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Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces

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Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces

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Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
  • Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
    "Who doesn't know what I'm talking about Who's never left home, who's never struck out To find a dream and a life of their own A place in the clouds, a foundation of stone Many precede and many will"
  • Velvet Belly Wide Open Spaces
    "music : Velvet Belly lyrics : Anne Marie Almedal I remember rain The silence Not thinking clearly Staring at a point in the horizon God knows what I'm staring at The morning The distance to time I think"
  • Holly Palmer Wide Open Spaces
    "Wide open spaces, I'm falling You think I'm crazy I'm not Voices speak loud in my head Sometimes I can't even get them to stop But I'd rather speak your name Remember when you came And how you"
  • Lobo Wide Open Spaces
    "(Kent LaVoie / Billy Aerts / Taylor Dunn) I feel at home on the desert all alone The early morning sun feels warm on my face I've always had this need for room to breathe A place where I can go and set"
  • Twista Wide Open
    "(feat. Erika Kane) ugh I open up wide open and leave those niggas wide open hoping for the next supreme stroking dream soaking Coat in my choking, poking till I'm choking Niggas croaking never welcome"
  • Wet Wet Wet Dixie
    "Oh, Dixie Blue What are you coming to And every time I see her shes got someone new, It makes me wonder How shes getting younger Maybe shes not seeing things the way she oughta Yeah When morning comes, Oh,"
  • Taylor Swift Soon You’ll Get Better (ft. Dixie Chicks)
    "the buttons of my coat were tangled in my hair in doctor’s offlice lightening I didn’t tell you I was scared that was the first time we were there holy orange bottles each night I pray to you desperate"
  • Dixie Chicks Hey Dixie
    "CHORUS: Hey Dixie I can hear you calling Hey Dixie I can hear you calling me Hey Dixie I can hear you I can hear you calling Hey Dixie I can hear you calling me L.A. New York bound Sure does bring"
  • Flexa Lyndo Empty Spaces
    "Inside my little world, there's a place for you and me I can make some space to help it grow Don't you know, I'm interested in love So I would find the right words to tell you what's inside of my mind But"
  • Unleashed Open Wide
    "Evil wrath Live forever Deep inside Strong as ever Growing hate Rising higher Open wide Spit forth fire ...open wide As endless force Silent churning No control Of hatred burning The beast will rise Eyes"
  • The Crystal Method Wide Open
    "I have been informed that it's totally wide open (x2) Open like what? That's you question and your answer That's your swallow and your spit Open like what? Open like like sky? Well, even the clouds got"
  • SOiL Wide open
    "Swirling sea of emptiness Your world has made me a broken mess How are we supposed to see The pain that brings us to our knees Feel the motion of the ocean Just to see how the hate will flow It is...Simple"
  • Graham Colton Band Wide Open
    "i kick back. you could be hurt standing this close, then react. i don't say anything, 'cause no one really knows how it ends or begins or who wrote this story, and i don't mind anymore what you said"
  • Cyndi Lauper Wide Open
    "I used to stand in my doorstep I used to dance in the rain I used to cast out wishes That never came back again I used to sit in my garden With pretty maids in a row Silver bells and cockle shells Waiting"
  • Breaking Point Open Wide
    "Its so nice to see you Its so nice to remain here Your lifes been a strange ride Taking sides I can reach your mind Its all so, its so clear now Must you refrain, no! So open wide I wont deceive you Cause"
  • Future Of Forestry Open Wide
    "You have walked so deep a canyon Deep a canyon now In the end you know that you've been found You're found Heaven sure fell hard upon you Hard upon you now In the end you know that you've been found"
  • Newsong Wide Open
    "Heaven's gates were closed and there seemed to be no hope for fallen man We were prisoners of our sin With no way to enter in but God had a plan The Father knew there had to be a perfect sacrifice So Jesus"
  • Tina Dickow Open Wide
    "Come and take my hand It's been so long Since tender words last fell From our hard tongues Tell me, tell me now Where we go wrong Tell me there's a way if we press on And keep our arms open wide Don't"
  • Edie Carey Open wide
    "Is it giving in when you hold her? Are you rationing a kiss While you estimate the damage it does? Do you retreat when she looks happy? Is it still a crime to be content? Do you rein in a smile before"
  • Jason Aldean Wide Open
    "The corner cafe, She scrapes some quarters off the table, Says thanks yeah now maybe I'll be able, To get that black Mercedes, I've been saving for, The other girls say, You outta undue a couple buttons, Start"

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