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Diverse lisence

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Diverse lisence

  • Diverse City - Tobymac
    "They call us Diverse City, we're colorful good It's like a freak show in your neighborhood So, if you wanna praise you can come on down Cause this freak show's leaving the ground Up, up and away,"
  • Lisence to kill - Bob Dylan
    "Man thinks 'cause he rules the earth he can do with it as he please And if things don't change soon, he will. Oh, man has invented his doom, First step was touching the moon. Now, there's a woman on my"
  • Diverse Menschen Deiner Stadt - Tocotronic
    "Diverse Menschen deiner Stadt haben uns schon lange satt Wir passen nicht so ganz hierher doch sie verachten uns dafr Sie wollen uns loswerden Sie wollen uns abschieben Wir sind viel zu verschieden Von"
  • Taka Słodka - Diverse
    "Gdy dziewczynę tę poznałem To od razu pokochałem Jej niebieskie piękne oczy Uśmiech słodki i uroczy Kiedy tulę cię w ramionach Zawsze jesteś zaskoczona Jak namiętnie cię całuje Usta swoje oblizujesz To"
  • Never Nearer - Front Line Assembly
    "the glow of life decays we darken this domain nearer still and still descending never ending as time unwinds the inner mind in rhyme sublime divinity is done for witness the sickness still within"
  • Sempre E Per Sempre - Francesco De Gregori
    "Pioggia e sole cambiano la faccia alle persone Fanno il diavolo a quattro nel cuore e passano e tornano e non la smettono mai. Sempre e per sempre tu, ricordati, dovunque sei, se mi cercherai. Sempre"
  • Get Your Body - Nina Hagen
    "Get your body Get your body Get your body Get your body What kind of question are you asking? What kind of answer do you want? What kind of lisence are you talking? You've got your head on back to front What"
  • Pericle Il Nero - Tiromancino
    "Ti immagini se fossimo come gli uccelli forse non saremmo qui ma in volo ti immagini sarebbe cos strano staccarsi dalla terra e salire sfruttare il vento e farsi trasportare ti sto parlando di nuove"
  • Nonplussed - Harmful
    "Juggle - stay nonplussed Nonplussed and downcast Marked by a loss of touch ...knew I couldnt trust him ...another take-in Solid waste matters pass... take another lucky dip? Just pick out one, pick out"
  • Division Of Mind - Front Line Assembly
    "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hardened disciple Feeling no pain World domination A restless day A new dimension A fatal impact Disturbed conditions Terror reigns Chorus: Pleasure constricts us That is the way Empty"
  • Characters In Charm - Anders Manga
    "I have every intension of killing you I'll consider all requests that you use Don't take it personally, I'm Under stress you see My distraught, nefarious plans, A diverse lifestyle I understand Humor"
  • Blindeye - Circle Of Dust
    "unblemished traces of blind conceit assume your places on scoffer's seat consuming hatred you hide behind contaminate the simple mind i wont bind your kind to the outside of reality dismissing your"
  • Ancora Tra Un Anno - Pooh
    "La scena si chiude, andiamo su strade diverse da voi la luna fuggita dal cielo volando vedremo dov'e. E il tempo ci chiude fra i sogni e le strade di altre citt. Fra l'alba e la notte le storie mai"
  • It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken - The Tragically Hip
    "when the colour of the night and all the smoke for one life gives way to shaky movements improvisational skills a forest of whispering speakers let's swear that we will get with the times in a current"
  • Recondita Armonia - Michael Bolton
    "(Tosca)(What strange and lovely harmony) Recondita armonia di belleze diverse!... E bruna Floria, l'ardente amante mia. E te, beltade ignota, cinta di chiome bionde! Tu azzuro hai l'occhio, Tosca ha l'occhio"
  • Dolce Veneno - Emma Shapplin
    "Per la diversita Che d Natura Al Mondo rrante Si vede curre, Sorte diverse, E pensier vane Beata, Beata notte Fugace cosa Che poco dura Sola sta ferma E sempre viva Sola constante La morte Voi sapete"
  • Piccolezze - Fabri Fibra
    "A starvi a sentire dovremmo dire sempre qualcosa di speciale, di speciale, qualcosa di speciale per gente speciale vorrei comunicarti qualcosa di speciale" c' chi ci copiano... hai mai provato a ingoiare"
  • State Of Emergency - Steel Pulse
    "David Hinds STATE OF EMERGENCY STATE OF EMERGENCY STATE OF EMERGENCY STATE OF EMERGENCY Ready - Aim - Fire From Brixton to Cape Town Unrest all around From Handsworth to Uitenhage Lawlessness on the"
  • Cosa Cerchi Veramente - Tiromancino
    "Dove vanno le nuvole nel loro farsi e disfarsi in forme sempre diverse come i pensieri dispersi Intorno al filo del vento con il passare del tempo e dietro il fischio di un treno che corre e passa stridendo eh"
  • Poetically Correct - Tobymac
    "Fresh air, (sigh), Is what I needed I ventured through my door Proceeded Into the streets of this place I had to lower my shades to shade my face Still squinting from the glare What I saw was unfortunately"

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