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Disco Superstars - Sadness

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Disco Superstars - Sadness

  • Superstars - Styx
    "(James Young, Dennis DeYoung, Tommy Shaw) You've read about me in the papers You've seen me on the movie screen You know everything about me I'm your late night fantasy But don't think I can't hear you"
  • Superstars - David Fonseca
    "Your heart is broken And you don't seem to mind I guess it happened a little too many times Too many times You try and you got tired Those long a brighten stories You held a fire right under the snow They"
  • Superstars - Revolverheld
    "Er hat die Welt vor sich und alles scheint so leicht Er ist der Star des Jahres hat alles so schnell erreicht Und in der Zeitung und im TV sieht man nichts anderes mehr Ganz oben in den Charts und es war"
  • Superstars - Styles Of Beyond
    "Aiyyo, first things firstIt's time to shake ground in the eighth roundBox battle and break downFor the beak in the rhyme tonejump in the cycloneS-T-Y-L-E-S, yes I knowGive the rap phene vaccinepacked red"
  • Disco Misery - Yulia
    "I am talking too much Turning heads Getting places where I can just let myslef Grt out of touch With myslef But things i overhead Will neber stop to hurt I am talking too much Turning my sadness in art. Taking"
  • Karaoke Superstars - Superchick
    "Spoken: That's right, thats right You hear that? Aww yeah, That's just the fresh sounds of Superchick going through your stereo: Turn up the car radio We can be karaoke superstars Karaoke superstars Red"
  • Karaoke superstars - Superchic(k)
    "Turn up the car radio We can be karaoke superstars Doesn't matter what they think When we're driving in my car If we don't think about it Red rover, red rover, please let me come over Who made you queen"
  • Teenage superstars - Vaselines
    "I'm a teenage Jesus superstar without a mighty cross to bear,And when mom complains about my hair,I say hey mom I just don't care.I'm in hell and the angels cry cause I'm trying to sell my soul,And when"
  • Sadness - Brodka
    "Utwór zatytułowany Brodka 'Sadness' pochodzi z albumu nazwanego Brodka 'BRUT', którego premiera została zaplanowana na 28 maja 2021 roku. Wydawnictwo Brodka 'BRUT' będzie piątym, studyjnym albumem artystki."
  • Sadness - Donovan
    "SADNESS Sadness is in your eye Who could have made you cry? My lullaby Roll along the sleepy dream, deep Roll along the sleepy dream, deep Salty tear down your cheek Drowning the words you speak. My"
  • Sadness - Bloodflowerz
    "my voice inside calling you in the night with an aching cry the light of the moon whispers secrets and soon a heart will die i am inside from me you can't hide, i'm mother and child a shadow of love, a"
  • Sadness - Dial
    "How could I ever think that this would last forever? You never saw, you never saw the real me It was all a lie! All you wished, all you hoped for Never thought it was all you lived for Now I'm lost in"
  • Sadness - Anvil
    "The story's been told a million fold Of an artist's search for fame As the years go by His soul cries out in vain All in fun when all's been done Can you bear the weight The tears you cry Will never change"
  • Sadness - Ryan Adams
    "The stars they sink In the oceans of ink Long black ribbons of cars And in the taxi You ask me how I'm doing But you already know Beyond, beyond is not through Its only a reflection of you And something"
  • Sadness - Greg Brown
    "Sadness come to my housewith a stinking bouquet,smiled with her thin gray lipsand said, "Honey, I'm home to stay."ref:And I said,"Go away and leave me alone.Go away and leave me."She handed me rotgut whiskeyand"
  • Sadness - PORNO FOR PYROS
    "Here I lay waiting for the bubbles to settle I'm going down low where your sleep meets your mental Two tries at killing me they couldn't do it I ran down the road with no shoes and no jacket Here I go"
  • Sadness - Malice Mizer
    "Tsukiyo no ban ni yomigaeru kono kurushimi o karada no naka e tojikomete itsumademo hanasanaide itai afureru hikari sono mama hadaka no mama de karada ni uketome subete no kurushimi mo uketomete shimau Pray"
  • Superstars Of Heartache - Rachel Stamp
    "Self-pity is the death of the soul Blue is the colour of my heart - the reason I'm not sleeping Red is the colour of my eyes - I'm so sick of weeping You were the one who led me here and now you're leaving But"
  • Disco - Sedes
    "Gdy remizę zamknął wójt Cała wieś wznieciła bunt Strajkowali wszyscy razem Małorolni i młynarze Traktorzyści, maszyniści Ogrodnicy i rolnicy Mały franio rzucił cynk Chodźmy do sąsiedniej wsi Bedzie tam"
  • Disco - Die Toten Hosen
    "Heute ist der Eintritt frei Drum lass uns tanzen gehen Und zum VIP Bereich Wo nur die Besten stehen Wir lassen uns Stempel geben Und durch Tren schieben Whrend ich berlege Wie ich mich gut bewege In der"

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