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Disturbed A Welcome Burden

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Disturbed A Welcome Burden

  • Welcome Burden - Disturbed
    "SHOUT! **Chorus** Heavy! You want it heavy! Welcome to my world, feel the weight of it grinding down Heavy! I want it heavy! Welcome to my world, feel the weight of it grinding down again **Chorus** Gather"
  • A Welcome Burden - Disturbed
    "Shout! Heavy! You want it heavy! Welcome to my world, either way you pick you're winding down Heavy! I want it heavy! Welcome to my world, either way you pick you're winding down again Gather your pathetic"
  • Disturbed - Sugababes
    "(verse 1) wheres the hurt? and what is worth? and wheres the end improve? who am I? I reolised, one and one and make two be prepaired, stop running scared 'cause they are watching you 'cause they are"
  • Disturbed - East West
    "Lies birthed kill innocence. Child's smile turn upsidedown. Silence bears the mark you see, bring an end to what's to come. You don't see what I can see, twisted pictures haunting me, Failure trails so"
  • Pleasantly disturbed - Simple Minds
    "Black lines call out from his face Oh his heart beats staccato pace She says he's not killing time I just don't want him for no friend of mine Meanwhile Susan goes out all alone So many reasons but they're"
  • Burden - Face To Face
    "you could say I might find it difficult to show it on the outside from far away I should seem as ordinary as would seem the truth but all we find dishonesty and lies it's hard to recognize the truth and"
  • Burden - Vanessa Carlton
    "Always a do or die situation You can only see in black and white But you never thought, never thought that I'd be A little different this time, and Not every color that you will see Is the real one every"
  • Burden - Opeth
    "I, once upon a time Carried a burden inside I sung a last goodbye A broken rhyme I had underlined There's an ocean of sorrow in you A sorrow in me I saw a movement in their eyes That said I no longer"
  • Burden - Sevenfold Image
    "Why do you walk around Searching for so long Trying to please yourself How could you take so long, To carry on, your burdens are, there weighing me down, Weighing me down I've carried you for so long, So"
  • Burden - Entwine
    "I have to lay it down. Before the sky falls down on me. Feels like the way goes down. My forgotten guilt will rise again. No use to live this life. With all these fears inside my head. I need a place"
  • Murder The Disturbed - Circle Jerks
    "really queer me sitting here you seem so sincere your daughter flips the burgers as you reach for a second beer mom says grace,she's learned her place the cruelest years are on her face two car garage,a"
  • Disturbed - Beanbag
    "09. Disturbed It's hard to think that one day the world will be on fire. It's hard to know that someday everything will go. It echoes on. It echoes through the walls. Take it all God. Please? Take it"
  • Burden Me - Jeremy Camp
    "All the people that i see how they search so desperatly its all i want, all i need, is for you to give to me a heart for those who need to know how much you care well i can see your burden coming everyday,"
  • Everlasting Burden - Xystus
    "We seize the day Safely guided on our way Clambering up before we sink to drown Our beings disposable We were meant for a bigger cause This burden is carried by us Hesitation and weakness we know not We"
  • Precious Burden - Sophie Zelmani
    "the life we shared together is no life anymore it's time to place the memories and put them wherever they can grow so you live in the stars now you live in the meads I'll spread you with my heart over"
  • Burden Down - MICAR
    "Ohm sweet lady If you just could lay your burden down Please just realize It’s a sigh That you’re color shy /2x Like a bird she tries to fly To live her life Spread her wings But it’s hard to rise with"
  • The Burden - Saint deamon
    "Waking up from the darkest nightmare, feel the shivers fade away The lights are dim and you try to rise up as you find there is something wrong Is it the way that you feel, something inside The dream that"
  • Blood Burden - Crisis
    "I can hear the dogs in their hysteria,Salivating for the taste of our rotten failure. Brutality of flesh and bone Making enemies where there were none Gangs of God are on the move To bleed the slain in"
  • The Burden - Trail Of Tears
    "The centre of dreams deprives me of things that should have been As I wonder towards my final sin there is no one to explain what I feel Will you see to that I will arrive? Feeling bitter and blue as I"
  • Failures Burden - Primordial
    "Days drift and I rise to the cold sun I was born an old child With no place for faith in my heart Aged in my sleep for bitter times ahead You may say Ive given up the ghost Once and for all admitted defeat And"

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