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Dixay one whole day

  • Whole day off - Oingo Boingo
    "Have you seen my girlfriend She lives in a pig pen Have you seen my girlfriend I can't seem to find her Perhaps she is hiding Underneath a blade of grass CHORUS Let's take the whole day off Let's take"
  • One Whole Day (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Dixie D'Amelio
    "We’d by lying in my bed And you’d randomly get up and leave You would make a lot of time For anyone other than me The more that i gave The more you held back Now i am emotionally starved You’re stuck"
  • Whole - Anna Naklab
    "We both know The things we’re not (We don’t need no one to tell us) What this is Like we forgot (We don’t need no one to tell us) They are the liars and we are the truth Nothing they say comes between"
  • One Day - The Twins
    "One Day's a day When everything goes wrong Not like today Not like the rest and not so long. We should never say a word we can't defend And if I'm right in my conclusion We should stay to the end We need"
  • One Day - Fabolous
    "It's easy to look at my life and don't see no pain I remember takin 3, 4 trains to re cocaine Standing in the lobby during sleet, snow, rain Waiting for fiends with a pint of beef lomain Breaking day on"
  • One Day - Kyprios
    "(Chorus) One of these days, you will lift up from me (x2) Ever wonder how one day its a blessing The next a curse? What you do in a day, Effects the whole Universe, Its mysterious, But here it is, energy"
  • One Day - Underground Kingz
    "Hello baby fool One day you're here and then you're gone Well, well well I know. I know Mama put me out at only fourteen So I started sellin' crack cocaine and codeine Time to stack some paper I gotta"
  • One Day - UGK
    "featuring 3-2 and Ron Isley 3-2 Mama put me out at only fourteen So I start sellin crack cocaine and codeine Time to stack some paper i got to do it quick Thinkin I'm a juvenile but they dont know who"
  • Whole Wide World - Gordon Haskell
    "To dedicate my life to you Is just about the best thing I can do Anything you want, anything you need Ill be the best that I can be Ill celebrate my love for you Coz loving yous an easy thing to do Any"
  • My Whole Life - Left Alone
    "I've worked my whole life, To get ahead and survive, I tell yah that's one thing that is true, I take it day to day, As time flickers away, But I still won't give in to you She wants a different life, Kids"
  • The Whole Story - Sunrise Avenue
    "It´s been hard to come to you lately It´s been easier to stay away And I can´t feel the heat Not the one that we would need There is something wrong There´s a wall in between Chorus: Wait, we can´t fall"
  • A whole nation - Kirk Franklin
    "(feat. Donovan Owens)Ladies and GentlemenI wanna introduce to you right nowYoung Donovan... He's eleven (mmmmm)The problem we're facing right nowIs we're losing our children (ooooooo)Father's we need you"
  • Just One Day - Labyrinth
    "Leave me alone I don't wanna play Another part in your mess Now I need air And I don't care What the world is thinking Won't be "anyone" Without a face A pawn in a crazy game It's better to live Free"
  • One Last Day - Count The Stars
    "As we sank our souls into the last good moment well ever know yet could I stop to think about my actions, why I cant control them I know that, this could be, the last good think that Ill see so why should"
  • Maby one day - Common
    "Yeah, yeah yeah yeah One time as we do it like this, yeah Grand Puba, Common Sense Yeah, yeah, yeah It's all love y'all (3X) what you say? Intro/Chorus: all, Common Maybe one day we can work"
  • Losing A Whole Year - Third Eye Blind
    "Losing a whole year Losing a whole year I remember you and me used to spend The whole goddamned day in bed Losing a whole year Hiding in your room we'd lay like dogs And the phone would ring like"
  • Whole lot of loving - A Canorous Quintent
    "it takes a whole lot of lovingto keep you by my sideif you can understand what i'm trying to saywell you know how i tryit takes a whole lot of lovingto make you feel like i doi know you can understand"
  • Whole Lot Of Loving - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "(M. Score/ A. Score/ F. Maudsley) It takes a whole lot of loving To keep you by my side If you can understand what I'm trying to say Well you know how I try It takes a whole lot of loving To make you"
  • Whole Lot Of People - Rory Gallagher
    "A whole lot of people talking, Trying to make sense. Seems everybody's living on a barbed wire fence, Whole lotta people too proud to call, 'Cause it won't get no help at all. Everybody's waiting for"
  • Whole Lotta B.S. - Lunachicks
    "A bit of finger is good for me come into my mind and maybe you'll see the leaf is sweet and the fairies wear boots the hand of doom is planning your roots wall of sleep is drawing on beneath the"

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