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Disturbed Violence Fetish

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Disturbed Violence Fetish

  • Violence Fetish - Disturbed
    "Bring the violence It's significant To the life If you've ever known anyone Bring the violence It's significant To the life Can you feel it? How do you sleep When you live with your lies Out of your mouth Up"
  • Disturbed - Sugababes
    "(verse 1) wheres the hurt? and what is worth? and wheres the end improve? who am I? I reolised, one and one and make two be prepaired, stop running scared 'cause they are watching you 'cause they are"
  • Disturbed - Beanbag
    "09. Disturbed It's hard to think that one day the world will be on fire. It's hard to know that someday everything will go. It echoes on. It echoes through the walls. Take it all God. Please? Take it"
  • Disturbed - East West
    "Lies birthed kill innocence. Child's smile turn upsidedown. Silence bears the mark you see, bring an end to what's to come. You don't see what I can see, twisted pictures haunting me, Failure trails so"
  • Fetish - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "(Joan Jett) Oh, look good in latex Get off having rough sex Surprise, round and round the bed Restrained while I fuck your head You are my Fetish Gaze down, it's time to be my dog I'll push, to get"
  • Fetish - Joan Jett
    "Oh, look good in latexGet off having rough sexSurprise, round and round the bedRestrained while I fuck your headYou are my FetishGaze down, it's time to be my dogI'll push, to get you in that fogYou are"
  • Fetish - Artrosis
    "Symbolem twoim nienasycona W odmetach mysli schronienia szukam Jak sniaca o wedrowcu droga Do ciebie wyciagam ramiona Przed toba królu granitowy Inny duch jawi sie Potega bez tronu Natchnieniem bez swiatla Cieniem Z"
  • Disturbed - Darkness (German) - Disturbed
    "Don't turn away I pray you've heard the words I've spoken Dare to believe, over one last time, then I let the darkness cover me Deny everything, slowly walk away to breathe again On my own Carry"
  • Pleasantly disturbed - Simple Minds
    "Black lines call out from his face Oh his heart beats staccato pace She says he's not killing time I just don't want him for no friend of mine Meanwhile Susan goes out all alone So many reasons but they're"
  • Shaman's Fetish - Stone Sour
    "Yeah I can't remember when I first became I saw you glaring in my eyes I ran my fingers through the top of my head I can not live it all Be (?) Oh, I know your little game Oh, never saw the light of"
  • Rejection Fetish - Pig Destroyer
    "A pair of cracked snowflakes bleed behind a veil of crimson butterflies Her face is a heaven littered with dead angels i bathed in their blood Slept upon their severed wings imagining a place called"
  • Violence - Pet Shop Boys
    "The sons and brothers, fighting for another cause Anything to give their lives some meaning Busy with their guns and dreaming Far away from here Said they would act in self-defense And all the others,"
  • Violence - Grimes & i_o
    "miss you one … one break up Violence, Violence, Violence, baby it’s Violence you can’t see what I see you can’t see what I see can’t .. wake up Violence, Violence, Violence, baby it’s Violence you can’t"
  • Violence - Dope
    ""What scares us is I think we needed violence." Break it down like you know its voted I got it cocked and loaded I got a sickness to feed So break it down like you're un-devoted Don't need no fucking"
  • Violence - Blink-182
    "6 bottles went down the drain, one hours a waste of time, Id ask if you feel the same, still pushin that chance to try, your breath in this cool room chill, long hair that blows side to side, you"
  • Violence - Youth Brigade
    "They call us fascist and then they pray To the God that made the world their way In whose name they kill and teach The sermons and the laws they preach Violence, just for kicks Violence, does it make"
  • Violence - Cam'ron
    "Fuck whoever sayin shit Fuck the whole system Fuck whoever playin me Fuck whoever listenin to Guliani Fuck purgery Fuck the club Fuck the ball Fuck the bar Fuck them Fuck security I put a gun to your girl"
  • Violence - Eskobar
    "I see trouble ahead, I don't know a place where I can rest my head And I'm so tired, all this violence wears me out Nothing's getting better I dread, it's an obvious case where someone ends up dead And"
  • Violence - Naked Aggression
    "It happened before and it will happen again You got beat because you didn't look like them Five men jump from the back of a van And pound you to the ground with the bats in their hands VIOLENCE! KILL!"
  • Violence - Blink 182
    "6 bottles went down the drain, one hours waste of time, Id ask if you feel the same, still pushing that chance to try, your breath in this cool room chill, long hair that blows side to side, you"

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