Say party: party (we in the house yall we bout to bouce yall we"
  • Bang 2 Dis - Onyx
    "Aiyo, what the fuck? Y'all thought this was a game? Y'all better "back the fuck up/bacdafucup" Onyx is coming through They the ones that started that ol' wild, thugged out grimey, go hard, gully, get your"
  • Death Rap - Necro
    "Some death rap shit Word up Bump this Some evil shit Check it Fuckin faggot (Necro) It starts with your intestines and germs Next you're a cadaver infested with worms Man's destiny its best that he learns My"
  • Rap Guys - D-12
    "This guy is crazy This guy is a weirdo Outsidaz, what you wanna do This is the gang im in Outsidaz, comin to you Lord have mercy for any rapper that showed up First it was Oklahoma now its your"
  • Rap guys - D12
    "This guy is crazy This guy is a weirdo Outsidaz, what you wanna do This is the gang im in Outsidaz, comin to you Lord have mercy for any rapper that showed up First it was Oklahoma now its your house im"
  • Candy Rap - 50 Cent
    "(Eminem) This gettin outta hand;Forget the Hook, staright spittin (50 Cent) I got ya Come On... Yo Ja quit it, your raps are ova You aren't even good friends no more with homie J-Hova We all hate u,"
  • Gangsta Rap - Curse
    "Refrain: Ich hab nichts gegen Gangsta Rap, ich hab nichts gegen Gangster die rappen, im Gegenteil, mann, ich lieb den schei doch zu viele von den Jungs glorifiziern den schei! Ich hab nichts gegen Gangsta"
  • Diss (Ludacris) - Eminem
    "(Eminem) Damn, why don't u ever go away , huh? (Hook) We need to stop this shit And relize what u spit It's me and this garbage Just shake some ass and tits Don't act like ur sick and i'm gonna repect"
  • Benzino Diss - Eminem
    "I dont wanna be like this I don' really wanna hurt-no-feelings But I'm only being real when I say Nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap (nope) Old men have heart attacks And i don' wanna be responsible"

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