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  • Diss Me - Eminem
    "i wanna fuckin apologize what the fuck for well all the lies i sit and wonder why we have balls as eyes why men couldn't just have penises wallet size if i loved you i cud've called your house but i wasn't"
  • Benzino Diss - Eminem
    "I dont wanna be like this I don' really wanna hurt-no-feelings But I'm only being real when I say Nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap (nope) Old men have heart attacks And i don' wanna be responsible"
  • diss to eminem - christina agulera
    "christina agulera Miscellaneous diss to eminem may i have yr attention plz, may i have yr attention plz will the real slim shady plz shut up i repeat will,the real slim shady plz shut up. we'r gonna have"
  • Dis oui - Melanie Cohl
    "Viens, si tu es fatigu du vide de tes amours Si tu ne crois plus aux jamais ni aux toujours Si tu veux t'arrter juste pour souffler un peu Si tu crois qu'on peut tre heureux Viens, si tu n'en peux"
  • Dis moi - Lorie
    "Depuis quelque temps je pense Qu'on devrait bien se parler Nos instants d'indiffrence Sont vraiment lourds a porter Prendre le chemin de l'incertitude a ne fera que nous loigner Ce n'est pas la bonne attitude"
  • Dis Papa - Alain Barri?re
    "L'enfant:Dis papa, elle reviennent bien les marguerites, dis papaLorsque le printemps les invite, mon papaPourquoi maman elle revient pas?Tu nous as dis qu'elle tait partie en voyage mon papaEt j'ai pourtant"
  • Dis Tino - Jordy
    "Dans la maison de papy J'ai trouv un disque Il tait plein de poussire Mamie m'a dit que c'tait la Plus belle chanson de Nol Et que toi tu tait dan le ciel Dis Tino toi qui est l-haut Tu le connais le"
  • 10% Dis - MC Lyte
    "(11 seconds of audio collage at the intro) *mc lyte's voice gradually fades in* Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn, hot damn Hot damn! hot damn hoe, here we go again Suckers steal a beat, when you know they"
  • My Reply (Eminem Diss!!!) - Christina Aguilera
    "My Reply (Eminem Diss!!!)(polite version) May I have your attention please (2x) Will the Real Slim Shady please shut up I repeat, will the Real Slim Shady please shut up We're going to have a problem here Y'all"
  • Rap Devil (Eminem Diss) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "oh my God, Ronnie ayy somebody grab him some clippers his fucking beard is weird tough talk from a rapper paying millions for security a year I think my dad’s gon; crazy Yeah Hailie you right Dad’s always"
  • Down (Lloyd Banks Diss) - The Game
    "(The Game) That's Lloyd Bank's momma singin', You betta tell your boy to keep his mouth closed, Or he gon' get a black tux, And a free wake, How my bow tie lookin'?, You ready?, Let's go. When I see Lloyd"
  • Kaos Diss (Lynx & Nyce) - Unision
    "Verse 1:(Xylonite) I'ma catastrophy to yo league I put bullets in yo chest To make yo holes bleed Blood spillin' out yo sockets Full of lint in yo pockets Don't make me f**kin' rock this I'll make you"
  • Deadly Alliance (Alliance Diss) - Aidonia
    "(feat. Vybz Kartel) Di di di di di di di Yow Idonia while some likkle fool BUSY doing folly. wii try stack up gunz like Grands Pen, Bordline, Jungle and Tivoli. Whey de fuck do dem Bang! Boom! In"
  • Mini 14 (Jeezy Diss) - Gucci Mane
    "I came to da scence wit a mini 14, Shit aint been the same since i turned 14, Tryin ta get a deal in my dope boy jeans, Yous a local crack feen on da Gucci Mane team, I came to da scence wit a mini 14, Shit"
  • Vegas (Iggy Azalea Diss) - Eminem
    "Got a shit-eatin' grin Bitch, show me them itty-bitty titties again We're in Sin City Since when did we begin to get 'dicted to dope Diggity, bitch, you need to run and go get your frigity-friends I'm"
    "o nie nie nie zabieram ciebie do siebie o sialalala….. DISCO DISS NA DISCO MARKA marek zostaw mini majka ta scena jest nasza wipa śpiewa cały kraj DISCO DISS NA DISCO MARKA marek zostaw mini majka ta"
  • Game Over (G-Unit Diss) - Joe Budden
    "{*Beat to DOC's "Funky Enough" starts*} Ohh! Oh yeah you fuckin faggot (okay) (Haha) You fuckin' faggot, Game You only a replacement till' Yayo come home, nigga Game Over nigga This not real, only got"
  • We On Fire( Ja Diss) - Eminem
    "[50 Cent] Hahahaha G G G G G G G G-Unit Here we go again [50 Cent] Does it make you mad when I switch my flow? You can't understand how I get my dough 50 Cent I'm on fire cause Shady said so"
  • Big Shot (G-Unit Diss) - Joe Budden
    "Okay Thugs... It's...It's...It's (What?) It's that on Top Music You had to be a big Shot, Didn't Ya'? Had to open up Ya' Mouth You had to be a big Shot, Didn't Ya'? Had to prove it to the crowd Had"
  • Kill Yourself (G-Unit Diss) - Sheek Louch
    "(50cent sample-Intro) "The hardest from New York they come from Yonkers, they come from Yonkers, they come from Yonkers The hardest from New York they come from Yonkers The hardest from New York they come"

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